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My Fan, My Wife

My Fan, My Wife

Author:Shane Matthews


Robert Brown, hottest singer, model, actor, and entrepreneur meets Avery Santillan, a famous graphics artist, and a physical therapist who both got hooked up by each other. Will a one night stand leads them both to a long time marriage? Can they both stand together in building their family? Lorraine, Robert’s long time ex-girlfriend planned to get him back. Is it happily ever after for Avery and Robert?
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It was a successful launch of N4X mobile, led by the country’s hottest love team, Robert Brown and Lorraine Illustre. A huge crowd from the background screaming and shouting their names. ” We love you Robert and Lorraine” as they both tried to leave out from the crowd.

”Lorraine, I’ll go ahead. Bye now” Robert said hurriedly after they went away from the crowd and straight ahead to his car. Lorraine was a bit frustrated that he left without waiting for her.

”Hey Lorraine, did Robert already left?” Issy asked as they walk towards the dressing room.

”Yeah. got to catch up with his staff.”

”Issy, can I stay in your place for the night? Let's celebrate anyways Robert might not go home tonight, might as well stay with you for the rest of the night.”

”Is there any problem between you two?” Issy asked.

”Oh it’s just a small misunderstanding, nothing to worry about. You know Robert, he’ll just give space for us to be okay, by tomorrow everything will be fine.” Lorraine smirked.

“Okay fine. Let’s celebrate then, the night is still young”. Issy said excitedly packing up her things.

Upon arriving to Issy’s place Lorraine grabbed a bottle of tequila and drink a mouthful followed by another and another shot. Not knowing as she continues to drink tears came flowing out from her eyes, the more she drinks, the more tears kept flowing.

Lorraine cried out loud, ”It ended. We’re done. I don’t know what to do!

sobbing out of tears

I can’t live without Robert. I don’t want to lose him, Issy. I can’t.”

”Huh, what are you talking about Lorraine? You better go to sleep and rest it's a long day for you. Tomorrow Robert will come to pick you up. I’m sleepy now. Good night Lorraine.” Issy said and fell asleep.

Lorraine was left alone, crying inside. ”What happened to us, Robert?” she asked herself.

* * * *

Two days ago.

Lorraine and Robert had a big fight. ”I can't stay any longer with you Lorraine! everything is falling apart. I believe it's better to call it off while we still both have respect for each other.” Robert said straight to Lorraine’s face.

”W-w-what are you s-saying Robert? Lorraine asked as she stutters. ”I k-know you are just confused,


we've been working the entire month for the upcoming launch. Perhaps we can take a day off to loosen up though” Lorraine holds Roberts's face as she tries to kiss him when Robert suddenly pushed her away.

”Honey, we can spend the day in our rest house, let’s go now so we can take a dip and relax okay? keeping her composure Lorraine tries to appease Robert.

”No Lorraine! It would be best if we talked about our break up. We cannot deny the fact that we have a problem. I believe I've given enough time to patch things up, it seems that we cannot do this, we can’t continue like this. We can’t be together Lorraine.” Robert holds her shoulders as he tried explaining, he kept calm.

Lorraine clenched fist. ” Let's fix this okay. I know we can. We always do.” as she gave assurance to Robert.

Robert gazed at her ”That is what I always do. It became part of this relationship to fix everything and this is happening for four fucking years!” yelling at her. Roberts's eyes were full of hatred towards her.

Lorraine looked down and started to cry. ”All the while I thought we're fine. I didn't know that you are keeping grudges from me. I'm sorry if you felt this way. I promise to be more patient.” walking towards Robert, but Robert stepped back.

”We both know for the past year we've been working so hard to keep this relationship, we can't go on like this. I'm sorry Lorraine I had enough. We can sell this house and we can part ways. I'm sorry Lorraine, but it's over.” Robert said in one breath as he turns his back and walked away.