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My Pop Star Sweetheart

My Pop Star Sweetheart



Somewhere the City of Korea ,downtown living these four popular group band kpop,the KT boys but one day Lee Jeong Eun wandering the City in disguised he bumped into a young lady who have been chasing four men in suit, accidentally he caught the young lady from fallen to the ground.Shock both of them while the lady apologize sincerely,Lee Jeong Eun caught her beautiful face and fair skin suddenly he fell inlove at first sight.Lee Jeong Eun who'se been picky for girls did not expect his heartbeat fast to fall for this young lady.
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  Somewhere in Korea the street full of Snowy Flakes.While in Gangnam ,the crowd is full of noise there where four legendary kpop has performed concert.Lee Jeong Eun the vocalist,Eun Min He the rapper, Seo Ye Jin the ultimate dancer,Gong Song the guitarist.Lee Jeong Eun always take the lead the group .In the stadium was so loud everybody's watching through the stage full of light anf full of energy .Lee Jeong Eun wearing a white suit his figure very attractive and elegant ,his blond hair look like hay in the rice field and his slender legs with fair skin and face like gods curve most of his fans are always admired on him.While Eun Min He the extra ordinary rapper also wearing an elegant suit.He had a long length hair which attracted him the most ,and also pointed nose,narrow eyes like an eagle and also fair skin and a killer smile .Seo Ye Jin is the simplest one but charming he has charismatic aura and gentle while he dance like everybody would fall their jaw to the ground throung his dance move like Eun Min He and Lee Jeong Eun he also wearing white suit with tie so amazing he simplicity is unique and a silent type.Gong Song the romantic guitarist genre he make fall the girls on his plucking,he also wearing whit suit and he has slender body like those three and handsome but the rumor says he doesn't have

  a lovelife after the concert they hang out to the expensive bar after that they went home so tired,Gong Song always wear sunglasses he looks genius .In the stage they performed soulfull while backstage they are ordinary group hang out with girls .

  On the road the driver of the maybach take the group to their luxurious villa that company provide although not far from the City.Lee Jeong Eun so meticolous always change butler seems like he got behavior problem and temperament.So the three Eun Min He,Seo Ye Jin,Gong Song take Lee Jeong Eun to blind date while low profile and in disguised with no one knows his identity.But he refused instead and escaped he disguised with a black cap on his head faded jeans and v-neck shirt and jeans jacket he went outside the street without knowing Eum Min He ,Seo Ye Jin and Gong Song.Lee Jeong Eun roaming around while Seo Ye Jin keep calling on his phone seems like out of coverage area.Lee Jeong Eun enjoying the sceneryon the street while behind him running a young lady whose wearing skinny faded jeans and black shirt chasing those men in suit .Lee Jeong Eun did not notice the commotion suddenly bumped and the young lady lost her balance and fall on above the body of Lee Jeong Eun,he was so shock staring at the girl above his body he suddenly felt strange.