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My little señorita

My little señorita



Being the Omega of a pack is very stressful but being the only Omega of a pack is even more stressful and dreadful.Follow Emily as she go through heartbreak's,pain,change, and let's see if she would have happiness in the end or die of depression.
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  Emily's p.o.v

  Waking up to the sound of my alarm clock I immediately went to the bathroom to shower started doing my morning routines coming out of the bathroom dressed in

  a black panties and bra some blue jegging's a black hoodie with Snickers and made my way to the kitchen to start take breakfast with my family now let me introduce my name is Emily and I have a twin brother henry who is the soon to be beta and best friend to the soon to be alpha while me is the disgrace of a family member ranked the same as a human because the pack thinks I can't shift but that is what the think because I did shift but my wolf is the strangest wolf I have ever heard of,I will always remember that day like it's just yesterday me and my best friend Hilda twin sister to Hillary the soon to be alpha were in our hide out in the forest reading books because we love the smell of fresh leaves and it's contrasting green and it always makes you feel at home and then suddenly my body started paining me a little I ignored it but it sounding became more and more unbearable I fell on my knees and started crying begging Hilda to stop the pain she offered to call my parents but I refused to then came the cracking of bones after a few minutes I heard Hilda gasping at me well for once I have turned into my wolf and in the evening me and my brother will shift in front of the whole pack so that the will know our scent and wolf but I didn't understand why Hilda was gasping she then lead me to s lake nearby and I saw my wolf my wolf was a pure white wolf with blue and red line running through it and me tell you that in my years of studying I haven't come across anything like this before and immediately I wanted to change back to my human form before another person see's me as if reading my mind Hilda started talking about how to shift back to human form and immediately I started thinking of my human form and then came the cracking of bones and then I saw my self kneeling down I looked at Hilda and saw that she is till talking about how proud my parents are going to be when the hear the news and I immediately begged hear not to tell anybody about this and that evening I tikd every body that I can't shift and that was when it started but it was always my mum and best friend that always comforted me and as for my father he saw me as a disappointment and my brother saw me as a disgrace in the family but my mum and best friend was always the for me back to reality as I reached the dinning area I heard my brother talking about Hillary and Hilda's birthday party saying every female and male is invited to the party because it's their eighteenth birthday when the would find their mate entering the dinning my kissed my mum and she started asking me if I was to go to the party told her yes she started talking about a make over that I might have a chance to meet my mate u see me and my brother's birthday was last week been t we didn't find our mate more like he didn't find his mate which means she isn't of age our her pack is far and since today was Friday and also soon to be alpha's birthday school will be very noisy so I made my way school immediately I entered the Hall way was very noisy girls fixing their makeup and dress some putting on slutty outfits immediately I knew this is going to be a long day.