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Break my stone heart

Break my stone heart



In the middle of brokenhearted would you believe that there's a one of a million person can heal it. Will, Andre came from unforgettable tragedy of his life. He hated woman the most and treated them as a dirt and weeds that climbing to his cozy palace. But unexpectedly, he met the girl whose piercing to his eyes and made his silence life into disastrous. Thus, these girl make him excting to vent his anger and irration towards women however would he believe that this is the first woman who turned his world to a magical and love. "LOVE..??! do I feel wronged, no.. I'm just insane, I don't believe in love specially in opposite sex,rather than that hatred.
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  At the 5 star hotel. The busyness can't be stopped, the customers go forth and back. Everyone focused on on their respective areas. Ocean blue hotel is one ofthe most historic, highly and luxurious hotel in the heart of San Francisco. Many high rank tourists and VIP come often in this hotel not because of its luxurious but the excellent services and comfort they receive from their management.

  "l would say we will not guarantee the service we can provide to our clients for these days cause this is pake season.. I'm afraid we can't accommodate everyone, it's a bad luck if this things goes on..! Joanna, express her worries and troublesome.

  Hey, don't worry we will surpass it.. Wait! Christian exclaimed and thought some ideas.

  Mmmm... What are you thinking of! Chris?

  I have an idea, what if we suggest Mr. President to have more employees for the time being... What do you think?!

  Woooohhhh... Nice idea, but how can we convince the president, his too rude to every opinion of his subordinates...gloomy face surrounded in Joanna's face.

  Will, I will chat with him... Let me try.. Ok don't worry we can convince him.!

  Sighed.."Alright as you said... Finally Joanna agreed