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Midnight love

Midnight love

Author:Dark Love


Jaan was a girl who was brought up in a happy family,things changed when her childhood crush and her broke up.When she moves on from the bitter past she meets Naam who was about to change her life by fixing all her puzzles on love.Will Naam and Jaan be able to work on the struggle of life and lead each other to the happy ending which they believed?
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  It was midsummer and there lived a sweet family in the apartment at Florida.Jaan was this sweet little girl who was the apple of the eyes of her parents.Over the years, she received nothing but happiness and her life was filled with happiness.Jaan grew up to be a beautiful girl who had a very strong personality and opinions. She was the perfect mixture of beauty,strength and smartness.She had a glowing pinkish skin which was as soft as satin silk,eyes big and bubbly of like those of a cute cat and her lashes long and beautiful which drowns people into that brown eyes of hers.Jaan was a very sporty girl and was an athelete in her primary school,she was about to complete her primary and move into secondary and her father decided to send Jaan to tuition to make sure she gets good grades as she was more sports driven and was doing fairly in her studies. Things went really smooth for months until this new boy joined the tuition.He was smart,tall,beautiful eyes like those of a fawn and a very attractive smile which made everyone close to him. "Good Afternoon class we have this new boy joining our class today and his name is George", said Mr.Middleton.George walked right up to Jaan and sat next to her.Despite being the most attractive girl she had this fiery and hot sensation when he sat next to her,she felt very shy and had a hard time to ignore him and she managed to focus in the class. George seemed to be the type of boy she was dreaming of but as days flew George was outsmarting Jaan with his silly jokes and pranks which drove her reckless and made her feel hurt.She started to act as if she hated him but deep inside she knew that she was so drawn to him.Then came a day when George left the tuition and Jaan moved to secondary school and left tuition too. She made some new friends in school and guess what?as for her astonishment she heard that name which she never wanted to hear ever again yeah you're right the word "George" made a huge impact in her,she gets triggered each time she hears that name and the prick on her nerves when she heard his name again drove her insane."George hooked with Alicia do you know that",said Mia to Lola,Jaan acted like she didn't hear anything and prentended deaf but deep down she was torn apart the amount of pain was too much for her to handle but who cares,she was this smart girl who chose to move foward.Jaan started doing well in highschool and things went pretty good,and one day she met George outside of the school and he looked very handsome and tall which made her heartbeat rise but she acted as if she didn't recognise him until he waved at her and spoke to her.They went to the stall next to the school and spoke about all the bittersweet memories of their childhood,George remembered every single details of her which even she had forgotten.This made Jaan fall for him again but who would have known that he had the same feelings too,George proposed Jaan on her birthday and George stole her very first kiss.Her tender luscious lips made him to kiss her hard and her heartbeat rised,there was this new feelings which he had never experienced and she felt the surrounding temperature rise.