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Me as a Vampire

Me as a Vampire



Clock at the wall show time is about a midnight. Many people still wake up at this time. 12 o'clock. So much reason why they still dont sleep. But for me. Especially us, we have our own reason. It because.. We dont sleep at night...
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  Im Cedric. Cedric Diggory. As the title, Im vampire. Im 315 years old. I dont like the other vampires. I dont drink human blood. I mean of course i can, i just dont want. Killing an innocent people just for self satisfy, that disgusting. I drink farm animal's blood. Of course human still hunt me for killing their farm animal.

  I live around normal human but with a bit difference. Especially at school. I dissappear while sunny day. And exist at rainy and night. Actually, vampires skin didn't burn when sunlight on them. We will shine like our skin is made by diamond and gold. That's why we avoid sun. To hide our difference from normal people. I have pale skin, eyes can change colour especially red and cold skin like an ice. We dont have specific feeling except love. Still, who want to be lover with wierdo like us? Every vampires have tragic story how they can become vampire. Some are already from born, some change by biting from a vampire. But i think i have a tragicest story of them all. But before that, some people died, and some change if biting from the vampire. Vampire decide it.

  It was around 200 years ago. What i remember, i need to stay at grandma town for a few months because of parents work. My grandma town is not like a real town. I mean it old and classic with a bit modern at a few place. Its more like a village but still have road to ride a car. I was moving at a new school. I meet someone friendly, talk much and so on. His name is James. I always think James as my real brother. Well ya, im only child of my parents. From day to day, im getting much closer to James. We joke and laugh almost everyday. For your information im introvert. Only with James i tell my life to him.

  One day, James bring me to the wood to play hide and seek. I find and James hide. "eight, nine, ten! Im finding!" That's my last words before i get lost into that dark wood. Day getting darker. I lost all my energy ask for help and shout as my throat have microphone. And sunddenly, i hear footstep at my behind. I see two man and one woman around me. James behind them walk to me. Im feel very thankful because i think James ask for some help. But i wrong. James push me away. One of two man come grab my hair and whisper to me, "he sacrifie you for his wish". My heart stop beating for a while. Last words i hear from that scumbag is "my wish is live forever. Im sorry Cedric" before i got biting at my neck. I cant deacribe how painful and hurt i feel that time. I shout more louder and i never do that before. I could still remember till now how the sharp teeth get inside a veins at my neck. I still remember how slowly my blood suck out. I feel pain. I feel dizzy. And slowly, i lost my vision and balance and finally fall to the ground...

  When i wake up, i was at my father house, Charles Diggory. He's a doctor. He already live for about 500 years old. He's also dont drink human blood. My mum, Esmeralda Diggory bring me an animal blood to drink. At first, i confuse and a bit dizzy. But after my dad tell me what im now, i angry. I remember that incident about that stupid James, i become aggressive. I feel heart pain. I try to understand for about a few days. That scumbag James die two days after the incident. He just dont get to live forever, i become a monster. How tragic, right?