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Nothing Was The Same

Nothing Was The Same



The day it all changed. Serenity and Clydia had a fun happy going life but that would all change. Serenity and Clydia are bestfriends. They grow up next door to each other and go to school together. They also go to school with Jack and Aaron. Serenity has always secretly had a crush on Jack but knew Clydia had a crush on him too.
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  It was a normal day at school or at least I thought it was. We were doing some kind of test. We all got called out of class one by one. Once they would call you out of class you wouldn't come back in class. They weren't going in any particular order. It seems like they were calling people to test at random. I was so nervous. They could call me at any time I thought to myself. I started working on my worksheet the teacher gave me. I was almost done with my work sheet when I heard Clydia Nash. They called my best friend I knew I was next. I finished my worksheet and turned it in. The teacher told me to put my head down until someone called my name. I put my head down in a couple minutes later I hear Serenity Ashbrook. I felt a shiver down my spine. I walked into the hallway and felt something sharp in my neck. All I remember is someone with a loud harsh voice say "Put her on the bus before she wakes." When I wake up I am in a white room with two beds. There are no sheets blankets or pillows on these beds. I'll look around the room and see a small black camera. I hear someone talking to the camera they say "Welcome we are glad that you are awake now. Your new teacher will be with you soon. Do you need anything until then?" I shook my head no. I was so scared why am I here? Is my family okay? Does my family know I'm here? These are the questions I ask myself over and over again until I hear a knock at the door. The door opened and a man who looked to be about in his early twenties said "Hello my name is Jack. I will be your teacher and your trainer. Your roommate is waiting on you in the lunch room. Sit at the table that has your room number. Your room number is 26 so sit at table 26. No talking to other tables you will be put in a room by yourself do you understand?" I said "yes I understand. Where am I?" He walked away not answering my question. When I arrive to the lunch room I see clydia. I was so happy. We talked about how cute clydia thought Jack was. I thought he was cute too but I didn't say anything. Claudia ate lunch but I didn't want to. Jack came and got us to go back to our room. Jack gave us two outfits each and told us to get dressed. He stood in the hallway and waited on us. When we were dressed he took us to a gym full of people our age. Jack told us to get in the ring. Why was there a wrestling ring? He told us to fight but we didn't want to. He made two other girls get in the ring with us. We all started fighting none of us knew why we were fighting. All the sudden I passed out. I feel someone carrying me they smell like smoke. I open my eyes and see a sign that says nurse in red. I look up and see Jack's face. I felt a tingle through my body I can feel his abs through a shirt and I could see the veins in his arm. He sits me down in the hospital bed and walks towards the nurse. He tells her that I was knocked out and I may have a concussion. Then he walks outside the room. I fell asleep.