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After Divorce, Become Billionaire's Pampered Wife

After Divorce, Become Billionaire's Pampered Wife



Christina realized that her 3-year asexual marriage with Cory was just the beginning of the plot while being put in a strange man's bed by her husband is the end. "So I was thrown into another man's bed by my 'beloved' husband?" The man's voice was cold, but his gaze fell on her fragile body, She came back to her senses, trying to fight his chest, however, this made the man all the more terrible. She made up her mind and suddenly raised her right hand and placed it around the man's neck. The characteristics of a man are deep and cold, he is tall and handsome. She had known her for three years, and she panicked. still here? warily looked at the man, who was standing by the bed.
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'Why does my marriage end up like this?'

That was the very first thought of Christina when she saw the strange man coming out of the bathroom. She was never that kind of person who believed that when one door shuts, another opens, till she met him.

Christina felt that there was something wrong with her marriage. Her husband had courted her passionately and sincerely back then. He even couldn't wait to marry her when she just completed her undergraduate studies. She was only 21 at that time.

She couldn't understand why it turned out to be a loveless and sexless marriage. They slept in the same bed, but he never had sex with her.

However, after that night, everything changed.

That night, she had been led to a high-end hotel by her husband. She thought her three-year asexual marriage had finally come to an end, but she didn't expect that it was all a plot by her beloved husband.

She lay on her side on a big white bed, sore and fragile.

She was still a little uncomfortable, and her memory was vague, but she knew that her husband had taken her V card.

Although he was not gentle, she still felt sweet and happy. After getting married for three years, they finally made love.

But when she looked at the handsome man in the bathrobe who was not the husband she had known for three years, she panicked.

Before Christina could say anything, the man was the first to say, "Why are you still here?" His cold voice was filled with discontent.

The voice was low but manly, attracting her like a magnet.

Christina was completely shocked and looked at the strange man in front of her in disbelief, "Who are you?!"

She didn't know him. He was a complete stranger to her.

"Who the hell are you? Why are you here?" She screamed in fear.

'Cory brought me here and this is our suite. How could this strange man be here? Where is Cory?'

Christina grabbed the blanket in panic and quickly got up from the bed. She looked vigilantly at the man, who was standing by the bed, "How did you get in? Where's my husband? Where is he…"

The man's features were deep and cold, and he was tall and handsome. He looked impatient. Suddenly, he stepped forward, stretched out his arm, and pulled Christina up. The blanket wrapped on her body was then slipped.

"What do you want?" His voice was cold, and a hint of contempt rose from the corners of his lips. He believed that Christina was just putting on an act, like countless gold-diggers before who wanted to climb into his bed, but the difference this time was that this woman succeeded.

At this thought, his gaze towards Christina grew colder.

"You bastard! Let go of me! I'm going to sue you for rape!" Christina was frightened by his gaze, she tried to break free from the man's grip, but he didn't give her a chance at all.

Before she could react, she was pressed against the wall. The man leaned forward, his burning chest close to her.

"Rape? I remember last night it was you who initiated it," the man sneered.

Christina's face immediately flushed with embarrassment. She had thought it was her husband Cory last night, so in order to make their first time more memorable, she had watched a lot of adult films. But she never expected that the person in the room wasn't her husband Cory at all, but this stranger in front of her!

'Why did everything become like this?'

"Since you don't remember, I don't mind helping you recall it again!" The man's icy words fell. The very next moment, Christina fell heavily on the bed. She came back to her senses, struggled against his chest, which however made the man hornier.

Christina felt the man's eagerness, and she was frightened. All her struggles were futile, which made her anxious and angry…

She made up her mind and suddenly raised her right hand and put it around the man's neck.

Christina tilted her head and took the initiative to deepen the passionate kiss.

The man was surprised by her initiative and he was in a daze, so Christina grasped the opportunity to take a bite at the tip of the man's tongue.

The sting made him immediately release her in anger.

Christina was panicked, but she took the opportunity to give the man a shove.

She quickly got up from the bed and rushed to the door. She pulled off a random coat hanging at the door and ran out quickly…

She could vaguely hear the man roaring at his bodyguard, "Find out who sent that woman to me!"

Christina was anxious. After rushing out of the hotel, she stood by the side barefoot of the road.

She wasn't even wearing her underwear, which made her feel insecure.

Wrapped tightly in the coat, she shrank and looked around nervously.

At this moment, a taxi came…

Christina reached into the pocket and found a black LV wallet.

She quickly opened the wallet and found that there were five credit cards in it but no cash.

Christina was sure that the man must be rich and noble.

"I don't have any cash. Take the pocket watch here. Please drive me to ASTON Villa of the Hampton Family in the west of the city…" She got in the taxi.

She had found an exquisitely crafted gold pocket watch from the man's black wallet. She stuffed it into the driver's hand, ignoring the driver's weird look, "Go!"

Sitting in the car, Christina began to recall what had happened.

She learned from the man's words that the man thought she was a prostitute.

'But why did everything become like this?'

Before Christina figured it out, her phone suddenly received a message.

"You have occupied the position of Mrs. Hampton for three years. That's mine! Now it's time for you to leave!" It was a text message from an unknown number. When she dialed back, it kept showing no answer.

Who is this? I have known Cory since college, I'm not a mistress! What does this message mean?

Finally, the car stopped in front of Aston's mansion, and Christina immediately ran towards the entrance. Suddenly, two maids immediately stepped forward to stop her, with panic on their faces, "Ma'am, it's so late. We thought you'd better stay at the downtown apartment…"

Seeing their expressions, Christina knew that something was wrong. Ignoring them, she strode straight to the master bedroom on the second floor.

She had just gone upstairs when she heard the groan from a man and a woman, which were both familiar to her…