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Their Pursuit of Wedded Bliss

Their Pursuit of Wedded Bliss


Half an hour before my wedding, I found my fiance and my stepsister tried to obtain my property through the marriage. To cancel the wedding, I escaped from the wedding and accidentally broke into a suite. Under the influence of drugs, I had a one-night stand with a stranger, not knowing the man was Butch Warner, the president of Pinchon Group. In this way, I conceived a baby, then lost it by accident. Five years later, I returned to my homeland for my most important client, Butch Warner. As he was intended to refuse me, his son showed up and asked his daddy to marry me. Unexpectedly, the emotionless CEO agreed. "Hey, you guys don't ask for my permission?" I was a little bit angry. However, I was forced to be Mrs. Warner and fell into this sweet trap.
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The early evening lights were on in the wedding banquet hall of the Shangrila Hotel.

Only half an hour was left before the wedding ceremony started. Brenda Cullen was waiting in the lounge when she suddenly felt weak and dizzy. Was she coming down with a cold?

"Harvey... Lily..." she called out.

Harvey Cookper was her fiancé and Lily Prudhomme was her step-sister. Where were they? She had been looking for them for a while, how could they have both vanished at such a crucial moment?

“Never mind, I’ll go home and make do with some cold medicine for now,” she decided. The marital home was not far anyway.

It was a mere five-minute drive away.

She had personally designed and decorated the entire marital home all by herself. She had wanted to create a cozy and festive atmosphere, hoping to spend a happy sweet life with Harvey there.

The moment she pushed the door open she felt something wasn't right.

“There’s someone in the house! All of the guests, including Harvey, should be at the hotel now! Could it be a burglar?” she wondered.

She stepped lightly as she walked to the door of the master bedroom. The door was ajar and there were voices coming through from the other side. She peeped cautiously through the narrow opening.

A handsome young man, with a boutonniere fastened to his wedding suit, was half lying languidly on the nuptial bed.

Facing him, a woman with her little pink gown pulled down to her snow white waist was shamelessly seducing him.

“Harvey, I’m younger and prettier than my sister and I have sexier curves. Why do you insist on marrying her? Just the thought of you and her together tonight in the nuptial room drives me crazy! ”

“Come on Lily, be just a little bit more patient!  I have to marry your sister to get hold of the 50% of the shares in her hands.”

The woman was grabbing hungrily at the man’s belt. She couldn't wait to get at him!

“Humph, you’re not in love with my sister, are you? When I introduced you to the Cullen family you promised me that you wouldn’t fall for my sister. If you really want her shares, why don’t you just eliminate her? I'm her sole legal heir anyway. We’ve been sneaking around for three years already .I can't bear it anymore, not even for one more minute.”

“Honey, of course I won’t fall for her. See, I haven't touched her in these three years. Oh... Lily! Don't…  ”

At this point, Brenda couldn’t take it anymore. She felt like she had plunged into an icy cave.

This was the man she had loved for three years, Harvey Cookper, the groom with whom she was getting ready to tie the knot today.

And the woman he was flirting with was her step-sister, Lily.

Lily was the daughter of her step-mother.Though they were not blood relatives, Brenda had always doted on her as if she were her own sister.

After the death of Brenda's father, Brenda had even thought about giving Lily a part of her shares.

Over the years, Lily had always been sweet and gentle. She had always been very close to Brenda.

She had never thought that the two people she cared about most would betray her together.

She couldn't wait to rush in and tear them to pieces.

Eventually, she calmed down.

With shaking hands,she pulled out her mobile phone from her handbag and silently recorded the scene.

After some time, she put the phone back into her bag, closed the door quietly, and slowly retreated.

She dashed into an open space in one breath and gripped an advertising sign for support. For a moment, she was in a state of deep anguish.

She resolutely suppressed her tears and swallowed them back.

"You two miserable b*stards! I won't give you what you want!" she screamed inwardly.

Fifteen minutes later, the wedding ceremony started on time.

All the guests were seated.

Dressed in a suit and wearing  a necktie,Harvey Cookper was anxiously looking around.

In the midst of a thousand expectations, Brenda, wearing a white wedding gown, finally ambled into the hall.