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One Day In December

One Day In December



I am Stella and I am married to the love of my life. I am Police officer by profession. My husband is an Hollywood actor. Well that's it you all need to know about me. Today I am not going to tell you my love story but the love story of my best friend. My best friend Mel. She is a charming, cute and preety girl. An awesome human being and she have got a vibe that people carve for.
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  Hey guys I am Stella, here here, up here, on stool. Oh no I am not jumping or something, I am decorating my house. Beca-

  ‘Whoaa... Whoa...,’ I stumbled and I was about to fall, but strong arms held me preventing me to kiss the floor. I looked up and saw my dear husband with horrified expression.

  ‘What the hell do rhino you were doing?’ he snapped, glaring at me. I was still in his arms as he continues, ‘Are you-.’


  We both were on floor. Now I don't know how the hell he lost his balance and fell. Thankfully I fell on him, and thankfully I didn't fell on my stomach.

  ‘Oh God woman are you trying to kill me!’ My husband, Liam fliched beneath me. I instantly stood up, giving him a hand to stand on his feet. He was still glaring at me.

  ‘You are crazy? If you could have fall... Oh God I can't even imagine that. Stella I have told you thousand of time don't do any stunts at home. Do you forget that you are three months pregnant!’ Liam scolded me.

  Man he was pissed.

  ‘I am so-,’ I started apologizing but my eyes fell on the floor. It was cake. The cake I made. It took 3 hours to make it.

  ‘What the hell? How did it fell on floor?’ I asked Liam.

  ‘Probably when I came running to catch you or when I fell I think my hand hit the stool and cake fell down,’ he shrugged as if it wasn't a big deal.

  I glared at him, giving him my infamous dangerous look that say you-are-dead-husband.

  ‘What.. Why that look?’ Liam asked.


  ‘What's happening? We could here you both from out of the house,’ a sweet voice asked.

  Footsteps approched us and there she comes. I threw myself in her arms, crushing her in my hug. She hugged me tight with same force. We pulled away.

  ‘I was waiting for you!’ I said beaming at

  ‘I know baby!’ My best friend, Mel grinned at me.

  She hugged Liam as well.

  ‘Where is he?’ I asked frowning.

  ‘I am here,’ a deep boyish voice said and we turned towards him.

  He came and engulfed me in bear hug.

  ‘Hey Tyler,’ I said to my best friend's husband as we broke apart.

  ‘Hey Stella, how are you sis,’ He was always an brother to me. I smiled saying I am fine.

  Tyler and Liam did some manly bump fisting. And they talked a little. Me and Mel watched our husbands in awe. We dream of this moment since our college. Mel and I know each other since from college and we have been best friends from that particular time. Liam and Tyler were our seniors. Yeah... It's like reunion.

  I then suddenly remembered about the cake. Then I walked and hit Liam on his arm.

  ‘Ouch..’ he said frowning at me.

  ‘What now sweetheart?’ he asked cutely.

  ‘My cake!’ I said narrowing my eyes at him.

  ‘It was mistake. I fell by mistakely,’ he  explained.

  ‘Well why you have to fall there, you could have fall somewhere else,’ I said.

  ‘Are you out of your mind? I catched you before you fall on floor. And....oh... OK next time you say 1,2,3 action and start to fall and I will adjust the lights and come to rescue you, then you can tell me where to fall.’ he said sarcastically.

  ‘Liam I swear I will-,’

  ‘Enough!’ Mel interrupts us.  My husband shuts his mouth and made a puppy dog face, and let me tell you no one like seriously no one can resist it. Before we would say anything, we heard someone approaching us in living room.

  ‘Why are you all screaming like banshee?’

  Oh now here the most annoying person of my life comes. My little sister, Anna.

  ‘Anna why are here and not in college?’ I asked keeping my hands on my hips.

  ‘Why are you here and not in mental asylum?’ She smirked at me.

  OK this girl needs some beating. I went towards her and pinched her arm.

  ‘Ouch,’ she flinched in pain.

  ‘You are the worst sister,’ Anna glared at me.

  ‘So are you baby,’ I said smiling.

  Mel shakes her head in disbelief, ‘I can't believe this Stella, you still fight wiry everyone.Look at me and Tyler,’ she puffed out her chest, proudly walked towards her husband and pecked on his cheek.

  I rolled my eyes, ‘Earth to Miss, don't forget because of me you are together now or else who know what would have happened.’

  ‘I won't deny that Stella and I can't thank you enough, Tyler said and stare at his wife lovingly.

  ‘Aww, I didn't know my sister is capable of doing some good work,’ Anna said and watched the couple in awe. Anna is big fan of cheeze romantic movies. I can't believe she doesn't have a boyfriend yet.

  ‘I really want to know your love story,’ she said beaming at me.

  ‘I won't tell you,’ I stuck my tongue out at her.

  ‘Well I don't want to know about your love story. I want to know about Mel and Tyler,’ Anna exclaimed enthusiastically.

  ‘You really want to know?’ Mel aksed her.

  ‘Of course I want to. You two seemed to have preety instense love story,’ Anna said as matter-of-fact.

  Well it's true, they do have a very beautiful love story. I smiled recalling those days.

  ‘I will tell you then, let's grab some snacks and settle down,’ I said smiling like an idiot. Liam vanished in kitchen while Tyler and Anna made their way towards sofa. Mel grabbed my hand and narrows her eyes at me.

  ‘Who will not tell them what all things we did in college, Tyler don't know about those stupid things,’ she said looking nervous as hell. I bit my tongue to not to burst into laughter.

  ‘Of course baby I won't, just chill and recall those days,’ I winked at her and we all finally settled down. Tyler, Anna, Liam all looked intently at me, I was having a feeling like I am a grandmother, telling stories to my grandsons and daughter. Mel still looked nervous, but I know deep down even she wants to hear me telling them about her love life.

  ‘So...... It all happened 10 years ago, when we were in high school. Tyler and Liam were in 12th grade, and Mel and me were 11th grade. They were our seniors.’




  Hey guys so here is the first chapter hope you all liked it. Please do like and comment.

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