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Don't Run Away, My Mr. Mcdreamy

Don't Run Away, My Mr. Mcdreamy


Izabella was forced to marry Matthias, her half-sister's fiance. It was said that Matthias was old, ugly, and incapable of pleasing women in bed. If she could lose her virginity before the wedding, the marriage may be canceled. Therefore, she went to the nightclub and found a head-dead gorgeous target. However, she didn't know that her target was Matthias, the man she was going to marry. In a seducing way, she went over and asked the man for a one-night thing. Unexpectedly, the man ignored her. Instantly, she hugged his waist and cried as if he were her husband and he abandoned her. To avoid being judged by onlookers, the man pushed her into the washroom and unzipped his pants, "Well, now I will show you how a husband will do to his wife."
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In a noisy bar, Izabella Mallette wore a mini skirt with heavy makeup on her face. She was knocking back pint after pint of beer, but felt nothing but emptiness.

"Bella, is it true that your father wants to marry you to Matthias Williams?" said Christy Joyce, Izabella's friend, who looked much more shocked than Izabella.

Matthias Williams was the legend of the Williams family. This was the family that owned more than half of the wealth of G City. Matthias, and its family business, Williams Group, had full control over G City's economy. However, there were rumors that Matthias was a cold-hearted man that would do anything to get his way. Plus, he was old, ugly, and even had problems with sex...

If Izabella married him, it would be nothing but a tragedy!

"It's not a marriage. It's an arranged marriage, and I am a substitute for Ashley!" Izabella champed with rage. She drained another glass of ice beer as she felt that same coldness deep inside.

"Bella, I feel so awful for you. Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you just find a good-looking guy to sleep with here? Perhaps the Williams family will send you back once they find out you are not a virgin." sighed Christy.

"You're indeed my best and horrible friend. But that sounds easy, I might give it a shot." said Izabella in a frustrated voice.

"Wait, are you serious?" Christy exclaimed. But Izabella had already stood up, heading to the entrance.

There she found a good target.

A man who cut a Prince Charming-like figure walked towards her. He was over 6 feet tall and wore a white shirt under a black suit. His legs were perfectly straight. His eyes were deep, and those lips looked sexy and seductive. He looks like a real prince with that air of upper-class nobility. Izabella's heart started to beat faster and faster. This man was with such powerful energy. If she failed on him, it will be too humiliating! Izabella spoke to herself.

She made up her mind and gathered all her courage just like what she did when skipping her class. She walked over and said, "Hey there, buy me a drink?"

After finishing her words, she shut her eyes and waited for the gorgeous man to tell her to get out of his face. However, the man simply walked past Izabella without taking a glance at her.

That was a huge shock. It was the first time that Izabella tried to flirt with someone... and she failed badly. How could she live with her broken dignity!

Izabella headed back to her table and started another round of beer. One glass, two glasses, three glasses...

With her stomach bulging, she ran to the restroom. She didn't feel well and vomited her guts out. But the alcohol did work. Izabella felt much better now. Let Olivia Gaddis and Ashley Mallette wash down along with the sewage! She thought.

She flushed the toilet. Her eyes were half-closed in a sleepy, drunken daze. She looked around and tried to find the sink. She must look dreadfully ugly now, she thought. Ashley dressed up every day like a little princess, while she was a pathetic clown.

She stumbled out and looked for the sink. Suddenly, she tripped and hit on a wall.

She burped up some alcohol and fumbled the wall. Surprisingly, she felt a strong and steady heartbeat pressing back. A faint smell of aftershave lingered. How special! A wall smelled like an aftershave.

She raised her head, eyes squinted. A pair of deep eyes was looking back on her. It wasn't a wall, but an attractive man! The light glinted on his chiseled face and revealed a cold look on his tight lips.

Looking downward, Izabella gasped. The scene in front of her almost took her breath away. He hadn't zipped up his pants! His unsheathed sword was revealed before her eyes. At the very moment, her face blushed hotly and she felt dizzy. She giggled as she spoke. "Sorry, I didn't mean to see your... your..."

Honestly, she could have heard a pin drop at that moment. The man's face turned dark with anger. He pushed her away and zipped up his pants as fast as he can.

Izabella held onto the wall before she almost fell down, breathing heavily. Her neckline drooped, revealing a set of milky, attractive collarbones. 

The man looked her up and down with a dour face. She was in skimpy clothes with heavy makeup. It seemed clear to him from a glance that she was no decent woman.