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Unexpected Affection From Him

Unexpected Affection From Him


An unexpected accident made her get into trouble with the legendary Master Di! It was said that Childe Di was not close to women, and he was even more clean-minded. He refused other people's contact because he was dirty! It was said that Childe Di was ruthless, decisive, and cruel! It was said that no one had ever seen Master Di! Only Lu Qingwan knew that this man was a devil! And he was the kind of person who was sick! Every night, he held her in his arms and refused to let go! He was aggressive and fastidious. He was not allowed to wear clothes other than those he had prepared. He was not allowed to reveal his skin on his back. When he was out, he was not allowed to wear clothes that showed his long legs. He was not allowed to have physical contact with other men. He was not allowed to have other men in his heart. He had to go home obediently every night! "Because he announced that everything she had belonged to me!" Lu Qingwan thought that he was just addicted to it and raised her like a pet, but she didn't know that the dignified Young Master had already had deep feelings for her! 。。。。。 "Let's go home!" The face of Young Master Di was gloomy, and he stopped the woman who was trying to escape. He said proudly and noblely, "I can't sleep without you in my arms at night!"
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  Lu Qingwan only felt that her body was like a fire, and she was confused and didn't know anything.

  She reached out her hand and touched it. It was a very strong muscle, and as cold as ice.

  The only thing she wanted to do was to get closer to him and hold him tightly.

  At this time, Lu Qingwan did not know that her long black hair was scattered on the big white bed, which was as charming as seaweed, but purer.

  Around the bed, there were still a few pieces of female clothes scattered. All the decorations in the room were black except that the big bed was covered with white sheets. Even the black curtains that were pulled up around were only inlaid with golden dark lines.

  On the big bed, the dim light sprinkled down, and only two bodies were entangled together.


  One night later, Lu Qingwan opened her sore eyes.

  She seemed to vaguely remember that she had a spring dream when she went to bed last night.

  Lu Qingwan's face instantly turned red.

  What kind of illness did she have? How could she suddenly start the spring and have such a dream!

  However, she felt that the dream was too real!

  Lu Qinghan could not help but show a bitter look. How could she...

  After all, there was only that person in her heart.

  Just as Lu Qingwan intended to stop thinking about anything, she was about to get up from the bed and prepare to rehearse, but she suddenly found that her body seemed to have no strength and instantly collapsed on the bed.

  She felt as if all her strength had been drained from her body, and it was soft.

  She frowned and looked aside. Unexpectedly, she saw a handsome man's face beside her.

  She quickly covered her lips, so that she did not let her scream run out of her throat.

  Her eyes widened, her heart beating wildly, and her mind went blank.

  Chunmeng, plus what she saw now...

  In this way, it was not a dream, but a reality.

  Lu Qingwan was shocked and scared. What was going on?

  There were only a few memories left of her last night. She remembered that it was her elder sister and... his engagement banquet yesterday.

  She sat alone in the corner and then drank a glass of wine. Then... what happened?

  She couldn't even remember clearly.

  At this moment, Lu Qingwan only felt that her head was exploding. She struggled to stand up and got out of bed in a panic. She just wanted to run away. She didn't even have time to deal with the man on the bed.

  Lu Qingwan was so ashamed that her hands were shaking while she was putting on her clothes.

  After she put on her clothes, she ran out of the room in a panic.

  She just wished that everything had not happened.

  It was not until she stumbled to the road that she looked back in a trance. She just ran out of an international hotel.

  Lu Qingyan couldn't help but cover her head. She actually had sex with a man she didn't know at all...

  The people on the side of the road couldn't help looking at her face. She touched her face, which was wet with tears. Her makeup was painted with paint, so that she couldn't see her true face.

  Her body was shaking, but she was at a loss and full of confusion.

  What happened last night?

  How did it end up like this?

  Just as she took another step, she accidentally fell to the ground, and her cell phone, which was originally put in her pocket, fell out.

  Lu Qingwan looked at the black screen's mobile phone. She tried to touch it, only to find that her mobile phone was turned off.

  When she turned on the phone, she saw dozens of missed calls, all from her sister.

  At this time, the phone rang again. It was still a call from his sister Lu Qingshuang.

  Lu Qingwan's tears slipped down from the corner of her eyes. After hesitating for a while, she picked up the phone.

  "Qingwan, where have you been all night?"

  "Why didn't you say hello and left the banquet? I couldn't find you. Your phone was turned off."

  Her elder sister's gentle voice came from the phone.

  After hearing that, Lu Qingwan's tears flowed even more fiercely, but she could only bear it.

  It seemed that her sister didn't know about it. She couldn't let her sister know about her current situation. Otherwise, her sister would only be sadder.

  Besides, her sister was engaged yesterday. It was a happy day. She didn't want to... ruin her sister's happiness again.

  As a result, Lu Qingwan had to force herself to lie, or let her sister hear the cry in her words. "Sister, I... I just happened to see my old classmates who haven't seen each other for a long time, so I went out for a chat and fell asleep later. I'm sorry to make you worry..."

  Lu Qingshuang seemed to be relieved, and her tone became softer. "It's all right, but last night you gave 'escape' from my engagement party. But next time... you can't do this. After all, you have to be my bridesmaid until my wedding. Next month will be the wedding of your brother-in-law and me. The date is fixed. bridesmaids are not allowed to escape halfway..."

  After hearing that, Lu Qingwan's eyes showed a bitter smile. She could only lower her head and whispered, "Okay, sister."

  She tried her best to stop herself from crying out loud. It was ridiculous that such a thing happened to her now. The distance between her and him had been getting farther and farther.

  So she really let go of him now, and there was only a blessing for her sister and him.

  When Lu Qingshuang hung up the phone, there was a flash of regret in her eyes.

  She didn't know why there was such a mistake last night. She had planned well!


  At this moment, in the bedroom, the man slowly opened his eyes.

  The personal bodyguard Lei Ruo stood in front of him, trembling with fear. He did not dare to speak.

  When he came over early in the morning, he found that the president was already lying on the bed.

  With just one look, it could be seen that she had found something on this bed!

  Lei Ruo only felt that his hair was about to stand on end.

  No one knew that such a thing happened when the president was drunk!

  It was the first time that such a bold woman took the initiative to seduce the president and succeeded.

  Because it should be known that the president was a very clean-minded man. He would not touch a woman at ordinary times.

  There was only one reason, that was, the president thought it was dirty.

  If it weren't for the fact that he had served the president for so many years, even he would suspect that the president had maintained his 12-year-old body and had never been close to a woman. Could it be that his sexual orientation was abnormal?

  But he didn't expect that the president's first time would be "killed" like this!

  Emperor Luo Chen's whole body was full of irritable aura. He stared at the red blood on the bed beside him, as well as some black hair that she accidentally dropped.

  His eyes were full of cold eyes. After sleeping with him, he still wanted to leave like this!

  "Find her, at all costs."