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Those Bitter Yet Happy Years

Those Bitter Yet Happy Years


She was an abandoned illegitimate daughter. In order to save the seriously ill aunt, she took her sister's place and sold her to the devil. She was the high-ranking president of the group, powerful and bloodthirsty. People in two different worlds were entangled and hurt each other because of love and hatred. She was like a thorn in Huo Shaochen's heart.
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  At the top floor of the Imperial Hotel, there was only one door at the end of the long corridor.

  Xu Fuxiao slowly stepped on the expensive Persian carpet, holding a room card in her little hand.

  When she stopped in front of the door, Xu Fuxiao trembled and raised her hand holding the room card, but she never had the courage to open the door.

  Because she knew very well that when the door was opened, she would lose the most precious thing as a woman...

  The door of the No.1 hospital in the province was pushed open, and a young girl in a maternity store uniform came in in in a hurry.

  When she came to the ward in the phone of the nurse on the fifth floor, the girl opened the door and eagerly called, "Aunt!"

  He looked around in the ward of eight beds and finally fixed his eyes on the innermost bed.

  They hurried over in a hurry.

  Looking at the pale woman in the hospital bed without a trace of blood, Xu Feixiao's beautiful eyes were instantly shrouded by a layer of mist.


  At this time, the doctor came in.

  "Are you the patient's family?"

  Xu Fuxiao nodded heavily. "Yes! I am. What's wrong with my aunt?"

  "Your aunt is suffering from Count, and the situation is very critical now. It's lucky that she can be rescued back this time."

  Hearing the nurse's words, Xu Fengxiao's legs went limp. If he hadn't held the wall in time, he would not have been able to stand firm.

  She had known that her aunt was in poor health and often took the medicine with needles, but she didn't expect that it would be so serious.

  "The doctor beg you to cure my aunt." Xu Feixiao's clear little face was full of tears, and her misty eyes were eager to look at the doctor in front of her.

  "Of course we will treat every patient, but your aunt's condition is not very good. If you don't change her kidney in time, she will be in danger at any time. Now our hospital has a matching kidney source."

  "How much does it cost to change the kidney?" Xu Feixiao looked at the doctor seriously, praying in his heart for a number that he could accept.

  However, it was easy to figure out how much money it would cost to change an organ.

  "The cost of changing the kidney plus the post-stage treatment, it is estimated that it will cost 500,000 yuan for conservative treatment."

  After hearing the doctor's words, Xu Feixiao's brain seemed to stop buzzing.


  With her and her aunt's condition, where could they get 500,000 yuan?

  Looking at her aunt who was still in a coma on the hospital bed, Xu Fuxiao clenched her fists.

  She must cure her aunt!

  A black luxury car stopped in front of a solemn European-style villa.

  The door opened, and the strong, long legs wrapped in expensive cloth stepped out. The tall and arrogant figure stood in front of the car, closed the door, and the man gracefully walked into the villa.

  The man went straight upstairs and went back to the study.

  It was already evening, and the sky was grey. When the man entered the study, he did not turn on the lights.

  He just walked to the big floor-to-ceiling window. His handsome face was expressionless, but there was no trace between his eyebrows.

  He reached out and took out a cigarette and a lighter from his pocket. The light of the lighter made the man's handsome face clear in the dark room. Then, he lit the cigarette and threw it aside.

  Surrounded by the smoke, his handsome face, which was like a mansion of Shen, added a sense of mystery.

  "Knock, knock!"

  The delicate wooden door was knocked on and made a sound.

  "Come in." A low male voice came from the room.

  When the door of the study was opened, a man in a black suit came in.

  "Sir, this is the Xu family's information." As he said this, he put the documents in front of him on the desk.

  "I see." The simple four words revealed a bone-chilling coldness like the cold wind outside the window.

  After receiving a response, the man entered the room and bowed to the man and left.

  The large study returned to silence.

  After finishing smoking a cigarette, the man went to the desk and put out the butt of the cigarette in the crystal ashtray.

  His sharp eyes fell on the information in front of him.

  There were photos of three people in the file.

  A middle-aged man, Xu Zhenhua, the deputy director of City Z, with a fat head and a corrupt look on his face.

  Below was the photo of her wife and daughter.

  Xu Xiangxiang, 18 years old, was a private aristocratic school in City Z, Qin Bei, a senior high school student.

  In the photo, a young and beautiful face was as proud as a blooming flower.

  His eyes fell on that face, and the man's dark pupils suddenly contracted.

  At this time, someone knocked on the door of the room again, and a girl's soft voice came from outside the door, "Brother, I'm here to send you coffee."

  As he spoke, the door was opened, and a young girl in white lace home clothes came in.

  The man looked up at the girl who came in, and his eyes, which were originally extremely sharp, instantly softened.

  "It's good to let servants do such a thing." The man's voice was not as cold as usual, but looked much softer.

  Huo Xiruo came over with a tray in her hand. She put the exquisite coffee cup on the man's table, but she accidentally saw the photo on the table.

  Her face, which was like a nightmare to her, lost all strength in her hand which was holding the coffee cup.

  Only the sound of the porcelain cup breaking on the ground could be heard, and the coffee stained the expensive wool carpet.

  Huo Xirui sat on the ground feebly with a look of panic.

  Seeing this scene, the man couldn't help but frown. Realizing the reason, he stood up and walked up to Huo Xiruo and squatted down.

  Huo Xirui suddenly threw herself into the man's solid chest. She grabbed his clothes with both hands and wrinkled the expensive suit.

  She felt the person in her arms shivering. The man's strong and powerful big hand stroked her beautiful hair, and his low voice sounded in her ear, "Xorui, don't be afraid. Now you have my brother to protect you. Those are all gone."

  Hearing this, Huo Xirui raised her eyes and looked at the handsome man in front of her with tears in her eyes.

  "Brother, you must avenge Xirui. You raped her daughter, okay? Why is her daughter as magnanimous as me? But when I was 15 years old, she was..."

  Huo Xiruo's voice was choked and she couldn't continue. Her big tears kept falling from her eyes. No matter who looked at her, she would still feel sorry for her.

  What's more, the one in front of her at this time was his own brother.

  Huo Xorui's tearful eyes stung his heart and made his cold eyes full of blood.

  "Don't worry, I will avenge you." The words without ups and downs showed a bloodthirsty coldness and unshakable determination.

  He owed her too much, and now he finally found her. He would get all the pain she had suffered back for her!

  Hearing this, Huo Xirui threw herself into the man's arms again and leaned her delicate side face against the man's firm chest, which gave her an incomparable sense of security.

  On Huo Xiruo's beautiful side face, there was a happy smile on her slightly pale lips.

  "Well, I'm relieved to stay by my brother's side now."

  Because who was he?

  He was the richest man in Z City, the president of Huo's Group, the only male and heir of the famous wealthy and powerful family, Huo Shaochen!

  "He is a man who can control the wind and rain in Z City!" Before that, Huo Xirui had never thought that she would find her own relatives, and the other party was actually such a great man!