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"Sir, a girl just came here. She is driving a white Mercedes." MIN Yoongi, my right hand man, said. That one sentence was enough to make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I didn't even think before springing up out of the chair and running out the door.   "Taehyung! What happened? Where are you going?" I heard mom yell behind me as I ran right into Jimin who was walking in the door.   "Brooo What-" I stepped to the side of him and ran out to my car, I didn't have time for questions right now. I threw my car in reverse and out of the driveway and sped towards the outside of town, as my heart beat erratically trying to jump out of my chest. She would end up there, of course she would, she had no semblance of safety at all. It is like she goes out and looks for problems, I didn't know why she was there but I had a feeling it was due to herfather. Her father would send her out there knowing how dangerous these people were, they were governed by rules, they did what they wanted. The leading characters meet after 5yrs and finally realise the love after ignoring it strongly.Working together on a rape case.From love realisation with understanding and support to finding out the truth about the suicide hidden by the so called "accident"to sever ties with them and finally the justice to the victim and wedding preparations.Few irritating people and lots of romance to fun experiences and revelations.
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  UGH. OH MY GOD! Why did I even wake up today? Can I just rewind to this morning and wake up in my warm comfy bed? I groaned kicking the tire of my car. Great. Just f**king great. It's like the whole world was plotting to make me hate Seoul and go back to Beijing. My Mercedes gets a flat tire in the middle of nowhere and obviously there is no cell phone reception. And on top of that there is no spare tire in the trunk, and even if there was a tire there is no flippin jack. So I stand stranded in the middle of, what is perhaps, the quietest road in all of Seoul...okay I exaggerate, the quietest road in Seoul.

  The bloody horror movies are quite accurate at explaining things like this. Why do cars always break down where there is no signal? No wonder "CREEPY PLACES" have such a bad name. They are like the Bermuda Triangle. Ugh. This day couldn't get any worse.

  "No no no." I whined cursing my brain, you don't tempt fate on a day like this! And of course as soon as I said that the grey winter skies of Seoul opened up and it started to pour, without any advance warning. No little raindrop hitting my face, followed by drizzle, of course not. Lu Ming wasn't that lucky. Especially since coming back to Seoul...maybe I should just go back. Wasn't Seoul supposed to be warm all year round? Because it was bloody freezing now and dark, ugh, it was getting dark. F*L. As kickass as I am, I have to admit to being scared. Stranded in a city that isn't even recognizable anymore, in the pouring rain and with the night fast approaching is f**king scary.

  Maybe this is what I get for trying to spy on Aria. But how could I let her suspicious behavior go? She was up to something, I knew it. And something big, she was my sister, well step-sister but her mother died giving birth to her so I kind of felt like her mother some days even though I was only four years older than her. Anyways, I still knew Aria inside and out. She was going somewhere, being jumpy and secretive. It was definitely a boy, my little sister was seeing someone! A small part of me felt betrayed, I thought she would tell me first but I pushed that part back.

  Aria could hide her behavior from a family of lawyers...you know people who are trained to pay attention to these things. They didn't notice a thing, I swear sometimes I don't understand how my dad and brother can be so...unobservant. But you can't hide anything from a psychologist, especially Lu Ming.

  I squinted my eyes as I saw headlights approaching, I didn't quite know if I should have been relieved or scared - it could be a serial rapist for all I knew. But I didn't have much of a choice, I don't think cars frequented this road a lot, especially at this time of the day. Seeing the fact that it was a nice black sleek Audi made me smile a bit and feel a bit safer until my brain started thinking again. What if it was some creepy rich old dude or a drug dealer or one of those don types? There aren't many people in Seoul who could afford an Audi. GAH! I debated putting my hand out for a lift but the car had stopped right beside me and the passenger side door was thrown open. Creeepy.

  "Get in." Came a familiar voice that made the hairs on my neck stand up but also made me sigh with relief as a feeling of comfort settled over me. It was a voice that I hadn't heard in a few years and it was definitely deeper and sexier than before, but I could still recognize it, I could recognize it anywhere.

  HALT! We don't call the enemy sexy Ming.

  Ah, yes that is correct subconscious.

  I stood there debating if I should actually get in and let him help me or wait it out. I was half tempted to sit on the road because I didn't want his help. "I'd rather not Kim." I finally said.

  "Get in the car Jeon." He groaned.

  "I use my mom's last name for your information, so it's LU and I don't need favors from you." He was the last person I wanted help from, he would not get the pleasure of me being thankful to him. He'd get that smug grin on his face.

  And then you'd want to kiss it off his face.

  I would not! Stupid subconscious.

  Please Ming, you know he is f**khot and you would jump him.

  Yeah, but he is the enemy...we hate each other!

  Yeah, explain the sexual tension then!

  Well, he's f**khot and I am hormonal OKAY?

  "LU MING, I don't know why you are making those weird faces but swallow your pride and get in the car before you get raped or killed. This isn't BEIJING." His velvety voice came. OH MY GOD, why was his voice so sexy? f**k you puberty, like he wasn't bad enough before.

  "Why do you care? Let me get raped and killed. It'll make your life easier." Okay, a bit over the top. But...meh, I loved being dramatic.

  What's wrong with you? I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, and I just dislike you. Get in the car LU MING."

  I sighed, hating myself for being desperate enough to get help from him. I sat in the car, the leather seat cold beneath me and turned to look at him. Bloody Hell. Here I thought the guy that played Neville Longbottom was a miracle of puberty but this man, HOLY. If he was handsome before, he was drop dead gorgeous now. He bulked up, he was always tall but now he was built, that sexy built with a large chest and shoulders but a smaller waist so you knew that there were lickable abs in there somewhere.

  The baby fat had disappeared off his face leaving cheekbones for days, and a jaw line you could sharpen knives on. Luckily, he was clean shaven, if there was stubble lining that face I would have jumped him right then and probably licked his jaw. His hair just begged to be touched and don't even get me started on how deliciously his white dress shirt stretched across his chest. It's like he knew that a white shirt with a skinny black tie was my weakness on guys because there he was after five years and my ovaries were screaming to let eggs lose for him to fertilize.