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Super Soldier, Come On!

Super Soldier, Come On!


On the other side, on the other side, the other side of the road was occupied by a group of three young men.
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  In a fast hotel in Longjiang, Country, Xia Yu was sitting at the bedside of a private hotel, wearing a yellow and white shirt that had been washed by water many times. She was smoking with a troubled face.

  Xia Yu, 18 years old, had been learning martial arts from her master since she was a child. Three years ago, at the age of 15, the old man left her alone after throwing her out of the battlefield overseas and said that he would naturally come back to find her after he broke into the Hall of Fame.

  Now he was the famous War God Lonely Wolf. Although he was just a temporary worker who had not written in the official system, he had made some achievements at least, but the old man had never heard from him.

  The old man had said that he would tell him the secret about his family background in the future. But now that he was missing, how could he explore the mystery of his family background?

  This time, the old leader asked him to come to Longjiang to carry out his mission. However, as soon as he arrived in Longjiang, he encountered such a beautiful thing that many men dreamed of...

  He rescued two women who had been poisoned from the hands of several gangsters. Now the two beautiful women were lying in front of him, and he was at a loss about what to do.

  There were two women on the bed. One was a beautiful woman with red and purple hair, and she was wearing a black chiffon shirt and denim hot pants. Her flat lower abdomen and slender figure made her wild and hot.

  The other one was a city beauty with a graceful figure and elegant temperament. She was wearing a set of silver professional clothes that couldn't be seen but must be very valuable. Her eyebrows were as bright as the moon and her eyes were as bright as water.

  The most eye-catching thing was the woman's mature and charming lady temperament, plus her white skin and beautiful appearance, her temperament was extraordinary, which was particularly eye-catching in the business suit.

  At this time, the two beautiful women with different styles were in the state of the drug effect. They were particularly provocative. Even with Xia Yu's willpower, she could not help but waver a little.

  "This is too much of a test of my willpower." Just as Xia Yu was thinking about how to deal with it, her cell phone suddenly rang.

  "Hello, Xiaxia, have you gone to the company to report?" A deep and old voice came from the phone.

  "I've just arrived at Longjiang. I want to have some fun tonight. I'll go to the company tomorrow to report."

  Xia Yu glanced at the two beauties on the bed and said gloomily, "Since you always ask me to perform a task, why don't you ask the target to come and pick me up? I'm not familiar with this place, so I'm not afraid that I'll lose it."

  "This problem is a bit complicated. Although you are very famous overseas, you have always been a temporary worker. The domestic system has never admitted your identity. Strictly speaking, you are not a member of our country."

  "What the hell? In the past few years..."

  "Calm down, calm down. I'm talking about the past, mainly because I want you to live a stable life in the future. Now that you're just an ordinary citizen, you can live a peaceful life."

  The old leader did not give Xia Yu a chance to complain and said, "Besides, if you can lose it, you will not be the War God Lonely.

  This will be your last task. If everything goes well, you can stay in China and live a good life in the future. At present, your household registration and identity have been registered, and you can be regarded as a person with another identity. Enjoy yourself."

  "Even if I'm a temporary worker, I'm tired of work, working overtime, and I don't have any salary, you can't just let me go like this."

  Hearing this, Xia Yu became anxious and complained discontentedly, "I've done my best in the past few years. Now, at least I can work as an iron rice bowl. The most important thing is to give me some money."

  "I know your credit, and you even know your ability to make trouble. Fortunately, you are not an official, or you would have caused a major dispute long ago."

  The boss sighed helplessly and encouraged him, "As for the money... I've handled all the troubles you've made over the years. You won't lose more than I did!"

  However, I arranged the last task for you because you've made outstanding achievements many times.

  Xu Yifei is the first of the four beauties in the Dragon River, and her assets are more than 100 million. As long as you can take down this woman, you will be able to enjoy the rest of your life, and you will only be able to enjoy a good life."

  "Do you think I'm the kind of person who would steal things and eat the soft food?"

  Xia Yu curled her lip disdainfully. Although she didn't know who Xu Yifei was, she was the person that the old leader asked her to protect. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't plot against the target. Besides, she was not the kind of person who ate soft food. If she could eat something, she could consider it.

  "Whether you are or not, I'll give you the chance anyway. The rest can only be controlled by yourself."

  The old leader breathed a sigh of relief and reminded him in a serious tone, "You should keep a low profile in the country as much as possible, and don't use your nickname when you are a temporary worker. Otherwise, your enemies won't be able to give you peace."

  Also, don't use those means in the country anymore. You are now a legal citizen, so you must abide by the law..."

  "I know, I know. I know what I'm doing. I'm sure that I won't let my target suffer any harm."

  Xia Yu responded impatiently. It was just to protect a First Miss of a rich family. It was just a piece of cake.

  "I'm at ease to do your job. I'll go to the company to register as soon as possible in case anything goes wrong." The old leader said and hung up the phone.

  "He went through thick and thin, but he was still a temporary worker in the end. Where is the justice?"

  Xia Yu sighed sullenly and put away her phone. In the past few years, she had made a name for herself by virtue of the skills imparted by martial arts masters. However, she did not get any benefits after returning to China. It was so depressing to start with ordinary people.

  Just when Xia Yu was in a bad mood, someone suddenly put his arm around his neck from behind. Xia Yu quickly turned around and pushed away the non-mainstream girl who wanted to entangle him.

  He took a look at the city beauty, who was also in the state of the drug effect.

  "If you want to take advantage of me, you don't even have a door. My lonely wolf, my life's motto is that people cry, and true love is invincible. No one can ruin my longing for true love!"

  Xia Yu suddenly threw the girl away and took a deep drag on her cigarette. Then she took off the cigarette butt and turned around to point at the two girls. "I, Xia Yu, will never take advantage of anyone's precarious situation. I am a gentleman."

  After being pointed a few times by Xia Yu, the two girls who had been drugged fainted immediately.

  Xia Yu used a special method to detoxify the two women, then covered them with a quilt, and finally left the room. There was nothing she could do about it. After all, she was a noble and low-level person who had no interest.

  When Han Moyun and Dong Ling woke up in the morning, they found that their clothes were in disarray, and the two women were dumbfounded.

  Thinking of what happened last night, Dong Ling, a non-mainstream girl, burst into tears directly. Although she liked to play and go crazy, she had not been touched by men until now. When she thought that her precious innocence was gone and she couldn't find the trouble maker, she suddenly felt a pain in her heart.

  Han Moyun, a city beauty with a pale face, said in a trembling voice as he put on his clothes, "Don't cry. Think about what happened last night."

  "Woo, I don't remember. I only remember that we drank at the bar and went to the parking lot together. A group of bad guys wanted to kill us, and then we were saved." Dong Ling sobbed and recalled.

  "Yes, yes, yes, it seems to be a young man who drank in the bar before. You saw that he was handsome and went to chat with him, but he ignored you, and you were still angry."