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So Great Passion

So Great Passion


The first time they met, she was brought into the room by him for a night of passion. The second time they met, she went to sign a contract with the company and found out that he was her boss! The third time they met, he blocked her in the dressing room to teach her how to kiss. The fourth time they met, he directly took her to his home. The fifth time they met... The sixth time... Su Su Su was going crazy! Why was this person like a dog's skin plaster, she couldn't get rid of him! Su Su Su Su Su was going to terminate the contract! Xiao Ling: He said, "Shall pay the money for Xiao Ling: Xiao: Can you be mine?" be Xiao Ling: Xiao: Xiao: Xiao: Xiao: Xiao: Can you: Xiao: Xiao:: Can you not: Xiao: Xiao: Xiao:
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  Su Su was lying on the operating table.

  The bright operating lights were so bright that she couldn't even open her eyes. In the haze, she could only hear the cold mechanical collision and the cold voice of the doctor.

  "The scalpel."

  "I've got a tweezer."

  "Take out the baby!"

  She wanted to move and struggle desperately, but she found that her body was completely out of control. She stared at the glaring lights desperately, but the cold lights seemed to be laughing at her stupidity.

  She was just an orphan. At the age of 16, she entered the entertainment industry. After that, she had been in the entertainment industry. Relying on her own efforts, she became a B-list actress. When she was 22 years old, she met Mo Xun.

  He was the president of a well-known chain hospital in A City and even in the country. He was just twenty-eight years old, elegant and gentle. For the first time since Mo Xun saw her, he began to chase her crazily. And because of her childhood experience, she never believed that someone was really good to her, so she repeatedly refused.

  However, he was like the sunshine, pervading every hole.

  She gradually fell into the trap and lost the last precaution. They secretly lived together. He never let her implant. He said that if she was born when she was pregnant, she would be responsible for her and the child.

  She really thought that she would meet someone in her life who could warm her up.


  Her lover, the man she loved with all her efforts, gave her a heavy blow in the end.

  It turned out that he got close to her and even had a baby with her, not because he liked her, but because she was his sister with the woman he loved.

  That woman was suffering from leukemia, but she couldn't find a suitable bone marrow to transplant. So when he knew that she had a twin sister, he tried his best to find her. But unfortunately, her bone marrow couldn't transplant to that woman. So Mo Xun came up with a way to get close to her and give birth to a baby with her in order to save the woman with her child's blood.

  Mo Xun doted on her all the time, just for this moment.

  "Su Su, she is your sister. You should save her."

  Su Su Su smiled bitterly at the thought of Mo Xun taking off his gentle mask before entering the operating room. "Sister? She was thrown into the welfare home from an early age. Where did she come from? Even if she is a sister, they have no feelings at all. What right does she have to let her child risk her life to save her?"

  But how much Mo Xun knew about her, and how stupid she was! She was defenseless against Mo Xun. He easily controlled her, injected her anesthesia, and asked the doctor to push her into the operating room.

  Her child had only seven months. It was a child less than a month old, but now it was forcibly taken out. It was only because the woman's disease recurred, and she would die if she did not treat her.

  A surge of monstrous hatred surged up from her chest. "Why? Why are they playing with her feelings? Why are they treating her children like this?"

  "That's also my child!"

  "Mo Xunzhen, how can you bear it! How can you bear it!"

  At this moment, there was a faint cry of a child ringing in his ears.

  A child, a child of hers!

  Ye Wanhua tried her best to turn her head, but she could only see the doctors' hazy figures and their cold conversation at the same time.

  "The child has been taken out."

  "Hurry up! Cutting the strings, leave your blood."

  A few minutes later, a nurse answered, "Well, what should we do now?"

  "Send the blood immediately to Miss Bai."

  "What about here?"

  "Put the child in the compartment and prepare to sew the wound."

  Su Su's eyes were red, but she was too dry to shed tears. She didn't know whether she should thank the doctor for his mercy or put her child into the compartment. Her child was less than a month old. It was impossible for her child to survive without being put into the compartment.

  But at this time, the door of the operating room made a loud noise, and Su Su Su heard the man's anxious and angry voice.

  "Why are you still dawdling here? Ling'er is dying. You should go and perform surgery on Ling'er now!"

  "But here..." Her newly cut abdomen had not been stitched yet.

  "I'll let you go right now!" Su Mo said coldly.

  The doctor looked at Su Su Jianan with pity, but did not dare to refute. There was no other reason, this hospital was also the hospital under Mo Xun's hand. Su Jianan only felt a sudden pain in her heart until she became numb. A drop of tears at the corner of her eyes slipped into her temples. The sound of footsteps was heard, and soon there was no movement in the operating room. Only the weak crying of the child was getting weaker and weaker.


  Her child...

  Su Su Jianan's abdomen felt cold and a strong smell of blood wafted out. The sheets under her body were getting wet. Su Su Su Su's head was getting dizzier and dizzier. She bit her lips so hard that she could keep awake. She struggled to get up with all her strength.

  He saw that.

  She saw her child.

  She was as wrinkled as a kitten. Her body was red, and there was still blood on her body that had not been washed. When she cried, her mouth was slightly open, and she looked very pitiful. Su Su's tears burst out in an instant.

  "Mo Xunzhen!"

  Why are you so cruel? This is your own child!

  The anesthesia gradually faded away. The wound in her abdomen that had not been stitched up was so painful that she broke out in cold sweat. Blood kept spilling out. Su Su Su struggled to lie beside the child, but she was horrified to find that the child's breathing was getting weaker and weaker.

  "Help... Help! Please save my child... Who can save my child..."

  "Mo Xun, this is your child. Come and save the child!"

  No one responded to her until her voice became hoarse.

  Su Su Su felt a chill in her heart.

  She couldn't help touching the child's tender face. She didn't even know whether the child was a boy or a girl. The baby's skin was so tender. She was even afraid that her hand would hurt the child's skin.

  In Su Su Su's desperate scream, the child's voice gradually dissipated, and his breathing gradually quieted down until the last trace of warmth in his body turned into coldness.

  "Why... why..."

  Su Su had never been so desperate before, nor had she hated someone so much in her heart! If it was because of the emergency surgery of Bai Ling and she did not sew her wound, she would have no problem. She had no parents since she was a child, so she had experienced all the warmth and pain in the world. No one would feel sorry for her if she died. She was not the one at the top of his heart. It was reasonable not to save her!

  But why! Obviously, as long as he said a word, no nurse could send the child to the orphanage, the child would be safe and sound, but why he was not willing to give her such mercy?

  She hated him!

  She hated him!

  Using all her strength, Su Su Su took the child into her arms. She had lost too much blood, and her whole body was powerless at this time. Her eyes were black. She knew that she was dying.

  At this time, even if the immortal came, he would not be able to save her.


  Su Su Su looked at the snow-white sheets under her body and gradually turned blood red. She suddenly laughed out loud. Her eyes were blood red, but her face was snow-white, like a devil crawling out of hell.

  She held the child tightly in her arms, and there seemed to be no end to the blood in her abdomen. The blood on the sheets spread, and gradually flowed into her whole body, soaking her clothes wet.

  She swore with her blood-red eyes.

  "Mo Xunzhen, if there is a next life, I must let you experience the pain of losing your love and the pain of separation of the flesh and blood!"