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Urban Romance of Tough Soldier

Urban Romance of Tough Soldier


Seymour Yezzi was a soldier who carried a lot of glory and superpowers, but he was tired of the days worrying about his life and death every day, so he decided to come home. But he didn't expect not long after he reached home, the most beautiful CEO in the city invited him to be work for her, soon he became the prince of all the women in the city, although he used his MYSTERY power to... One day, the CEO was about to be raped by turns, Seymour came in and saved her, one man lost his capability of fathering children, one man lost his arms, and one man was scared to pee. Seymour was known as the sage soon enough, yet no one knew his real strength and true identity...
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As night fell, after a busy day of working and bustling, the urban people began their nightlife.

In LOSE Bar, a famous passion-hunting place in River City, men and women here were looking for one-night stands, trying to experience something passionate and adventurous.

At a corner of the bar, a man about 26 years old stood there, taking out a box of Red-Tower-Mountain branded cigarettes from his pocket. With a hard flick at the bottom of the box, a cigarette came out.


The man lit the cigarette and took a deep suck. In the lingering smoke he puffed, it could be vaguely seen that there was a faint snicker on his mouth. His slightly curled black hair naturally hung down, which made him look more carefree.

This man was Seymour Yezzi. He didn't have any job. He didn't come here for one-night passion like others. Instead, he wanted to find a place to drink and relieve his boredom.

However, he saw that a man was secretly putting something into a woman's wine at a table not far away from him. And the woman soon fell into a coma after she drank it without caution.

Seymour thought, "This guy is so lame. He tried to get the woman in this despicable way. A man should use his charm and capability to win a woman's heart."

Seymour scolded the man disdainfully.

Actually, he was not a nosy person. But since he had known that someone was drugging a woman, he couldn't just sit there, ignoring what was happening beside him.

Soon, several men with odd hairstyles went over to hold the woman and were about to leave the bar. They walked past Seymour.

The woman was dressed in a black-and-white work outfit. Her tight black dress wrapped her buttock and her long white legs, which look like jade, were on a pair of black high heels. She was so hot!

She lowered her head and her black hair scattered down casually. Although people couldn't see her face, judging from her hot figure, one can believe that she must be a gorgeous-looking woman.

"Jesus! If I hadn't happened to see what's going on here, this beauty would have ended up suffering in a miserable situation."

Seymour scoffed in his heart.

"What are you looking at? I got her first, don't f*cking think about getting her from us. If you dare to look at her again, believe it or not, I will dig out your disgusting eyes! Go away!"

The man with red hair was very arrogant.


Seymour smiled faintly and stood up, blocking their way.

Although he didn't know this woman, he thought he would feel guilty if he just did nothing and let this beautiful woman get raped.

Seeing Seymour stopping him, the man was so angry that he poked at Seymour's chest and cursed, "F*ck! Are you deaf? Didn't you hear what I had said? Get out of my way!"

"You'd better not poke at me with your finger." Seymour narrowed his eyes slightly as he reminded him.

"What! Do you believe that I will not only poke at you but also stab you?"

"Sorry, I don't!"

"F*ck! Son of a b*tch, how dare you to look down on me? Then let me show you!"

Then he punched Seymour on the face.

"Ha-ha, this is what you can do!" Seymour sneered and grabbed the man's fist with one hand.

The man glared at Seymour with anger and shouted angrily, "F*ck you! Let go of me, or I will make you incapable to walk out.*

"Really? Do you know what I hate most?"


"I hate threatening!"

After saying that, Seymour looked unhappy and terribly cold with his eyes like the ice formed a thousand years ago, which could make people feel creepy.

Then, he twisted the man's wrist with great strength. Soon it came a clicking sound from the man's wrist.


The man twisted his face in pain and let out a loud wail. He pressed his injured wrist tightly.

"F*ck! Kill him! If he is dead, I'll take responsibility!"

The man gnashed his teeth in pain and cursed angrily.

At this time, a man with cockscomb-shaped hair took out a dagger and trying to stab Seymour with a ferocious look on his face.

"How dare you hit my boss? Don't you want to live anymore? Let me send you to hell!"

"How dare you play a dagger? I know what trick you can do. " Seymour sneered, then he moved his arm quickly and took away the dagger from the gangster's hand.

"What? Where's my dagger?"

The gangster was stunned. He looked down but found nothing on his palms.

"Over here!" Seymour shook the dagger in his hand. He said in an unruly manner, "Bro! Let me show you how to play with it."

After saying that, Seymour's eyes got very sharp. He suddenly swung the dagger in his hand toward the gangster's cockscomb-like hair.




The gangster only saw streaks of cold light rushing to his hair. Soon, he felt that his scalp got cold and did not dare to move. He even closed his eyes, with his face getting pale because of fear.

A few seconds later, Seymour put away the dagger and blew out to clear the hair on the blade. He said with a proud face, "Well! Your hairstyle is much better than before!"

"My hair?"

The gangster was stunned for a while, and then he reached out his hand to touch the top of his head. "What the f*ck? Where is my cockscomb? Is it gone?"

"I've cut it off!"

Seymour laughed evilly. He suddenly raised one of his legs and kicked the gangster in the belly.

"Ou... ch."

The gangster's widened his eyes so open that his eyeballs were almost protruding. His mouth was also wide open that it could almost be filled with an egg.


The next second, the gangster was in a coma because of pain.

The man who hit Seymour just now became rather angry because his crotch was kicked so hard. He wanted to take revenge and kicked Seymour back.

"F*ck you! I'll kick you to death."

"Oh? Really?"

Seymour remained calm. He reached out his hand and easily grabbed the man's right foot. He kicked the man's crotch again without warning.


"Ow, ow!"

"Ouch... It's so painful!"

The man screamed loudly, which made all the people present quiet down.


People present at the bar witnessed this, feeling the lower part of their own bodies got cold and terrified. F*ck! This guy was really ruthless!

At this time, only the last gangster was left to hold the unconscious woman. Actually, he was so scared that he even peed in front of these people.

"Bro! Do you want to fight with me as well?" Seymour smiled and provocatively hooked his fingers toward the gangster.

"No! Stop!"

The last gangster was scared out of wits. He pushed the woman away with one hand and ran out.

"F*ck! Is this the way you treat a beautiful woman?"

Seeing this, Seymour quickly reached out and helped the woman. Suddenly, he felt something was touching his palm. It's so comfortable!

Seymour murmured, "What did I touch?" 

The woman let out a charming voice, and her body seemed to have been stimulated by something. She took the initiative to get close to Seymour and kissed him in public.

Seymour thought, "You are so active!"

Seymour's eyes widened slightly when seeing there was a gangster left here, and then he pushed the beauty away. "Beauty, hold on! We still have the last one to cope with!"

After that, he took a bottle of wine and threw it forward.


The gangster tried to run away but his head was suddenly injured by the wine bottle. He immediately fell to the ground, with his head bleeding

After dealing with the last gangster, Seymour turned around to the beautiful woman. 's Her eyes were blurred. Seymour was like prey in her eyes. She suddenly leaned closer to Seymour to hold his neck and kissed him crazily.


Seymour's eyes were wide open. The enthusiasm of this beautiful woman was obviously beyond his expectation.

Anyway, he was also a hot-blooded and young man. Seymour felt very uncomfortable to refuse such a beautiful woman.

"F*ck, you are so active and attractive. What am I waiting for! Beauty, let's get a room..."