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Above All

Above All



In a world where magic and swords governs, four kingdom rallied to have the strongest force on their military in order to gather more resources. The leading kingdom was the Northern Kingdom because they prioritize the education on their military system. They are famous because of the sword princess, winning in many wars and bringing back the people from the captivity made her owned the title of it. But she lost for the first time when she met Shanon.
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  Four years ago their a boy name Shanon Scampria he lived the Eastern kingdom with a noble family. The day he dream were to come because once a person reaches the age of sixteen an mark on the left back hand will show and it will tell the future and status. In the past sixteen years of his life he was abused by his family and never cared of him about running errands, treating him lowly as an animal.

  His two older sister never talked to him not even once, but for him loneliness is just an absence of courage and hope. Because of having no obligation in the family he always read books in his small room-- a place where only pest resides. He almost read half of the books in the library wishing that someday he will use all of the knowledge he gained.

  “Oh I got the wrong book I already read this” then someone knock on the door,

  “Shanon get out the ceremony were about to start hurry up or master will be angry” a maid stated.

  There are a lot of maids in the house but the treatment Shanon received was almost the same as the maids.

  “Okay I going” he replied

  Normally in a noble ceremony of mark, all of the family’s connection and business partners will be invited and different famous people would attend. Having a ceremony of mark is one in a lifetime experience knowing that it is the door to the future but Shanon had only two witness; his father and mother, not even his sisters cared about him.

  “Hey Shanon get fast I have a meeting later for my trades so be quick and get in to the magic circle already” his father commanded and he nodded.

  Being a business man makes Alisio Scamprio a strict in money and time because he always negotiate with different business associates and never wastes time on useless doings.

  Shanon doesn’t know the reason why his father was treating him as nothing but nothing as if his presence was just a disturbance.

  “If you have a mark of money maybe I will accept you as my son but if not better to prepare yourself” he warned.

  Having him the mark of money is a very good fortune for the family knowing that he may have a bright future in business.

  Shanon was too excited because he will now be treated if he gained a mark of money but on the other side he was also nervous, if the mark was not money and he is done.

  “Now Shanon repeat the words that will say and the mark will show” his mother said and he nodded.

  Her mother who is a retired magician of the kingdom and a famous personality but the reason does not explain why. After serving 15 years she left without saying anything but when she came back she was already married Alisio and stay away from public.

  “Through the Heaven and Earth I now reached the time and shall reign the world with my purpose. I call all thy Gods and Goddesses to grant my future and now please bestow me your blessings” her mother stated and he followed.

  The magic circle shines and a mark on the left back hand appeared it was the first time of them to see that the magic circle shone so brightly and it seems extraordinary.

  His father was frightened as soon as he saw the light dazzled him. It never happen in his daughters but it was different with Shanon.

  “. . . . . . . . . . . . .”

  “. . . . . . . . . . . . .”

  Silence had eaten the atmosphere as if there were no human beings in the room.

  Shanon was also scared that his heart fell down. And as soon as the light of the magic circle disappear he looked at his left back arm.

  Shanon was not happy with the results of the ceremony because he did not get what he needed to have and that is to get the mark of money instead he got the mark of sword and magic.

  Even though his mark was very rare to have he was very disappointed not knowing the prestige of having double marked, Shanon sighed with a pitiful face.

  Having a double mark would be make a person very important because it can bring a lot of achievements.

  “I failed….. I failed……. I failed” he lamented and tears keep falling in to his eyes.

  But a light shone it his right arm, making his parents stunned again. The day was full of surprise but for them it was tragedy that would perish their doings.

  At first his parents were shocked seeing that Shanon possessed two marking at the same time making him a double mark person.

  Elena who was his mother moved his foot one step back and could not belief what she was seeing. She shook her head thinking that it was not real that it was just a dream but even if she shook her head continuously she can’t awake from the reality. Her hands was trembling and her balance loosen off.

  And then . . . . . . . . . . . .

  “Ahhhhhhhhhh” she screamed

  His father was full of fear as if he saw a monster but anyone can see that he was in a despaired state. He could not utter a single word and making his spine cold as ice.

  “Throw him into the dungeon of maze and make sure he will never comeback!”

  A mark of a High Royal is a legendary mark that only appear once in a thousand years making it the most powerful mark of all. A servant or a common person would bow their head if they saw a royal but when it comes to a High Royal even royal wouldn’t dare to lift his/her head.

  “But Father what crime did I commit to receive such punishment?” he cried and ask.

  “You are a disgrace to our family and would only destroy my name, I don’t need the likes of you in my household. Now throw him away” he angrily said.

  “But husband how can you do this to our son?” Macy asked.

  Even though his family hated him it was his mother who truly cared for him the most but Elena is very afraid of Alisio knowing that he would expose her secret if he disobey him.

  “He is not our son anymore, starting today I have no son, all our ties with him will be cut and his name shall be remove everywhere.” He replied.

  The dungeon of maze is a very dangerous place that no one wants to enter. Once you get inside, there is no way to get outside. Many tried to explore the dungeon but until now no one had never came back. The secret of the dungeon are not yet to be discovered until . . . . . . . .

  Shanon woke up in the dungeon of maze feeling his head ached. He didn’t know what to do in this situation. After walking 3 days without food or water, he became very exhausted, his mind went blank and his fragile body fall.

  ‘No I don’t want to sleep I will die here if I stop walking, I must find a way to escape’

  And he fell asleep . . . . . . . . .