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 A Phil.Soldier love story

A Phil.Soldier love story

Author:Rashid(phil.reserve lady soldier


LT.Col Gerry Crabal a filipino scout ranger and PMA graduate one who become a PMA instructor.And CEO/owner of gun and bullets company NAMED the CRIMEBUSTER Co. CAdet 1st class ajemie rhashid a 4th yr student of PMA class 2004-2006 bagtas CL-112 top 2 student who have a hidden crush to Lt.COL.Gerry Crabal.no one knows about her feeling to Lt.col Crabal because it is against the LAW for an instructor and a student.5 days before the graduation of the PMA ajemie is walking on the street saturday morning going to a mall at baguio to mate her friend leah noman,a black mustang car stop on her side and when the window down she saw a handsome face of LT.COl Crabal and said where are you going? Its not safe to walk alone her get in the car I send you to your distination.she hessitate for a while but its a little bit going to bus stop so she ride and said im going to meet someone on the mall.LT.COL Crabal not answer so she quite and wait for a while after an.half an hour later she notice that it is not tje going to a mall that she wanted to go so she ask Sir where are we going he just answerd HOME.
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  Saturday morning 0800h Ajemie is waiting for a bus going to a mall to meet her college friend leah Balsote a few minutes later 1 black 4x4 car stop on her front open the window and she is shock when she saw Lt.Col gerry Crabal her boyfriend for four years and also an instructor on PMA.

  But no one knows that they are boyfriend girlfriend for years ago.Ajemie is a Criminology student at hercor college before she enter PMA and one of her instructor on college is gerry also.gerry is her algebra teacher and an ROTC instructor too.

  Gerry is a partime teacher that time Gerry love Ajemie so much that Ajemie is same feeling with Gerry.

  one time when Gerry is day off on school there is a girl came to school to find gerry and she said she is gerry girlfriend.Ajemie heard what the girl said thats why ajemie texted gerry from now on dont treat me as your girlfriend.

  I dont want a teacher husband i want an military officer husband.when gerry recieved her text message he rush to call her assistant at there family Mr.jhon Lucero.

  Jhon can you please check when is the entrance exam on PMA call me back asap.yes sir jhon replyed.

  from that they never meet each other until last thursday ajemie shock when he saw gerry on accademy

  and he is the substitute instructor ajemie never expected that their instructor jestone crabal is gerry big brother.

  Chapter two

  Get in the Car.Ajemie answerd no sir its out of your way im going to mall to meet my college friend thank you for your kindness.Thats an order get in or else i will carry you..Ajemie erritate with gerry attitude but she have no choice do she enter on the car and fix the setbelt.

  Ajemie never look at gerry she turn her head on the right so that she wont saw gerry.But Gerry ask her whos college friend do you want to meet? I know her?its a boy or girl??Ajemie open het lips and answer its a girl shes leah my batch mate at ROTC i hope you should remember her.hmmm gerry nooded.

  Ajemie notice that the road is not going to tha mall so she asked where we going its not going to the mall?Gerry answerd who told you that we are going to the mall??Call leah and cancel your appointment with her.

  No.please stop the car I wont go with you.Why you afraid that i will eat you?im not dracula or witch anyway.You need to explaine to me what happend four years ago.I need a solid reason.you said you dont want to have a teacher husband.I do want you want you want a military officer husband Im now an officer im not just an officer with high rank also.why you should keep ignoring and avoided me.