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Courier love

Courier love



I was the courier and i fell in love for the first time when i see my customer..she is beautiful and friendly but our love is the worst love ever because...she is my sister that was kidnapped by my family enemy..
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  It was my first day work i was very happy to get a new experience... My name is smith george.. i am the courier.. i work as courier to survive my poor family.

  "Urm hello...i would like to post this box to my friends"

  Infront of me is the pretty girl..long brown hair, grey eyes, white skin, red cheeks, and sexy lips..

  "Oh hello..please give me your friends name and adress" i continued " sis you are very pretty..whats is your name?"... After a few moments she say " urm my name is Sarah.. dont make me blush i am not that pretty.." .." this is my friend name and adress.." she write it on the paper and .. guess what there is her NUMBER PHONE

  My heart was beating i think i already fell in love with this girl.. :~ ..after sent the box to her friends i try to call her ... Bip...bip " hello who is this?" The sweet voice come from the phone .. "hello this is the handsome courier man :→ hahahah joke.." this is the man that you give your number phone meh'

  " Hahaha" this sweet voice cant stop laughing.. "hey what is your name? " she ask me " urm my name is smith..your name is sarah right? Sarah ... Smith its like the couple name :↑" We are on call for an hour... This girl is very interesting..

  "SMITH!!" the fierce voice was calling me. "Urm sarah my father is calling me.. can i end this call? Can i ?" " Urm sokay just end it babe" the word 'babe' make me blush.. I end the call and go to living room...

  There's is the man that i hate so much.. Yes its was my father. My father is the gangster, he have many enemy.. her enemy always attack my mother and me..and its make my mother have heart diseases. I also have the elder sister, her name is Siera george. Our family have their own secret.. the secret is we have the little sister but our sister is kidnapped by my father enemy and now i dont know where is my little sister. I hope she grow up and on the great condition.

  "Smith!!!" My father yelled at me "wha..what?" Although i hate her.. i couldnt fight him because i scare he will kill me.. "go and buy me some alcohol" my father is the alcoholic person.. i nodded and go buy him the alcohol. :



  Theres is the familiar face like i seen before. Uh its sarah sarah

  Sm:" hey sarah"

  Sa: "hey smith, glad to see you here"

  Sm: "glad to see you too"

  Sa: "what you want to buy?"

  Sm: "urm i want to buy some alcohol.. bu.. but its not for me..its for my fa..father"

  Sa: "uh dont worry i am okay.. for me alcohol is normal..haha"

  F*ck this girl is really really freak

  Sm:" uh..whats you going to buy?"

  Sa:" i want to buy some cigarette"

  Sm: "seriously?!!" :O fish how come this little girl dare to buy cigarette

  Sa:"haha just kidding dont take it serious yall"

  After buy some alcohol i give it to my father and i went to have a dinner.. after all i go sleep

  Kring..kring my alarm is ranging 7.00 o 'clock..i walked to my bathroom and taking a bath.. after that i get ready to go work. After arrive at post office i start my work.

  Tittit my phone ringing..b