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Marrying A Wealthy Beauty

Marrying A Wealthy Beauty


Killed by his best friend in the Divine World, Clinton Fang, the legendary Divine Lord, was reborn in the body of a little security guard in the earth. The only thing he owned now was less than 100 dollars. If he wanted to regain his power, he had to practice the divine skills. And he needed money to buy the medicinal ingredients. During his money earning process, he encountered several beauties, including a naughty online anchor, a beautiful policewoman, and a wealthy female CEO. Clinton saved them from troubles and they inevitably fell on him. So, what were the romantic stories between them? And how did a security guard become the most powerful man in the world?
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Clearwater District, Goodstate Province.

Clinton Fang rubbed his head as he slowly walked out of the clinic, with a face of disbelief.

He was reborn.

He was a legendary Divine Lord in the Divine World. He was killed by his best friend and his female confidante, when they were exploring a historic site in the Divine World.

He was full of rage and anger. Then, he was reborn into this world, in the body of a common farmer in a district town.

He felt that he was just Clinton Fang, a common farmer in this district, with the memories of the Divine Lord, who also had the same name.

This strange feeling did not last long, and Clinton was no longer confused.

It was all because he was now the result of the fusion of these two souls! He was the Divine Lord, as well as the farmer Clinton, therefore he must be destined for greatness!

"I must work hard to cultivate my skills. From now on, I want to be on par with the protagonists of those novels on legendary heroes! I will achieve the peak of my greatness!" He said.

"I will step on those who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I will court the most beautiful and rich ladies around me! I will let all those who have looked down on me tremble under my shadows!" Clinton exclaimed.

"I will become a legend!" He said.

All the difficulties and confusion that he had from the past disappeared at this moment. He could now clearly see a new extraordinary life ahead!

To hell with mediocrity!

To hell with being looked down!

To hell with wasting day after day of life!

There was a flash of firmness in Clinton's eyes. He felt refreshed, as if he had been reborn.


He turned back to look at the small clinic, then pulled out the pockets in his pants. Apart from two crumpled pieces of ten yuan, there was only a bank card with less than a hundred yuan and the keys to his home.

"This world is such a scam." He thought.

Although he was courageous and confident, he still had to face reality... He was still very poor!

His parents died in a car accident in his early years. He could only drop out of high school and work in the county town. Originally, he had a deposit of nearly 10,000 yuan.

However, some time ago, he did a righteous thing of helping someone who was robbed to get his bag back, and ended up stabbed by the robbers in the process.

He did not complain about being stabbed, as that was the price of doing the right thing. What depressed him was that the person who was robbed left after seeing his seriously injured body.

Later, a kind-hearted person sent him to a nearby hospital. Clinton paid for the medical fees himself, but after a while, he could not afford it. So, he came to this small clinic instead.

And all the fuss about being the Divine Lord happened two nights ago, which was around the same time his condition worsened, and his body temperature nearly reached 50 degrees.

While he was in a daze, the Divine Lord was reborn in him, with his soul merging with his dying soul. He miraculously recovered the next day.

Until this day, the doctor let him go after he concluded that he was fine.

"However, this is common. Such incidents happen to many people. Next time, you'll have to think it through before you do the right thing."

Clinton smiled calmly and thought, "Fortune and misfortune depend on each other. Had I not been stabbed this time, I would never have fused with the soul of the Divine Lord when I was dying."

"From now on, I will control my own fate!" He said.

Clinton clenched his fists and he knew his life was going to change.


At this time, his stomach was growling with hunger. He looked at the sky, it was almost night time. If he hurried up, he could still catch the last bus home.

He still had 20 yuan in his pocket. He looked at a small scallion pancake stall in the distance. The scent of the pancake was good, so he swallowed a mouthful of saliva and hurried over.

"Two pancakes. There's no need to add any toppings," Clinton walked over and looked at the price. It would cost him three yuan per pancake.

When he saw the hams, chicken strips, and everything else on the menu, he really wanted to eat them, but he was short on money. It's good enough that he could have some scallion pancakes.

"Okay!" The man said.

The owner could also see the embarrassment Clinton felt. Any ordinary person would not buy two plain scallion pancakes. He quickly grabbed the pancakes and roasted them. Then, he added a ham sausage and an egg to each of the pancakes.

"Hey, boss, I said that I don't need extra toppings. I don't have money." Clinton was a little anxious but couldn't stop him even if he wanted to.

"Young man, I think you're too thin. You should eat more. I'll only charge you for the plain pancakes."

The owner said as he put the two delicious pancakes into a paper bag. Then he put them into another bag and handed them to Clinton.

"The eggs and hams are on the house. Everyone has their own difficulties. In this world, we help each other," the stall owner told Clinton.

"Thank you!" Clinton said.

When Clinton heard this, he fell into a daze for a while. Then he nodded and took the scallion pancakes handed over by the boss of the stall. He looked at the boss seriously and thanked him again, then he went to the bus station.

Along the way, after eating the scallion pancakes, he was thinking that even though he had been betrayed by other people, there was still love in the world.

After taking the last bus and paying for it, Clinton took his remaining money and went back to the village. After walking for a few miles, he finally got to the village.

At this moment, the sun was setting, and the sky was a beautiful red color. When Clinton saw such a beautiful scene at the entrance of the village, he was mesmerized by it.

He had stayed in the county town about two years. Such a scene did not exist there.

"This scene may be good, but the condition of the village is still too poor. Even though I have the memories of the Divine Lord, I still have to settle down and make a living first," he told himself.

Clinton looked at the top of the mountain from the corner of his eye, and he seemed to be able to see his parents that had passed away. His eyes glistened with tears. He reached out to wipe his tears and then returned to his old house.

"Hey, Clinton, are you back?"

This was the wife of the master of the Liu family, she had a very short stature, but weighed more than a hundred kilograms. She also had a sharp tongue, which was sometimes quite comical.

She was a well-known gossip in the village. She would talk bad things about people when she saw them. Clinton was the poorest and most powerless person in the village. Every time she saw Clinton, she would not let him go.

She didn't wait for Clinton's reply and said in a strange tone, "You have no father, mother, or wife at home. Why did you come back? I thought you have gone to be a security guard at a company out there. Have you been fired because of your laziness?"

"It's none of your business!" Clinton was in a good mood, but this woman destroyed it for him. He scoffed and turned around to walk into his own house.

When he reached his door, he saw a chicken fence around his house, and his house was filled with the foul scent of chicken droppings.

Needless to say, he knew that woman must have been behind this.

He didn't say anything, knowing that it would be useless to talk to this woman. He stepped forward a few times and kicked the chicken fence into pieces. He shouted, "Who the... f*ck is so disrespectful? Why would they turn someone else's house into a chicken coop? If that person comes again, I'll kick their chickens to death!"

"Clinton, you little b*stard, what are you doing?" The woman screamed.

When the nasty Mrs. Liu heard the noise here, she ran over with her family's big wolf dogs. Looking at the escaping chickens, she was so angry that her chubby face was trembling.

This orphan b*stard dared to harm her chickens? It was well-known that her eldest son was the boss of a big company and her second son was a student at a famous university!

She had every right to bully Clinton. How could she let Clinton bully her?

She put her hands on her hips, pointed at Clinton, and shouted, "Clinton, you were brought to this world by a mother, but she didn't teach you anything, you b*stard! Bring the chickens back and apologize to me!"

Her loud voice immediately attracted the neighbors around. Seeing this scene, they felt sorry for Clinton, sweating nervously.

The neighbors knew that this nasty woman could do anything she wanted. There was a time when she let her dog bite one of the neighbours, Mr. Wang. It was all because of a small issue, and Mr. Wang had a huge chunk of his flesh torn off by her dog.

Later, the nasty woman took advantage of her family's wealth to settle this matter. Mr. Wang could only keep his anger in his heart.

This time, either Clinton apologized to her, else a terrible fate would befall upon him!

Her dog was really fierce!

"Do you dare to say that again?" Clinton didn't like his parents to be humiliated by others, especially after his parents passed away. He suddenly looked back, and his eyes sparkled, as he took a step forward.

"Woof, woof, woof..." Her dog was really fierce. As soon as it saw Clinton approaching, it dragged it's chains and barked loudly, it's sounds brought pain to people's ears.

"So what if I said it?" Mrs. Liu did not fear Clinton because she had her dog. She held the dog chain in one hand and put another hand on her waist. "You're a b*stard whose parents didn't teach well! If you don't bring my chickens back and apologize to me, I'll let the dog bite you to death!"

"Clinton, just forget it!" Someone said.

"Clinton, apologize to her. And this would be over!" Another said.

Everyone knew Clinton ever since he was young, they knew he was a kind-hearted child with good manners. They were afraid of him getting bitten by her dog.

If he were bitten, he might not be able to find a wife in the future.

"You're courting death!" Clinton's eyes flashed with a trace of anger. As a dignified Divine Lord, although he had no cultivation after his rebirth, how could he be scolded like this by such a woman?

He took a step forward and was about to slap Mrs. Liu

"How dare you!" The nasty Mrs. Liu was not afraid at all. She loosened the dog chain and shouted, "Bite him to death!"

"Woof, woof, woof..." Her dog barked.

The huge wolf dog, which was free from chains, was so fierce that it barked and rushed at Clinton.

Everyone was frightened when they saw this. Some even closed their eyes and did not dare to see this bloody scene.


Clinton was not afraid at all, and the aura of the Divine Lord suddenly manifested from him. The fierce wolf dog was so scared that it wailed and trembled all over. Then it turned around and ran away madly.

The imposing temperament of the Divine Lord was not something that the wolf dog could bear. It turned around and knocked the woman of the Liu family to the ground.

The dog chain happened to wrap around Mrs. Liu's ankle. No matter how the woman screamed, the wolf dog would not stop.

The wolf dog was urinating and defecating as it ran, and Mrs. Liu had to face all her dog's droppings. After being dragged on the road for a long time, the dog chain on the woman's feet was loosened.

Her face and body were full of feces and blood, which was totally different from her appearance earlier.

"God d*mn it..." The nasty woman was so mad that she cried and threw a tantrum, while she rolled on the ground, this made everyone laugh.

"Oh, what are you doing?" Mr. Liu, who was next door, heard the noise and rushed over. When he saw this scene, he was angry and distressed.

He glanced at Clinton in the distance and was burning with anger. However, he did not want to argue with a poor man like Clinton.

He quickly pulled his wife up and said, "Why did you provoke this little b*stard? Get up quickly, don't make a fool of yourself here!"

"Grant Liu! You are such a coward. He bullied your wife like this. Why don't you chop him up? Why are you angry with me?" The wife scolded angrily.

Hearing that, Mr. Liu turned to look at Clinton and saw Clinton's murderous look. He was scared out of his wits. He, who had always been timid, did not dare to compete with Clinton.

"Let's talk about it later. Let's go home!" Mr. Liu pulled his wife away and went home.

From a distance, they could still hear the cursing of the woman from Mrs. Liu.

Seeing this matter was over, everyone felt surprised. That fierce dog was still afraid of Clinton. Was Clinton a celestial being?

"It's time to learn some real skills. Otherwise, everyone would be able to bully me. How can I still have a foothold in this society?" He told himself.

Clinton ignored the strange look of his neighbors and shook his head. Then, he went back to his house and sat cross-legged, practicing the Qi-refining power of the Divine Lord.