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I love you to the moon...

I love you to the moon...



She couldn't believe her luck or maybe the twist in her destiny would make her become the strong women she has become.Next to her beloved well known musician ,Lady J has become one of the greatest women of her generation."-Do you love me?-To the moon and back"she answered him on the bench in their beutiful rose garden...
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  This was a good day for Jen.

  She got of the bed full of enthusiasm .

  It was the day of the concert and her heart beat fast.. so nervous, like a young girl. There were nearly two hours before the concert.

  Wearing a subtle make up and a beautiful laced dress, she felt young and energetic again.

  "Today I will not think of bad things,today I will just enjoy the good music and feel happy again" she thought while holding the concert ticket in her hands.


  The concert hall was full.The people were noisy and excited while waiting for the concert to start.

  Jen waited for so long to watch her favourite musician playing live.She and another 5000 people in the hall.But for her he was different.He was not only the greatest musician of the moment, it was much more than this.His music saved her life and she has got to find the chance to tell him that.Her friends thought of her being just a fan.Oh...little did they know ...

  The lights went off in the hall and the stage light up when Christian arrived with his band members ,the public started to screem and applaud with enthusiasm.He was shining ...he was really shining... like a star....

  Taking a bow and saying a few words in the opening, he started to play.His music was a mixed of classic, pop and rock..with a bit of jazz..so soft,so touching..so beautiful...so strong..when he was playing he was sorrounded by a divine aura wich made him so attractive that you couldn't take your eyes off him.Jen's eyes were shining full of emotions.It was the most beautiful music she ever heard.Jen's thoughts started wandering...

  Christian Langford, the fabulous violonist well known worlwide for his crossover music. Although the media was launching some not so good news about his recent personal life,Jen could not believe anything at all ,.. "how can a person who plays the violin so divine, with those delicate fingers ...no way,he can be nothing but gentle.."

  He was flirting with the public, so natural....he smiled and then choose a girl from the public to accompany him on the stage for the next song.

  The public applauded loud and there were fans screaming with joy and exaltation.Just as he walked next to the first row with the little girl holding his hand, where Jen was seated,he looked at her and gave her a big smile. Her blue eyes were shining more and more and she was starring at him and couldn't make a single move, feeling mesmerized.... He was relaxed and smiling all the time and started to play the violin with a tremendous elegance. From time to time he looked in the direction where Jen was.

  His fingers were moving fast and elegant on the violin cords and as the music was playing she couldn't help but starring.He was so handsome.His posture was elegant wearing a white shirt and black jeans, his blonde hair falling over his wide shoulders ... he looked ravishing.

  His talent was natural .Jen felt so much emotion in her heart that her eyes were teary ..."Such a dream night..." .

  After nearly 2 hours ,Christian ended his concert and was giving a session of autographs in the hallway. He was looking in the crowd ,smiling genlty and thanking fans..taking pictures with some and shaking hands with others...and from time to time his eyes were wandering through the hall looking for something..

  Jen remained for a few minutes on her seat,although the show was over and everyone left for autographs.She was starring at the stage and could only see him looking deep into her eyes. When she was about to leave, she saw a shining on the stage.It seemed like a bracelet,it was Christian 's bracelet.

  She walked up the stage and took the shining jewelry on her hands and touched gently the piano in the corner .. She couldn't help it..and there was no one here... She sat on the chair and lightly touched the piano keys.

  Closing her eyes she lost herself in a beautiful song... Her fingers are flowing on the piano keys.... Softly at first, then crescendo, the music she plays is a beautiful expression of her emotions... with closing eyes, a few tears falling over her cheeks, she keeps playing and playing and she looses herself in the beautiful music that surrounds her. . There is nothing else there:no worries, no pain, no peoples, no problems.. nothing..just her and the music.One woman with a beautiful long dress next to a white piano...her beautiful long dark hair is falling in waves over her shoulders, complementing her small, but delicate figure.

  She doesn't know for how long she played. Finally she got up and when she was about to leave a round of applauds startet from the back of the stage. A tall silhouette appeared in front of her and she froze.

  "That was very beautiful!" said Christian while applauding and aprouching to her.

  -Oh, l thought I was alone..Jen whispered emotional.

  -Hi, I'm Christian. And you are?

  ".. inlove and mesmerized by you.." is the thought that passes trough her mind... She smiles and looks deep into his hazel eyes:"I'm.. I'm.. your fan" ..mumbled Jen. "Stupid Jen, focus, dammit !"

  -I'm Jennifer!

  -First row, right? How did you enjoyed my show?

  "He noticed" thought Jen with emotion

  -So Beautiful... the music I mean, it's very beautiful!

  -The piece you just played.?I like it. Nice played.. pop and soul elements. Quite good! "

  -Thank you! I just improvised a little...

  -What is this song about?

  - Chances.


  -Yes, chances.... chances to achieve a dream.. chances to overcome difficulties and be able to find tranquility. ..chances to make someone happy or chances to be happy... It's all about chances and how you can make good use of them." she explained with much confidence.

  He's looking at her from head to toe and studies her expression with great interest.

  " I'm not a professional musician, but I love music...she finally said.

  -Play a duet with me! What do you think? said Christian with joy and interest. He likes her shyness on one hand, and confidence on another" "She's quite intriguing, I must say" thought for himself and took the violin.


  They started playing together for a while. It was quite entertaining and they laugh and felt good about making music togheter.

  - Have a drink with me tonight?

  -Yes..." You won't believe what just happened, Dee, Christian Langford invited me to drink with him, and he really liked my music . This is a dream I don't ever want to wake up", explained Jen to her friend Andreea at the phone ,while refresing in the bar's bathroom.


  They drank and chatted for a long time and Jen felt dizzy and a bit sleepy.

  While trying to get up she lost control and landed in his arms. They were both looking at each other , starring one in another's eyes. The wine, the music, the lights... the air... everything was like a dream.At this time of the year, Paris is blooming with pink coloured trees. It was may and she couldn't receive a better present for her birthday than meeting him. Jen was usually retained and shy, but tonight she became bold and confident. She looked deep into his eyes and smiled:-I like you, Christian Langford! He gave her a big smile.

  He caressed her cheek with gentle fingers and touched her lips with soft kisses.


  "Please put your seatbelt, madam" the flight attendant asked me. I am holding his bracelet in my hands and closing my eyes I revive every moment of last night. It must've been a dream... "i will cherish our moments together. My song which you liked, make it yours and play it on your concerts. Signed J."

  The morning sunlight invaded the entire hotel room. He was holding the music sheets on one hand and her note on the other hand.

  The shirt he wear last night was hanged on the closet door. He touched the buttons and smiled:" she even sewed the buttons!"while reviving the moments they had a night before. Another note from Jen captured his attention :" Let me borrow your jacket, I'll make sure to return it. "

  " Christian, are you awake? We have to go to the airport", Christan 's manager and good friend Frank spoke from the door.

  -Ya, I' m awake alright!

  -Have you found your bracelet last night?

  -Nope, but I found something else, and saying that he handed the music sheets to Frank.

  Frank studied attentive :Did you wright this? It's quite good!

  -It is a gift!

  -Well, fans are allways surprising.

  -This one was special.

  -After your look I tend to think she's indeed very special, said Frank with a smiling face. Let's go!