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Wandering in the City

Wandering in the City


"Isn't it just a way out? How are you going to make it to the other side?" Yang Zu'an, who was at the top of the list, was at the top of the list. He was at the top of the list and was at the top of the list. He was at the top of the list and was at the top of the list. However, he was at the top of the list. He was at the top of the list and was at the top of the list. He was not even at the top of the list. He was at the top of the list. He was at the top of the list. He was at the top of the list. He was at the top of the list. The middle-aged man, together with the middle-aged man, was waiting for her to come out. Emperor Ming's strength was at the top of the list, and he would have missed out on all the other things. He was the one who told her about the past. When he was about to reach the final stage, he was told that he was going to die and that he was going to die. In the past, the disciples had heard a lot about Su Mo. When they saw him, they all knew that no one knew how to deal with him. They all knew that no one knew how to deal with him. They all knew that no one knew how to deal with him. They all knew how to deal with him. They all knew how to deal with him. They all knew how to deal with him. They all knew how to deal with him. They all knew how to deal with him. They all knew that he could not understand.
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  On the cloud-shrouded mountain, there was an old wooden house.

  In the wooden house sat an old man, who was pounding on Erlang's legs and smoking dry smoke.

  The young man named Yang Tian, who flew through the clouds, came from the foot of the mountain and slowed down at the door of the wooden house.

  He walked in with a bag in his hand and threw it in front of the old man.


  The old man glanced at Yang Tian grumpily. "Boy, you're getting more and more unruly."

  As he spoke, the old man opened the package and opened the wooden box—there was a bloody head in it!

  The old man looked at the ferocious and bloody head, but he just curled his lip. "What about that thing?"

  "Send her away," Yang Tian said in a light tone.

  Three black lines appeared on the old man's head. He couldn't help but curse, "You wastrel, do you know how much that Heart of the Ocean is?"

  "I have no choice... I happened to meet a fellow witch who also wanted to kill Fei Luo." Yang Tian shrugged his shoulders. "I've taken the head away from her. In order to avoid the conflict and knock her out, I have to compensate her, right? So... I'll put the little stone in her arms."

  "A peer?" The old man curled his lips. "Is she a female peer? If I'm not mistaken, she's a beauty?"

  "Hey, how do you know?" Yang Tian asked.

  "I still don't understand you? You just leave when you see a beautiful woman. If you don't flirt with her, you will die." The old man complained indignantly. Then he sighed deeply and said, "Well, I don't expect you to take it back."

  The old man stood up, walked to the side, opened a cabinet, took out a stack of paper stuff, and put it in front of Yang Tian. "Take a rest for a night, and prepare to go down the mountain tomorrow."

  Yang Tian was stunned. "Hey! Old man, don't you want to play like this? I just came back, didn't I? And we have said that after finishing this task, let me rest for two years and eat and drink in vain on the mountain. You don't want to be so shameless!"

  The old man smiled slyly. "I said that I wanted you to rest, but I didn't say that I let you stay on the mountain to eat and wait for you to die. You are the only male descendant in our family. If you don't go down the mountain to open up a branch, how can you strengthen the mountain gate?"

  "Power up the mountain gate? What the hell?" Yang Tian was a little confused.

  The old man smiled and pointed to the stack of paper. "Look at it."

  Yang Tian looked down and was stunned.

  "Wedding letter."

  The two big characters were so dazzling!

  Yang Tian opened it with his eyes wide-open—

  "It's really a fu*king marriage letter."

  And the man was Yang Tian, but the woman was a name that he didn't know...

  "Hey, wait a minute. Why is there something else under this wedding letter?"

  A few seconds later, Yang Tian was stunned again.

  There were three wedding letters.

  The names of the women were different, but the men were all Yang Tian!

  "There are a few old men in Chenghai City who have been saved by my medical skills. In return, I asked each of them for a marriage letter. They promised that as long as you agree, their granddaughter would be at your disposal!" The old man said triumphantly.

  "Sh*t, what era is it? Are you still going to hold a wedding? I refuse!" Yang Tian shook his head firmly.

  "Who knows what kind of person this old man has arranged for me?"

  If there were a few Dinosaur or a tigress, wouldn't I, the No.1 marshal of Beijiang, be raped?

  The old man narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, "It's not impossible for you to refuse, but I have to remind you that their family is rich and rich. As long as you marry any one of them, you can enjoy all the glory and wealth."

  Yang Tian curled his lip and said, "D scenes of glory and wealth? Well, I don't care."

  The old man raised his eyebrows and said, "Oh, you're so arrogant. What if I tell you that the first miss of these three families is a startling beauty?"

  "Hum, she's just a beauty. Do you think I've never seen her before? I don't care about her!" Yang Tian curled his lip again, looking indifferent, but he gently rubbed his hand on the wedding book.

  The old man smiled even more and said, "If I tell you one more time, as long as you marry one of them, I won't assign you any tasks anymore. You can be completely free. So what?"

  "Is that true?" Yang Tian raised his eyebrows.

  "Of course," the old man said with a smile, stroking his beard.


  Yang Tian immediately pounded the table and cracked it. He laughed out loud.

  "Ah! My generous table made of elm!" The old man roared.


  In the early morning of the next day, Yang Tian went down the mountain.

  The mountain was very high, and it took time to go down the mountain. When he came to the national highway at the foot of the mountain, the sun was already in the middle of the mountain.

  It was midsummer. It was not hot on the Mount Yunxian because of the high altitude, but the temperature at the foot of the mountain was not ordinary. There were 30 or 40 degrees of temperature. In addition, the sun was shining in the sky, ordinary people would sweat in a few steps.

  However, Yang Tian was not an ordinary person.

  He took a brisk step without a single drop of sweat.

  For example, this kind of remote road around the mountain, in many cases, in order to save money, it was a one-way road.

  As he walked, Yang Tian heard a vuvuzela coming from behind him.

  Looking back, it was a Bentley.

  As the car window slowly opened, a young man stretched out his head and glanced at Yang Tian impatiently, "You little boy, are you swaggering in the middle of the road? Are you looking for trouble?"

  Yang Tian didn't mind this bad attitude at all. He smiled and asked, "Are you going to the Sky-sea City?"

  "So what? Get out of my way, we're in a hurry!" Master Ku said disdainfully.

  Yang Tian raised his hand and said, "Of course it's related. I want to take a lift!"

  Three black lines suddenly appeared on the young master's head.

  He looked at Yang Tian's cheap land stall which was no more than a hundred dollars, and the contempt and disdain in his eyes instantly became stronger.

  "In your dreams! You bumpkin will only dirty my car! I warn you, if you don't get out of my way, I will rush over!"

  At this time, a crisp and cold female voice came from behind the man.

  "Forget it. Let him get in the car."

  "But," Master Kuo was stunned, and he was not very willing to do so.

  "There's no time!" The woman said.

  The young master hesitated for a few seconds, and finally sighed helplessly. He glared at Yang Tian again and said coldly, "Get in the car."

  Yang Tian immediately walked to the back seat of the car with a smile, opened the door, and got in the car.

  As soon as he got on the car, a delicate scent of a young girl came over.

  Yang Tian looked at the woman on the other side of the back seat and suddenly his eyes lit up.

  What a beautiful girl.

  Her eyes were bright and her teeth were white. Her brows were slim and she had fine brows and slender waist.

  Her white and tender face was pink, and her facial features were delicate as if they were a work of art carefully carved by God. The three thousand black hair was like a waterfall, which was soft and moving.

  A knight's chiffon princess dress perfectly wrapped around the girl's slender body, coupled with her noble temperament that seemed to be born by nature, even if he said that she was a real princess, he would definitely believe her!

  Yang Tian looked at her seriously for a few seconds, and then he looked away.

  He liked beautiful women, but after all, he was a man who had seen much of the world. He would not drool when he saw a beautiful woman like Zhu Bajie.

  On the contrary, the girl was a little surprised by his quick response.

  Having such a face, she had long been accustomed to the eyes of the opposite sex.

  Even if she deliberately pretended to be indifferent, she could easily see the desire hidden in their eyes, such as Xu Ming, the young master who was driving at the moment.

  But this guy in front of him was different.

  "Did you come down from the mountain?" The girl asked. It was rare for her to see such a person take the initiative to say that.

  "Yes, it's much cooler on the mountain than at the foot of the mountain." Yang Tian said.

  "What are you going to do in Tianzong City? Do you want to work?" The girl looked at Yang Tian, who was dressed like a migrant worker, and said.

  Yang Tian shook his head. "I'm going to find my fiancée."

  Hearing this, both the girl and Xu Ming in front of them were shocked.

  "You... have a fiancée?" the girl asked.

  "Of course, and there are more than one," Yang Tian said.

  Hearing this, the girl's expression was a little weird, and Xu Ming's face was full of disdain and irony.

  "Just you? You're so funny. You're daydreaming!" Xu Ming couldn't help mocking.

  "I'm not dreaming. Oh, by the way, you seem to be very rich. Maybe you know them." Yang Tian thought for a moment and said, "My three fiancee are Ding Ling, Han Yuxuan, and Luo Yue respectively."

  Xu Ming: "..." Xu Ming: "..." Xu Ming: "..." Xu Ming:

  The girl, "..."

  The expressions of these two people suddenly became quite strange.

  Xu Ming looked at Yang Tian through the rearview mirror, as if he was looking at a psycho.

  "How dare you, a poor migrant worker, say that they are your fiancee? You really made me laugh so hard. Not only did you dirty my car, but you also lowered my IQ," Xu Ming said disdainfully.

  Although the girl did not speak, it was obvious that she did not believe it at all. However, when she heard Han Yuxuan's name, there was a slight ripple in her eyes.

  Yang Tian was very helpless. "What kind of world is this? Is it true that no one believes it?"

  But seeing them like this, they should really know their fiancée.

  So Yang Tian reached into his arms, ready to take out the three wedding letters to prove his identity...