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The Romance of Talented Doctor

The Romance of Talented Doctor


I hugged the female president's fiancee, but my best friend fell in love with me again. I thought that I went to the community hospital in a low profile, but the nurse's eyes were full of love! I used to be a Soldier King, a highly-skilled doctor, a part-time cultivation part-time job. All the way I went to the city, and all the way I became a beauty. My luck is endless. I am too tired to be a handsome man!
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  "Old man, please give me another checkup. I think I have an incurable disease."

  "There's no need for a check-up, brat. You're not sick at all. Don't worry. You're just cut into two legs by glass. It's not a big deal."

  "Really? But I still feel dizzy and dizzy. There will always be someone who will say something strange next to my ears."

  Recently, Yang Yunfan was really depressed.

  Since he stepped on a broken glass bead next to the old King of Medicine temple on the mountain, he began to be unlucky. In the evening, he always heard some strange words from an old man. This situation lasted for a whole week, and he felt that he was going crazy. He could only ask for help from this magical master.

  "There's nothing but! I'm sure you're fine! You brat, did you make an excuse not to go back to Xi'an on purpose? I'm telling you, when your father entrusted you to me and asked me to teach you martial arts and teach you medical skills, I did all of them. As for you... go back to your Yang family quickly. Your beautiful fiancee is waiting for you at home."

  What beautiful fiancee? Didn't you just want to wait for me to leave, and then I'll be able to watch the movie without being disturbed?

  Yang Yunfan couldn't help but complain in his heart.

  But Yang Yunfan would never say that.

  Yang Yunfan knew very well that the old man in front of him was unknown to others. He didn't know who the old man was. He was highly skilled in martial arts and had a magical medical skill. If it weren't for the fact that his dead father and son were sworn brothers, he wouldn't care about his own life and death. He would have been beaten to death in the Yang family.

  At this time, the old man ate the roast chicken that Yang Yunfan had just bought with one hand, and touched Yang Yunfan's pulse with the other hand. Before long, he announced that Yang Yunfan was not sick and asked him to go back to his hometown in Zhong Hai City if he had nothing to do.

  "Old man, no matter what, I have to thank you for teaching me so many things. By the way, what do you think of this roast chicken?" Yang Yunfan suddenly changed his tone and tried to please him.

  "The taste of roast chicken is awesome. It's not bad. It's not bad..."

  Speaking of this, the old man suddenly felt that something was wrong.

  "Oh, you brat, how dare you poison me!" After saying that, the old man picked up his pants, twisted his ass, and quickly rushed to the toilet.

  Watching the old man rush out of the door, Yang Yunfan couldn't help laughing. "God, I've finally succeeded once..."

  This time, Yang Yunfan had put more than 80 poisons in the old man's food. Every time, the old man would see through it and then beat himself up. He didn't expect that he would finally succeed today.

  While the old man was slapping his stomach in the bathroom, he shouted loudly, "Yang Yunfan, you brat, wait for me..."

  "I'll wait? I'm not stupid!"

  Hearing this, Yang Yunfan did not dare to wait. He hurriedly tidied up his clothes, ran down the mountain, and said, "Master, our master-disciple relationship is over. I found that I was not fated yet, so I went down the mountain first..."

  After Yang Yunfan left, the old man walked out of the toilet as if nothing had happened. He chuckled.

  "If I hadn't been tricked on purpose, you brat, how could you go down the mountain so quickly?"


  A line of silver-white bullet train traveled quickly on the railway, passing through a piece of green plain, like a silver eel swimming in the quiet sea.

  "The train tickets are also raised. A second-class hard seat costs 300 yuan!" Although the tickets were expensive, Yang Yunfan didn't complain too much, because he was lucky this time. Beside him sat a beautiful woman.

  There was no other way. Men were all visual animals, and Yang Yunfan was no exception.

  While Yang Yunfan was drinking water, he stole a glance at the beauty on the right. Yang Yunfan's heart was itchy because of the fragrance floating from the beauty's body from time to time.

  The beauty looked like she was in her twenties. She was about the same age as Yang Yunfan. She was probably a female student.

  Her long hair was slightly curly and her face was exquisite. She looked a little bit like the stars on TV, tall and round. She wore a light blue silk dress, and the exposed arm skin was smooth like a ceramic. As soon as she lowered her head, her long hair jumped like a silk, revealing the characteristics of the Jiangnan women's elegance and elegance.

  Such a delicate girl, not to mention in the mountain ditch of Yang's Village, even in the large city on the southeast coast, was a goddess of hundreds of thousands of miles.

  What impressed Yang Yunfan the most was the beauty's eyes, which were hazy and seemed to be covered with a layer of mist and rain. They were full of spiritual energy. Looking around, they were like pear blossoms with dew. They were fresh, beautiful, and somewhat delicate.


  However, at this time, the beautiful woman suddenly frowned slightly and knitted her eyebrows into a word "Chuan".

  This time, Yang Yunfan was shocked. This beauty's original appearance was very good, and it could be said that she was rich and noble. However, this frown made Yang Yunfan realize that her face looked like that of a white tiger coming out of the cage.

  What he meant was that she was going to suffer a bloody disaster today.

  "Beauty, I think there will be a bloody disaster today. You have to pay more attention to it!" Yang Yunfan held it in for a while, but he still felt that he wanted to tell her everything.

  Unexpectedly, as soon as she said this, the beauty's face turned red. She turned around and glared at Yang Yunfan fiercely. Then she spat and said, "Rogue!"

  Her voice was very clear and sweet. Even if she was cursing, she felt comfortable when she heard it.


  What did he mean? What kind of hooligan am I?

  Yang Yunfan was speechless. He reminded her kindly, but why did she scold him?

  It was no wonder that the old saying "I would rather offend a gentleman than a villain". If the villain was still a woman, then he should hide as far as possible.

  "I can't afford to offend him!"

  "Forget it! Since you don't care about my kindness! I don't care about this kind of idle business!" Yang Yunfan was not a good person, so he went to bed directly.

  However, when he just closed his eyes for a while, he suddenly heard someone cry out sadly.

  Yang Yunfan looked in the direction of the sound and saw that the beautiful woman suddenly stumbled toward the bathroom. The moment she got up, Yang Yunfan seemed to see a trace of blood flowing out of her skirt along the inner side of her thigh.

  This, this, this...

  Seeing this scene, Yang Yunfan understood.

  "Damn it. No wonder she called me a rogue! It turns out that today is her period!" Yang Yunfan suddenly felt very embarrassed. It seemed that he had been granted the title of rogue. On the way, he probably had no chance to explain it clearly.

  About ten minutes later, the beauty returned to her seat with sweat all over her head. In order to avoid embarrassment, Yang Yunfan closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

  However, from time to time, he heard a low humming voice from the side. It was a soft and soft voice from Jiangnan City.

  It really made people's imagination run wild.

  "Ah! Who's catching me!"

  At this moment, Yang Yunfan suddenly felt that his arm was caught by someone.

  He opened his eyes and only saw the beautiful woman next to him holding his hand with a pale face. Her forehead was covered with sweat. The sweat mixed with her perfume, emitting a refreshing body fragrance, which made Yang Yunfan understand what was dripping with sweat.

  She looked at Yang Yunfan with a pitiful look and said, "Little brother, I, I'm so uncomfortable. Please help me..."