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The Unwilling bride

The Unwilling bride

Author:Kizzy Cara


Forced to marry fiancee of her sisters who ran away with someone on her day of marriage Naila encounters a a man supposedly her husbandand his familyfull of consideration understanding helpful generous agrees that the moment she finds her boyfriend who has disappeared mysteriously will leave her.It is only when her sister as well as as her boyfriend return she had to decide will she leave he husband and go with her boyfriend or....
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  She was no beauty.

  Compared to her sister Alea a natural beauty thick black wavy hair cut short to enhance her face consisting of lovely shaply lips when a sudden shade of lipstick applied caught attention then the big round eyes a touch of Kohl artfully applied told another story a pert nose she was talltall her body filled all the right places , knew how to dress what to talk when to. remain silent mostly she listened.

  ong thick lashes covered her clear round big eyes a pert nose standing guard on lovley pink lips one could go to a beautician to have, with fashionably cut short black hair coming to her shoulders in natural waves . Although of wheatish complexion ,Alea was everyone wanted to look at. Alea being raised by her maternal spinster aunt till the time the aunt got married was known by everyone in the family.They even knew her follies her laziness her tantrums was yet loved by them as she was their own ,raised by them .

  Where as when ever she came there was something she did that made her family laugh. She was tall gaunt and clumsy . She spilled tea if carrying tray burned food if learning to cook broke utensils and to top it off she has short eyelashes if erroneously liner was applied to her eyes they seemed to be like buttons and then the color ,why couldn't it be black a big nose and lips although healthy pink lower lip was protruding then there was the pointed chin . Her worst fault was she loved to talk whether someone wanted to listen or not she had lots and lots of stories to tell so when someone called her mother tried to send her away she sat beside her mother and heard things like. Oh my is this your younger daughter who does she resemble. My father she would cut in and her mother would say honey would you go and check what your sister is doing. That was 1 of the irritating thing she hated most.As Alea would be standing beside the mirror looking this way and that of she was looking. Often she found Alea busy with her mother's cosmetics

  Aalia learned to make her self up while growing with her cousins so her looked at her fondly and when she tried applying lipstick either it was broken or worst she forgot where she placed it at use. A gone case she was but her father loved her pampered her cherished her like a doll and she went on living her fantasy life of being a son instead of daughter to her parents. Things would have continued in the same manner if a baby brother hadn't arrived .

  Her mother tried to instill some manners in her saying look at your sister ,learn from your sister , this she couldn't do as she was too engrossed in getting good grades then she loved acting as her parents son this trait her parents ignored ,if it was up to her she might have worn pants and t shirt but as far as dressing was concerned her parents were very strict but try as anybody she laughed loudly talked loudly so irritatingly her mother called her a Tom tomboy and that she was, always ready to jump whenever her mother needed her , helped her mother do whatever she wanted.

  Yet it seemed like her mother was fascinated by her elder sister her fashion her style her aesthetic sense and so were the people . Even her friends were in awe of Aalia all the handsome guys proposed her . No one noticed her so she stopped noticing them getting more and more engrossed in her studies.

  It was one of the boring party her mother sent her too with Aalia so that she could learn to socialize. Socialize bah even a kid knew she was sent as chaperone to a late night party Alia was adamant on going. As usual she sat on one side and watched the halla balls by now she was so common a site sitting in a corner waiting watching for her sister that when she felt someone wink at her she didn't notice .