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My CEO Boss

My CEO Boss



Everyone's dream is to land a job in Glowstar, the top company in the financial industry, but not all are able to live that dream. Will Rachel be able to land a role there and fight through the competition? Will her chances be affected just because she is not a graduate from an elite school? How would she be able to shine and attract the admiration of the monster CEO to deem her suitable for the role? How far will she go to love her dream?
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Looking up at the twin tower, Rachel Winter nervously looked at her watch and there's fifteen more minutes to Two PM. It's almost time to her final interview with the CEO! She quickened her pace to the south tower's receptionist to register for entry.

"Hi, I am here to attend an interview with CEO Scott Lee from Glowstar." Rachel Winter handed over her ID card for registration.

Glowstar is currently the top company in the country's financial industry. Every employee of Glowstar are considered elites who are either with strong backers or intelligent scholars.

The receptionist, Jane, squinted her eyes and sized Rachel Winter up. Shortly after, she gestured Rachel Winter to the gate and professionally said,

"Miss Rachel Winter, please proceed to Lobby Three, Elevator B."

"Thank you, Jane!" Rachel Winter was wearing a black dress, slightly covering her knee and a soft blazer giving off a feminine style. Her 3 inch heels clicked against the marble tiles as she stride to Lobby Three and the gantry slide open automatically. She walked pass Elevator A to head to Elevator B and the lift opened.

"Wow, even the lift is automated!", Rachel Winter thought.

Rachel Winter looked back at Jane, the Receptionist, to give a smile and nod as a thank you for letting her pass through.

There were no buttons on the lift so one could not tell how many levels are there in the building. There's only an alarm bell, close and open button. The lift went straight up to Level 35 and stopped. Rachel Winter stepped out of the lift and immediately met with another receptionist who was standing by the door to receive her.

"Hi Miss Rachel Winter, I am Wendy. CEO Scott Lee will be out shortly. Please take a seat.

Thank you, Wendy." Rachel Winter could only smile warmly and be thankful politely.

There are two receptionists at the front desk. The view at the Reception is breathtaking. The full length glass panel overlooks the sea and one could see the beautiful horizon and coastal view.

Rachel Winter was immersed in her sweet dreams of strutting in through the office and enjoying the beautiful view everyday. One will be relieved of all stresses with such a view right? Rachel Winter was somewhat envious of the two receptionists.

Unknowingly, a man with slightly over 180cm, dressed in straight grey suit and polished leather shoes walked out of the board room with a band of executives following behind his heels. He stopped at the front desk and Wendy stood up with a professional smile and greeted;

"Good afternoon, CEO Scott Lee. Miss Rachel Winter is here for her interview."

Wendy turned around and saw Rachel Winter was back facing CEO Scott Lee as she seems to be un aware of his arrival.

"Alright team, please proceed to action on the deliverables and we will reconvene on friday for updates." CEO Scott Lee waved and the executives departed.

Rachel Winter heard the instructions and turned around to see CEO Scott Lee taking long lazy strides towards her. Her eyes brightened and lips curved up to smile sweetly and confidently at the man who was approaching.

CEO Scott Lee stopped in front of Rachel Winter, stretched out his hand and greeted with gentlemanliness,

"You must be Miss Rachel Winter. Please to meet you. This way please, follow me."