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The Poor Billionaire

The Poor Billionaire

Author:The Hidden shadows


Listening Misheal said this, Alex has decided to end this by any means. "Its enough Misheal, though I promised to never let you down in life, you do need to take care of what you say & do " - thought Alex. .....
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  " Fresher ? " asked a senior who just boarded the bus at downtown.

  " Yes, its my first day to the college. Name's Alex Tyson " Replied Alex.

  Observing him being nervous, the guy decided to put an effort to let him feel positive then, "I'am Chris, you dont need to be so nervous. Let your nature assist you like you're the boss."

  "Is it ?" asked Alex to himself.

  Anyway, it was good to hear some calming words from a senior to the first day of the college when he was being nervous for unseen upcoming.

  Entering the college, Alex was thinking of his past thoughts & ambitions which he used to have in his high school.

  "I'll now make a clear path to a better future from here", He promised to himself.


  "Its been 2 years in the College & we've not yet taken a step for our betterment & not even sure where the college & the courses are guiding us." - Sky sounded tensed.

  "Let go of college, & lets look ahead for creating our own ways up to what we want to do in the future." - Alex replied trying to calm down Sky.

  All the friends gathered at a place to discuss what they want as there last achievement in the life.

  Bridge said, " I want to be as powerfull as a person can be to do whatever i wish to do at my place . A high class respected position in the government can help me achieve that."

  " Its good but requires a lot of effort then", mentioned Sky.

  " Though, I've seen many person to achieve whatever they want with the money they have & the contacts they make." Sky continued, "I plan to be a rich person continuing my line of work & make a status so that I can move, buy & spend easily whenever i want."

  Listening to what others said, Misheal added , "I've thought about a lot but still I guess these are way more than where we are, I just expect an easy going life with a satisfactory source of income."

  Alex was silently listening to what they were saying. He glared at Misheal listening to what she said as it was different from what she used to say in her early friendship with Alex.

  "What are you planning then Alex ?" , Sky asked looking Alex.

  "Well, I'am not sure . " , Alex replied. " Though I had a lot of ambitions and goals for my future in my High School & higher classes, I had a different view towards the colleges too. But now after I've spent my two years here, I can clearly see it getting me a regular job hardly which is not even sure. My goal , I simply can think of is to make an identity, an example people take inspiration from." - He added.

  "Alex, you need to come to reality, there's no such target for person from your & our place.", Misheal bawled out.

  "Alex, though I count that your family is way better than us in the financial condition, that doesn't still give you the path to achieve what you are saying, these are the achievements targeted by a lot of money put at some right place." , Sky tried to explain.

  Alex came from a middle class family with a stable financial condition. On the other hand, Sky & other friends came from a family with limited of their expanses.

  "Its all about the efforts & the decisions we make", Alex doesn't bother to explain any further.