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My Italian lover

My Italian lover



Ameli woke up one morning about to get ready for school when she saw a long paragraph from her crush. "I am a transgender male. I had surgery to remove my breast and to have a penis. My old name used to be Destiny. I was scared to tell you this because I thought you might not talk to me anymore. I really care about you and I adore you. -Justin"
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  I was looking in the mirror getting ready for school. I look average today. I was feeling depressed but I always hide my feeling deep inside and put my best happy face on everyday. I had a very light and pale complexion. My long wavy light brown hair which fell to my hips was completely flat ironed straight. I zipped up my maron jacket almost all the way because I wasnt wearing a shirt underneath, and my breast were a little larger than most girls my age. I pulled up on my light skinny blue jeans that hugged my hips and ass so deliously. I put on my favorite pair of Van's and was pleased with the extra inch it gave me in my height. I was only 5'3


which is shorter than the rest of my classmates.

  I decided to only put on mascara, because I dont like wearing too much make up, even though I hated my freckles that fell along my cheek bones. I pushed up my glasses and walked to the living room to wait for my mom to come home. I was playing on my phone when i heard the car horn beep, making me jump and drop my phone on the floor. I grabbed my backpack and headed out the door.

  "Do you want breakfast?" My mom asked me with a huge smile on her face, knowing very well I would say yes. My mom and I look very similar, we almost always get mixed up. "Of course! I can call Eddie's. And order some breakfast tacos. Did you want anything?" I asked pulling my phone up dialing the number to Eddie's taqueria. "No sweetie I'm fine. Me and your dad are going out for lunch later when he gets off." I nodded to her reply and told the lady I wanted to make a to-go order for a potato and egg taco with a strip of bacon, and a large sweet tea.

  We pulled up to the restaurant and I got out and went inside and got my order. I didnt eat there because I was already running late to school, as always. So I grabbed my order and went back to the car. My mom and I sat in the car singing along to the new popular pop songs on the radio. We finally pulled up to the school when I got off grabbing my backpack and my food. "Bye sweetie, have a good day at school." My mom said. "Bye mom, love you." I told her hurriedly kissing her on the cheek and closing the door while rushing to class.

  I finally made it to class about 15 minutes late and I went straight to my seat next to my two best friends, Emily and Caroline. "Omg amelia, are you ever on time?" Emily mocked as she moved her legs so I can squeeze through to get to my desk. Emily was a the tallest out of all of us. She was about 5'6


She had a square body shape and very short red and black hair. Her hazelnut skin tone always looked a little dry, but her face was always so clear and smooth. She rarely got any pimples.

  "Hey! I'm not always late." I said as I tiptoed squeezing my hips through her chair and Caroline's desk. Once I made it through i put my backpack on the floor next to me and slumped into my seat.

  "I don't know why you always get sweet tea even though it makes you sick." Caroline stated as she grabbed my tea and took a few sips. I didnt mind. We have always been close ever since we met earlier that year. Caroline was somebody who I thought was always beautiful. She has a flawless white complexion, with blonde hair and brown highlights. She is about a few inches shorter than me and has a round body type. Even though she is overweight she was very pretty in my eyes.

  "I dont always get sick." I said while snatching my tea from her hands. Emily and Caroline both giggled at me as they knew I was lying. I huffed and pulled out my taco and added some salsa. I ate my taco and took notes as the teacher got up and started lecturing us on the important dates in US history. Once the bell rang amd class was dismissed. I got up, grabbed my backpack and threw my trash and walked with my friens to our next class.

  English class was the only class that we had together where we could basically do anything we wanted. We sat together talking, and laughing while doing our assignments. After that class ended we went our separate ways and went on with our day. Of course we would always text each other during our classes until lunch. After lunch we continued to text throughout the day, having diffrent types of conversations with each other.

  The only time I wasnt able to text them was during my choir class, or else I wanted my phone to be taken away and shoved in my director's bra. Luckily today, we were able to go into the band room and listen to a college choir perform as they came from another city. I turned to my friends and asked in a serious question as I knew they cared deeply for me.

  "What would yall do if I killed myself?" I asked. "CRY!" My friend Aubree said loudly. "Don't say things like that Emm." Another one if my friend said to me.

  "I was only joking. Calm down guys." I laughed playing it off as a joke. Deep down I was sad and didnt want them to worry. I love my friends and I hate seeing people suffer or hurt because of me. I got a message from Emily but decided to ignore it as the college choir started singing. A few moments later I got another message from Emily and decided to read it.

  [If you get a text from a random number dont reply. Its Caroline's cousin. He took our numbers and started messaging me.] I just rolled my eyes and just texted back a simple okay. Emily continued to text me and saying weird things about Caroline's cousin saying he is my type because I like white boys. I rolled my eyes at that text because I dont like white boys. I didn't have a preference on what a guy looked like.

  As the choir finished a few minutes before our dismissal bell, we all got up and grabbed our bags to go to the final class of the day. I took out my phone and saw yet another message from Emily.

  [He said you're cute. I think you should go after him.] She texted adding a winky face at the end of the message. The bell rang and I was off to my last class, Computer skills. I usually was able to text and walk at the same time and never bumped into anybody.