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The Life of Wang Daughters

The Life of Wang Daughters

Author:Lim Kian


When their parents passed away, all is lost within months. The Wang family is fallen from grace. This is the story of three sisters, a journey of coping with what they've lost and moving on in life. Isabelle the oldest daughter. Joanne the middle daughter. And Lynne the last daughter. Together always
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  The sobs can be heard as the casket is pushed inside the crematorium. Harold Wang death is so sudden, it left a shock to his wife and his three daughters. Harold Wang got a stroke and passed away immediately when he arrived at the hospitals. Harold is a healthy man so noone would think he would pass away this early, he's only 56 years old.

  Lynne, the youngest daughter is crying while hugging Anita, their mother that is now crying hysterically in front of the crematorium. Joanne, the second daughter is crying behind them. Isabelle, the oldest daughter stand tall, tears are flowing from her eyes but no sound can be heard from her.

  Anita then collapsed on the floor unable to hold her sorrow. The daughters quickly took their mother to the nearest bench.

  "Lynne, prepare some water," Isabelle quickly command her while holding their mother. Lynne quickly went to get the water. Joanne is fanning their mother. Anita regain her consciousness not long after and drink the water, but she's still weak.

  Isabelle then went out to get some butlers to help them bring Anita to the car and the guests are looking at them with sympathy. Isabelle told Joanne to come back first with their mother. She and Lynne will stay to thank the guests and take care of the rest.


  "How's mother?" Isabelle asked when they arrived home, they're exhausted.

  "She's resting, but she's still crying," Joanne sighed,"It's their room anyway."

  Isabelle smile and comforting Joanne's shoulder causing a drop of tear fall from her again. Lynne seeing her sister cry cannot help herself not to follow. Isabelle hold her tears back.

  "I will take my annual leave at my workplace to check on the company," Isabelle is working at an accounting firm. She didn't work at their family company to gain real experience. Joanne just finished her study and Lynne is on her first semester of college.

  "Do you need help?" Joanne asked.

  "It's fine, you take care of home instead."

  Joanne nod.


  -A month later-

  Isabelle sighed. She has been studying the company for a month. The first week she stay at the company she realized they're in a bad shape. No wonder their father got a stroke, he's stressed and didn't say anything instead. Within a month the client has declined, they have lost their clients trust because of their father's death. The company debts didn't help either. She need to hold a family meetings at home, they can't go on like this.

  "You mean we gonna lose the company?" Joanne is surprised. Isabelle has said that they're in a bad shape.

  "We need to declare bankruptcy and sold everything. If we do it later we won't be able to pay the debts and severance pay. The faster we do this the better," Isabelle explain.

  "I don't understand anything, so I will leave it to your decision," Anita just answer it indifferently. She's been recuperating well but her eyes is dead since her husband death.

  "I will trust in your decision," Lynne look at Isabelle. Isabelle look at Joanne.

  "Just do it if you think it's the best decision," Joanne smile but there's sadness in her eyes.

  So the Wang declare the bankruptcy of their company. They sold the assets and able to pay all debts and severance pay for the employees. Their father has been running the company from scratch for 20 years, so most of the employees are crying their heart out. The news of the bankruptcy also put the Wang family position outside of their social circle, they have fallen.

  Lynne Wang immediately realized her friends all this time was never her real friends. They immediately act cold and becoming strangers to her. It shocked her, they've been together since middle school and apparently their friendship is only of convenience because they came from the same prestigious family.

  Joanne Wang is the prettiest among the Wang daughters, she was courted here and there from males of other families. They are all taken a step back now that the Wang is not the same prestigious family like in the past. Joanne didn't have any friends, because mostly the females envy her because of her beauty. Joanne is one of the most popular girls in the social circle. The deceased Harold Wang has received marriage proposals since Joanne is 18 years old.

  And the opposite of Joanne, there's Isabelle Wang. She's famous for being the bookworm of the Wang family, she always wear glasses and boring clothes. She was engaged to a childhood friend but it was cancelled because her childhood friend is cheating on her two years ago. Isabelle as the oldest daughter is very clever to put herself in any situation, she was trained and has understanding about what must be done. But she always put some borders on other people, she will talk with them as necessarily as she can but never involved herself more than small talk.

  They still have some money left from the company so they decided to use it for their daily expenses now. They've also cut some of the servants, they fire the younger ones and keep the older ones because it will be easier for the younger servants to find another job. But managing a mansion is hard now that they've lost the company.

  Anita look at Isabelle disagreeingly.

  "Mom, we need to be realistic, let's sell the mansion and buy a smaller house."

  "This....this place is full of memories of our family..."

  "I know, Mom, but we didn't have any choice."

  Anita'a eyes is misty," I better die with your father if I have to lose this house."

  "Mom, don't say that," Joanne approach their mother to help Isabelle coaxing her. Anita tear drop.

  "We need to keep the money we need for our life. I'm working but my salary is not enough if I have to cover this mansion expenses. If it's small house or apartment, I can still manage to pay for it."

  Anita look at Isabelle helplessly,"Okay." Anita left to get the house sertificate, after a long time she went out panicking.

  "I can't find it." Anita's face is pale.

  Isabelle and Joanne look at each other confuse, they went upstairs to help their mother find the certificate to no avail.

  "I don't understand I always keep it here."

  Joanne look at the other cabinet. Isabelle open their family safe and found some papers. She read it and bit her lips.

  "It's in a bank...."

  Joanne and Anita look at Isabelle surprised.

  "Dad never tell us that the company has been struggling for this 2 years. So is this, he already mortgaged this house to the bank."

  "No.....that can't be....," Anita falls back in shock.

  "Mom, take a breath," Joanne is calming Anita.

  "Mom, calm down. I'll go today to the bank and ask about our condition."

  "I'll come with you," Anita speak weakly.

  "No, you stay here. I'll update the news later."


  "I'm really sorry Miss Wang, I don't think we can help you further."

  Their house is mortgaged last year and the remaining debt is 1 Billion. They have declared bankruptcy so they can't pay the monthly payment anymore.

  "How long will it be until the house is confiscated by the bank?"

  "It might be about 2-3 months for now," the banker look at her sympathetically. Isabelle just nod.

  "I will start packing up then." Isabelle stand, she decide she will just go home and break the news.

  "Miss Wang, I don't have the authority, but I heard your father has a good relationship with Elder Ye. Maybe you can ask him for help."

  The Ye Group is the king of the business world in this city. Their business is almost in all sectors, bank, commerce, restaurant, hotels, and it's all thanks to the cunning Elder Ye. And the bank that Isabelle went to, is part of the Ye Group.

  "They're the ones that's in a good relationship, not me. Besides, what would I asked him to do? Erase the debts? I was planning to sell the house in the first place. But...thank you for your suggestions."

  The banker nod,"Likewise, Miss Wang. I wish you good luck."


  "What's going on?" Lynne just got back from the college when she stumble upon her family sitting in the living room. Joanne is comforting Anita, both of them are crying. Isabelle face is gloomy.

  "We're gonna lose the house, Lynne."

  Isabelle sum up the condition to Lynne.

  "Should we sell our inheritance necklace? I think we can cover the debts."

  Their father give each of his daughter a customized diamond necklace worth a fortune. It was designed according to their image as an 18th birthday gift.

  "No," Isabelle sternly refuse,"It's useless, we're gonna sell the house, we're gonna lose both if we do that. Best way is just let the bank confiscated it and we rent a house with the remaining money we have."

  Lynne eyes is tearful.

  "It's gonna be okay," Isabelle hugged Lynne and bring her closer to their mother and Joanne,"We still got each other, we can do this together."

  The sobs immediately heard, the four women of Wang family cry their heart out with a new determination.