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The Ex-husband Wants To Marry Me

The Ex-husband Wants To Marry Me



Callie waited for the moment to return home, but it turns out that her husband had a different idea. I want to get a divorce! The loveless, non-sexual arranged marriage was coming to an end, but then why isn't he signing the papers?
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"I heard that you have graduated, so come back and sign the divorce papers."

Calliope received a divorce application from her husband the day she completed her studies abroad.

She knew that Robert lacked love and affection for her. She is not an idiot. However, she couldn't figure out why, as a playmate who grew up together, Robert didn't know how much she loved him.

"Maybe he knows, he just doesn't care," a small voice echoed in her mind, her heart aching. So disappointing, so hurtful! Her heart was bleeding.

"Calliope, I don't have much patience."

“I’ll be there as soon as I finish pack-” The line was mute. Calliope, best known as Cally by her friends, looked at the phone and chuckled. How rude, Mr. Turner! “...cking.”

She sighed and started to get her things ready. In those last three years, she had been married to Robert Turner, they never lived together or shared any feelings with one another.

Cally knew from the beginning that he wanted someone else, but due to personal issues - family, in fact - she and Robert ended up getting married. For Cally, this is a dream come true, but for Robert, it was a nightmare.

When Cally learned that she needed to marry Robert, she already knew the existence of another woman by Robert's side, and he even rebelled against the family's orders for Thea Murphy. Of course, it didn't work out in the end.

"This marriage is fake, do you understand? I don't even want to see you in front of me." This was the most sincere thing Robert said to her after learning the news of the engagement.

After getting married, Cally chose to go abroad to study art, at least she can't see Robert, so she won't be hurt again. Robert was delighted to see her go and obviously enjoyed his time with Thea Murphy.

After three years of studying abroad, Robert did not take the initiative to contact Cally once. He even pretended that they were never married, and in order to give Thea Murphy better company, he asked a friend to tell her not to return home until she finished her studies.

Maybe it's time to change their relationship.

“There we go!” Cally said to the empty apartment, looking at it one last time before departing back to Los Angeles.

Nobody was there to receive her at the airport. Well, she was not surprised at all, since she didn’t tell anybody and the only person aware of her arrival would most definitely not welcome her back.

She opened the door of their house with the key she still kept on her keychain and to her surprise, Robert was standing next to it, his arms crossed over his chest and, despite his cold expression, Cally couldn’t deny that he was devilishly handsome! His dark hair and icy blue eyes were a sight to sore eyes, along with all the rest of him. For a moment, she was dazzled by him, until he opened his voice and his annoyed voice sounded.

“Took you long enough.” His sharp eyes were almost perforating Cally, but she remained very calm, even though his behavior was like a sharp knife being carved in her heart.

“Ah, sorry, I forgot to tell the pilot to hurry up!” She was not in the mood, really. Not for him, anyway. She walked past him, ignoring his darkened stare when she retorted to him.

“Always bold, ain’t you? Anyway, I need you to sign the divorce papers as soon as they are ready.”

“Yes, Your Highness!” She replied and he stepped in front of her.

“I mean it, Calliope. Thea is unwell and I will fulfill her last wish!” His vehemence only made Cally’s heart pang even more. “I am marrying her, it is if you stop being a nuisance and divorce me once and for all!

They stared at each other for a moment, before Callie clicked her tongue as if she was bored as hell.

“Sure. I already agreed by phone, didn’t I? I am not one to go back on my word.” It was not because she wouldn’t get back on her word. If he told her he had changed his mind, she would gladly pretend their talk by the phone never existed. But she loved him and, just like with a bird, you cannot keep someone attached to your side by chains. Even if it hurt a hell lot.

“Good.” He was nodding and Cally started to go up the stairs. She didn’t want to be in his presence anymore. “Ah, there is one more thing:”

She sighed, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath before she turned around to look at him.

“Spill the beans.” Couldn’t he see that she was suffering? He was suffocating her with the divorce and his coldness.

“You need to go visit Thea. I don’t want her to feel guilty for our divorce. Her health is too poor at the moment and she can’t be stressed. She has to know you are ready to move on, willingly.” As much as those words hurt Cally, she didn’t let him see and held back her tears.

“Ok. Anything else?” Her lips were tightened in a thin line, but she refused to cry. He was a cruel man. Damn cruel!

He didn’t even bother to answer her, turning around and leaving the house. Once alone, Callie could let her heart be free to cry as much as it had to. Her love was poison. It was making her sick, because even when he said those hateful words, and looked at her with contempt, she could do nothing but comply with his every wish. His happiness was above all else. And that was the reason why the divorce was settled, as well as that damn encounter with Thea.

She sent a message to Judith, her best friend, to let the woman know of her arrival. Then, she dragged herself upstairs, entered her bedroom, and cried in her bed for the next two hours.

Her phone started to vibrate and she took it from her back pocket. Judith of course. Who else could be?

“Hi, Ju.” She answered the phone.

“Crap, you sound like crap. Baby, how are you?”

“As good as it can be. I’ll be a divorced woman pretty soon.”

“W-what? Why?” Judith didn’t like Robert, but she also knew how much Cally loved the bastard.

“He asked me to divorce him, so he can marry Thea.” The bitterness in Cally’s voice was almost touchable.

“I bet it was her idea! I bet all my money on this! What did she say to him this time?” Judith didn’t like Robert, but she hated Thea.

“He just told me she is very sick and that her last wish is to be married to him. And he, of course, could never let her die without fulfilling it.”

“Bitch!” Judith said, angrily.

"It's ok. I’ll get over it, eventually. I have lived three years away from him, and here I am, pretty much alive. I’ll be fine within time.” Cally was going to her bedroom again. She ate nothing, for there was nothing to eat. And drank only water. Robert was so inconsiderate that he couldn’t even provide food, knowing she was arriving.

“No, it is not okay! Cally, you hav-”

“Please, Ju!” Cally begged. “I just want to be at peace. No arguing. I’ll go get a nap now.”

They hung up the phone and Cally climbed in bed. She would ask for a delivery later, but at that moment, she felt so tired that the only thing she could think of was to sleep.

She didn’t know how long passed, but she woke up with a knock on her door.

"And who might that be?" She asked herself, still dizzy from sleep. But she had no choice but to get up and see who was knocking at the door.

"You?" She asked, startled and immediately awake.

Robert stood in the doorway, his hands in his pockets. His face was as cold as it had been when he approached Cally.