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Marriage Life Daily


Mo Chenming rescued Fan Yunxi from a nasty man, but left her trapped in a world of demons. Yes, he is the demon. Fan Yunxi had rejected Mo Chenming's love when they were children, and now, she had to beg for his love. Because only Mo Chenming could save her mother. Fan Yunxi became Mo Chenming's bed partner and his secret lover. She thought it was all his humiliation and revenge against her, but what she didn't know was that he had always loved her. Mo Chenming's future was all about Fan Yunxi and the only thing she needed to do was to say yes.
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"You'd better cooperate, or you'll suffer a lot!"

A well-dressed and enchanting woman stepped forward in high heels, patting Fan Yunxi's face gently. However, the former's action was very humiliating.

Meanwhile, Yunxi's eyes were burning with fire.

Yunxi gritted her teeth and chided, "Fan Qianqian, we are sisters. How can you treat me like this?"

"Well, since you're my biological sister, you should help me!" A sinister smile appeared on Fan Qianqian's innocent look. "You're a virgin, and you're beautiful, which are just in line with Mr. Liu's needs. Well, I wish you a beautiful night. I'll leave first."

Saying so, Qianqian carried her handbag and headed out of the room, kicking the door shut.

Yunxi gnashed her teeth.

Earlier, Qianqian told her that Mo Chenming was on this cruise, which was why Yunxi came. But, Yunxi didn't expect that this was a trap.

"Beauty, let's do something exciting!"

A paunchy man came over to Yunxi with a lewd look.

Quickly, Yunxi stepped back. However, she couldn't move much because both her hands and legs were tied. 

As the man was getting closer and closer, her face turned pale.

To her surprise, the man untied the rope on her legs.

Yunxi got free and turned to run away, but her collar was grabbed by the man from behind. Before she knew it, he flung her to the side, causing her to lie on a big bed.

"Go on and run. Let's see whether you can escape!"

The man laughed lasciviously, and his gaze was obscene. He took out a whip and lashed it hard on Yunxi's back.

As a result, her clothes were ripped apart from the back, which revealed her fair and smooth skin.

The man's gaze deepened. There was a strong desire in his eyes.

Slowly, the man reached out to Yunxi with his dirty hands.

Seeing that, Yunxi struggled to get up, but her hands were tied behind her back, so she could only kneel on the bed in humiliation.

The disgust in her stomach kept rising. Yunxi was trembling all over.

Feeling desperate, she only wished that she could kill herself by hitting the wall.

But when she thought of her mother who was in prison, she didn't dare to die easily.

If she died, what should her mother do?


Just then, the door of the room was suddenly kicked open.

A glimmer of hope emerged in Yunxi's eyes as she looked up at the door.

A man in a white-gray military uniform strode in, followed by two officers who guarded by the door.

As soon as they appeared, the temperature in the room suddenly dropped several degrees.

The man had a pair of cold, dark eyes. His gaze was icy and indifferent. His prominent nose and thin lips were like the perfect handicraft of God. However, his aura was too icy, which made people shudder.


Instantly, tears rolled down Yunxi's cheeks.

It turned out that Qianqian was not lying. Chenming was indeed on the cruise. Coming all the way here, Yunxi finally found him.

Chenming strode into the room with his gaze fell on the half-naked Yunxi on the bed—she was tied up with her clothes torn. Her fair skin was revealed.

Now, Chenming's aura became even colder. His gaze was as sharp as a blade being drawn out of its sheath. "Mr. Liu, how dare you play with my younger sister? Don't you know that I'm Mo Chenming?"

Mo Chenming?

He was a supreme general of a special force, who held great power and made people tremble with fear.

Upon realizing that, Liu Yongzhang, who seemed excited earlier, suddenly paled, and his legs began to tremble. He stumbled and knelt on the ground. "General... General, I didn't know that... This has nothing to do with me. It really has nothing to do with me. Your sister was sent by Fan Qianqian... You should settle with that woman..."

"Mr. Liu, I didn't expect that you like to play this kind of exciting game."

With his lips curled, Chenming studied the rope and whip beside the bed. The cold light in his eyes was as sharp as a knife.

"I'm sorry... General, I'm really sorry. Please don't kill me..."

Meanwhile, Chenming turned to look at Yunxi's trembling body.

Her shirt was torn to pieces, and it could barely cover her breasts. It was tempting to watch her half-concealing appearance.

Quickly, Chenming took off his coat and threw it on her body.

Getting his coat, Yunxi trembled, and her eyes were full of horror. The gray and white military uniform had a strong smell of Chenming's aura.

Her body was now enveloped in his warm scent. Sensing the familiar smell, she felt even more aggrieved. Her eyes were filled with mist.

On the other hand, Chenming's gaze became bloodthirsty again. He watched Yongzhang begging for mercy on the ground before lifting the latter's chin with his leather shoe. "Since you like exciting games, I'll play with you."

Saying that, Chenming used his foot to hurl the whip on the ground to his hand.

Yongzhang widened his eyes in horror. Before he could beg for mercy, the skin on his back was immediately torn open under the whip, and blood came out. The snow-white bed sheet was stained red.

At the same time, Yongzhang let out a scream, followed by the sound of another whip.

Chenming was the commander of the special force. Hence, under a few whips, the wretched Yongzhang was on the binge of dying.

"Take him down. Before he dies, find a few people with strong tastes to play with him."

When Yongzhang heard this, he fell even dead silent.

Chenming threw away the whip indifferently. The coldness and ruthlessness disappeared from his look. Now, he was again the man who was elegant and noble.

On the other hand, Yunxi was completely scared out of her wits.

She stared at Chenming in front of her in disbelief, as she could not connect him with the elegant figure in her memory.

How could this be Chenming? His whole body was exuding a dangerous aura.

Biting her lips, Yunxi soon found that she was still in a humiliating position. Hence, she turned to shoot Chenming, who was by the bedside, a look, asking for help.

Chenming gazed fixedly at her, to which Yunxi's face reddened, and she was short of breath.

Due to her slight movements, she felt a tearing pain from her whip wound. Yunxi could not help but moan in pain. "Chenming, it hurts..."

Chenming's eyes darkened. He bent down slightly and pinched her chin. "I'm surprised that my good-behaved sister likes to play such exciting things."

As a result, Yunxi's face turned white. Her lips trembled violently, whereas her torn wound was even more painful now.

Chenming was humiliating her...

With a direct, audacious gaze, Chenming studied her from above.

His breathing was almost audible. As his breath hit her face, she could feel her heart racing, and her pupils contracted sharply.