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My Sole Marriage

My Sole Marriage


In a deal, she was pregnant with a strange child and married a man who had a baby with her. She thought that this was a deal with different thoughts, but she was entangled with an unrequited affection in this marriage. It was not until he had a divorce agreement on the ground when he was about to deliver his baby in October that she finally realized what had happened. Later, he said that when his wife came back, I always loved you.
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  Hot air slowly surrounded him from his back, and his hot breath was soaked in his ears. "The first time?"

  A strange breath lingered in his ears, making him shiver, but he did not dare to make a sound.

  Lin Xinyan seemed to feel that the man paused for a moment, and then he said again, "It's time for you to regret now."

  She clenched her fists nervously and shook her head. "I don't regret..."

  She was 18 years old, just in her prime, but...

  "It hurts!"

  The tearing pain made her tremble in the man's arms.

  In order to keep the last bit of dignity, Lin Xinyan bit his lip without saying a word. In addition to the fear brought to her for the first time, there was also the man from this man. She could clearly feel his strong physique and amazing strength.

  It seemed that he would not be tired. He took every inch of her skin, and this night was painful and long...

  Finally, in the middle of the night, the man got up and went to the bathroom. Lin Xinyan dragged her tired body up, put on her clothes and went out of the room.

  Downstairs of the hotel stood a middle-aged woman who was introducing her business. When she saw Lin Xinyan coming out, she handed her a black bag and said, "This is your reward."

  Lin Xinyan took it without hesitation. Holding the money, she rushed out quickly and even ignored the pain in her lower body. She just wanted to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

  The sky was still bright, so the corridor was very quiet. There were two stretchers on the ground in front of the operating room, but they were not sent to the operating room because they didn't pay.

  Lin Xinyan looked at her with great pain and sobbed, "I have money, I have money. Please save my mother and brother..." She sobbed and handed the money to the doctor. The doctor took a look at it, asked the nurse to check the number, and then asked the medical staff to send the injured to the operating room.

  Without seeing them pushing her brother in, Lin Xinyan rushed up, grabbed the doctor, and pleaded, "And my brother, please save him..."

  The doctor sighed and said, "Sorry, your brother is dead..."

  "He can't be saved?!"

  Like a shocking thunderclap, Lin Xinyan was hit hard on the head by the stick, which made her eyes turn black...

  It hurt, and her chest seemed to be stirred by a knife. The pain convulsed and she sat on the ground. Eight years ago, when she was ten years old, her father cheated on her mother and abandoned her mother. He sent her mother, who was pregnant, to a foreign country that she was not familiar with.

  Later, her younger brother was born. When he was three years old, he found autism. His life was poor at first, but her younger brother's illness worsened. She and her mother worked for others everywhere and could live a good life. However, it was a car accident. She had no relatives, no money, and no kindness abroad, which made her feel that she was in a dilemma.

  She had no choice but to sell herself and failed to save her brother.

  There was a kind of pain. It was not hysterical. It just made people feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. It was hard to breathe. The sky was gray, but you must accept it with a smile because she had a mother.

  Mom needed her.

  After the treatment, her mother's body was getting better, but when she knew her brother's death, her whole person collapsed.

  It was Lin Xinyan. He hugged her and cried, "Mom, you still have me, and live well for me."

  One month in the hospital, Zhuang Li often sat at the bedside in a daze. Lin Xinyan knew that she missed her brother. If it weren't for her, her mother would have gone with her brother. Because she had to take care of her mother, she had been expelled from the school, but her mother's injury had recovered.

  She carried the food into the hospital and went to the door of the ward. When she raised her hand and was about to open the door, she heard the voice inside—

  She was familiar with the voice. Even if it had been eight years, she still remembered clearly how he forced her mother to divorce him.

  After sending them here, he took a look at them from the future, but what did he mean by suddenly appearing here today?

  "Zihan, when you and the duchess were sisters, you were betrothed to a baby. Theoretically, your baby should be your daughter's daughter's daughter's daughter..."

  "What do you mean by Lin National Security Bureau?" Regardless of his injuries and thin body, Zhuang Li struggled to hit him. Was he still a human?

  He had placed her and her daughter in this strange place where they were unfamiliar with each other. He had never cared about whether they were alive or dead. Did he want her daughter to get married today?

  "First Young Master of the Zong family, he is also the son of your good friend. He is good-looking. You know the family background of the Zong family. If you marry him, you will only enjoy happiness..." After saying this, he lowered his voice.

  The First Young Master of the Zong family was noble and handsome. However, a month ago, he was bitten by a poisonous snake when he went abroad for business. He was numb and could not move or speak.

  If she married him, she would be regarded as a widow.

  "I'll marry him."

  Lin Xinyan suddenly opened the door and stood at the door. She held the lunch box in her hand tightly. "You can get married, but I have a condition."

  Lin Guosa looked at the door and saw her daughter, who had not seen her for eight years. She was in a trance for a few seconds. When she was sent here, she was still a ten-year-old child. Now she had grown up. Her skin was white, but she was thin and serious. Her small face was not as big as a palm. It was dry and not a little water, as if she had not grown well.

  There was no such thing as having a young daughter at home that was adorable.

  Ning Xueyan's heart softened a little. After all, she was not so beautiful. Even if she married an unknown husband, she would not be too wronged.

  Thinking of this, Lin Guodong didn't feel that something was wrong. "What are your conditions? Tell me."

  "I want to return to my mother and return everything that belongs to her to us. I promise you to marry her." Lin Xinyan clenched her fists again and again and slowly calmed down.

  Although she was not in the country all year round, she had heard about the Zong Family in City B when she was a child. The Zong Family had a huge family and hundreds of billions of wealth. The young master of the Zong Family was naturally honorable. Lin Xinyan did not think that such a good thing could fall on him. The young master of the Zong Family might be ugly or physically injured.

  But even so, it was a good chance for her to return to China. If she made good use of it, she could also take back her mother's dowry.

  "Yanyan..."Grandpa wanted to persuade her that marriage was not a joke.

  She had suffered a lot with him and couldn't let her lose her marriage even if she had to marry him.

  Upon hearing this, Lin Guodong was worried that Lin Xinyan would be persuaded by the waiter to be unwilling to marry him. He quickly said, "Okay, as long as you are willing to marry him, I will let you return to China."

  "Where is my mother's dowry?" Looking at her nominal father, Lin Xinyan's voice was extremely cold.

  When the 6.9% married him, he did have a lot of dowry, which was a lot of money. Now it was very painful for Lin Guodong to take it out.

  "Dad, my sister should be very beautiful, and she should have a better one. If she marries a physically injured man, her whole life will be over. What's more, you and my mother have already divorced. You should pay her back the money you brought to the Lin family."

  Lin Guodong avoided her guilty eyes and did not dare to look at her.

  How could she know that the eldest son of the Zong family, who had been abroad all year round, was in poor health?

  Lin Guodong didn't know that Lin Xinyan was just guessing.

  Thinking that she was going to marry an abnormal man, Lin Guosa gritted his teeth. "When you marry her, I'll give it to you."

  His little daughter was like a flower and a jade. How could he marry a man who was not known by the public?

  "No matter how honorable you are, you can't do things between husband and wife. What's the difference between you and a good-for-nothing?"

  At the thought of this, Lin Guodong didn't feel so uncomfortable.

  But in her heart, she hated Lin Xinyan a little more, and she only wanted to get some money from him.

  Lin Guosa looked at her coldly. "Your mother didn't teach you well. You don't know how to be polite at all!"

  Lin Xinyan really wanted to say, "Didn't your father have any responsibility? It's none of his business to leave her here."

  But she couldn't say at this time that her chips were too weak and it was not good for her to irritate Lin Guosa.

  "Get ready and go back tomorrow." Lin Guodong swung his sleeves and left the ward.