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Secret Love In My Heart

Secret Love In My Heart


The financial newspaper said that Mr. Ji was ruthless and arrogant. He stood at the top of the pyramid. He was rich and powerful, but he was not close to women. He might like men. Bai Xi sneered. "Was Mr. Ji the fake Mr. Ji who was with her last night? Mr. Ji hugged her from behind. "What are you thinking? I've put away the bath water." Bai Xi euphemistically refused, "Well, you were drunk last night. I don't need you to take responsibility." Mr. Ji's face turned cold and kissed her. "If you dare to push me away, I'll kill you to death."
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  At the international restaurant in City A.

  "I wish you all a bright future after graduation and a happy marriage." The head teacher said and drank up the beer in the glass.

  One after another, the students drank their wine and sat down.

  Bai Xi was a little drunk and her face was red. She was lying on the table and tapping the wine glass with her fingers. In the bustling atmosphere, there was a faint melancholy.

  After graduation from college, everyone went back to their own homes, looked for their mothers, and ran their own things. After four years, they were reluctant to part with each other.

  "I heard that the reason why we can come to such a high-end restaurant today is that it's all Ji Jinling's money."

  "His family is a famous financial group in Jingcheng City. He is the only heir to finance, entertainment, logistics, real estate. With a casual wave of his hand, he can earn hundreds of millions of dollars. If he can date him, he will die without regret."

  "You wish. We were classmates for four years. When we were freshmen, we met only half a year ago. Later, he just came here for an examination. He was the same age as us and was already the CEO of the overseas investment department. His bearing is extraordinary."

  "He seems to have come today. In the next private room, the principal and the teaching director are all flattering him. After all, he can solve a lot of employment problems by nodding his head."

  Bai Xi held her chin and listened to the discussion of the female classmates, raising a smile.

  At least she had spent the rest of her life with the successor of the Money family Group, and she could brag about it for the rest of her life.

  "Bai Xi." Chen Hui shouted.

  Bai Xi looked at her with drunk eyes. "What's wrong?"

  "Can you help me give this letter to Ji Chen Ling to meet him in room 182, after he read it? Don't say my name in front of the headmaster. I'm shy." Chen Hui said with her eyes flashing.

  Bai Xi hesitated. "What if he refuses?"

  "It's better than miss it. Maybe we won't see him again after today. The monitor has to ask. I don't dare to see the headmaster and the teaching director." Chen Hui pleaded.

  "I see." Bai Xi took the letter from Chen Hui's hand and went to the next room to knock on the door.

  "Come in." The headmaster's voice came out.

  Bai Xi went in and bowed respectfully. "Hello, Mr. President, Mr. Director, Mr. Secretary, and Mr. Teacher."

  Ji Chen Ling paused for a moment, and then looked at Bai Xi with her graceful eyes, which became more and more deep and quiet.

  He gently shook the red wine glass, which was more mature and luxurious than the same age. He was like a king who looked down upon all the heroes and was unfathomable.

  After Bai Xi finished shouting, she looked at Ji Chen Ling and smiled shyly. She lowered her voice and shouted, "Ji Chen Ling, I have something to tell you. Come out for a while."

  The principal and the dean looked at each other and smiled ambiguously.

  There were more than ten girls who came to express their love today. Ji Chen Ling didn't even look at them. Today's girls were really bold.

  "Right, he's handsome, rich, and eminent. Who doesn't want him?"

  After they laughed, they watched Ji Chenling put down the glass, got up, and walked towards Bai Xi.

  The headmaster, "..."


  Ji Chenling went to Bai Xi.

  She had never been so close to him and found that he was so tall that the tall shadow could cover her.

  Bai Xi flashed him an honest smile and handed him the letter. "This, read it."

  Ji Chen Ling took the letter in her hand and opened it suspiciously.

  The letter simply wrote a sentence: Ji Chenling, I like you, I like you very much, I like you very much, I want to give you a baby.

  The signature was... Bai Xi.

  Ji Chenting looked at her deeply. There were light spots, but they were too quiet, like a vast universe.

  "Have you finished?" Bai Xi asked suspiciously.

  "Yes." He answered in a deep voice.

  "So, see you in room 182?" Bai Xi asked in a low voice.

  Ji Chenling looked at her blushing, her eyes blinking, her face was pure and flawless.

  Such a bold invitation was unlike her usual quiet and well-behaved personality. "Did you drink too much today?"

  "Yeah." Bai Xi nodded and weighed one or three, then added one more finger and said, "Three bottles of beer and a little red wine. However, it's not bad. I'm not drunk."

  "Then don't regret it." Ji Chen Ling locked her and said.

  What did he regret?

  She did not understand what he meant and replied casually, "Oh, then do you agree?"

  Ji Chenting looked at her faintly, and her eyes were full of emotions. "Yes."

  "Great, Ji Jinling, you're so nice." Bai Xi smiled happily and gave Ji Chen Ling a playful look. She took a few steps backward, turned around and returned to their private room.

  Chen Hui was standing at the door.

  Bai Xi held her shoulder and said happily, "Chen Hui, he agreed. You got what you wanted."

  "What?" Chen Hui's face turned pale and she asked in disbelief, "Did he agree to meet him in room No. 182?"

  "Well, you should go now. I'm going home too." Bai Xi picked up her bag, went out leisurely, and got on the bus.

  Her family lived in theala Road community, and it was already three stops away. She jumped out of the car and staggered back.

  In the darkness, someone called, "I saw her. She looks good and has a good figure... The knockout powder is ready. Don't worry, this kind of knockout powder will make people hallucinate. She won't sleep. I'll take a video and send it to you."

  Bai Xi heard the rapid footsteps approaching, turned her head, saw a bald head approaching, and felt a pain in her arm.

  She didn't know what the bald man injected her, and she felt a little dizzy in an instant.

  She had a bad feeling. She pushed the bald man away and ran forward. She shouted in panic, "Help! Help! Someone help!"

  The bald head grabbed her arm and said obscenely, "Beauty, don't be afraid. I will love you."

  "Get out of my way." Bai Xi shook her hand and couldn't get rid of her.

  Her hands and feet were weak, and she was pulled away by the bald head. Her vision was getting more and more blurred. She only felt that there was a Taoist force in her arms and she was wrapped around her waist.

  She was pulled into a strong embrace.

  Bai Xi was dizzy, confused and unconscious. When she looked up and saw Ji Chen Ling, she was stunned and blurted out as if her brain was out, "Your Majesty."

  Ji Jinling: "..." Ji Chen Ling: "..." Ji Chen Ling: "..."

  "I'm going to room 182, and someone else has moved in. You're lying to me," Ji Chen Ling said in a deep voice, her face cold and displeased.

  Bai Xi did not understand what he was talking about. She looked at the bald man and hugged Ji Chen Ling tightly. "Your Majesty, there is an assassin. The Empress wants to kill me."

  Ji Chen Ling frowned suspiciously and glanced at the needle on the ground. "Have you been drugged?"

  "It was done by the empress. Your Majesty, you have to help me." Bai Xi said seriously.

  Ji Chen Ling had no choice but to pick her up and put her in the parking space behind. "I'll take you to the hospital."

  Bai Xi put her arms around his neck and said pitifully, "I'm not ill. If I don't go to the hospital, will the emperor find an excuse to lock me up in the cold palace?"

  Ji Chen Ling ignored her and sat next to her. She said to Ba Qian, "Go to the hospital."

  "Your Majesty." Bai Xi was anxious. She wrapped her arms around his waist and lay on top of him. "I'm not ill. I can sleep with you today and sleep with you every day. Can you change my card?"