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My Overbearing Husband

My Overbearing Husband


He was the president of the empire, cold and strong, decisive. What he wanted in the world was only what he wanted, and what he didn't want. She was the assistant of the entertainment circle and was unknown to the public. They were tied to each other by a one-year contract. After the contract was completed, she heavily printed the divorce agreement in front of him. "Don't touch me again. I want to divorce you!" "Divorce? Without my permission, you dare to divorce!" He approached her aggressively and held her in his arms. Before the marriage, the agreement agreed that they would not interfere in each other's affairs, and that they would pass by each other. After they got married, who was pestering her all the time, who took her as an exclusive personal object, and who refused to let her go even after the contract expired? "Mr. President, why aren't you honest at all?"
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  Late at night.

  Su Yue was woken up.

  She had been living in this villa for more than a year, but it was still difficult for her to adapt to it. She couldn't sleep with the slight noise.

  Downstairs, there was a noise in the living room.

  Su Ya thought it was the servant's fifth sister-in-law who was doing something, so she got out of bed with a pair of slippers made of rabbit hair.

  Out of the bedroom, the noise was more obvious.

  "Master Han, tell me whether the rumor is true or not." The woman said in a charming voice.

  "Do you want to know?" The man's clear and faint voice came, very interesting.

  "I want to know. Master Han, please tell me. I'm in a hurry."

  Listening to this unruly conversation, Su Ran frowned directly to turn upstairs.

  But when she appeared at the stairs, she had alarmed two people in the living room sofa.

  The man's posture was calm, and Gui Gui lazily leaned against the sofa, his long fingers holding half a glass of champagne.

  The charming woman screamed in shock when she saw Su Su, who suddenly appeared, and fell into the man's arms.

  Su Lei looked at the man with cold eyes. His expression was as light as if he was a stranger.

  But in fact... the man on the sofa, whose eyes were half closed and his lips were thin, was her nominal husband, Han Yi.

  There was a charming woman beside him. Su Lei had seen her before on TV.

  He remembered that it was Dai Yingying, the actress who had watched several TV series.

  In the past year, Su Yan had not known how many times he had done it.

  Han Yi was the one who brought different women to her every time.

  "Master Han, who is she! How could she suddenly appear?"

  Dai Yingying broke the solemn atmosphere. She half bent over Han Yi's chest, looking shocked.

  He looked at Su Ran with hostility in his eyes.

  She didn't want to hang out with Young Master Han tonight, so she couldn't be ruined by other people.

  Her eyes swept over the soft fur slippers of Su Ya's bunny. Dai Yingying's face was full of disdain, and she leaned against Han Yi's arms charmingly.

  It turned out that she was just a little girl of 18 or 19 years old.

  "Young Master Han, who is she? She suddenly appeared and scared me." Dai Yingying said in a delicate voice with dissatisfaction on her face.

  Han Yi's thin lips casually took a sip of champagne and said in a mocking tone, "She? She's the Young Madam of the Han family, my wife!"

  It seemed that she was talking to Dai Yingying, but since Su Ya appeared, Han Yuran's deep eyes did not look away from her.

  Dai Yingying was shocked and opened her eyes wide in surprise.

  Everyone in the circle knew that Master Han had always been single.

  How could they be married?

  And... she was just a little girl who could only be called a little girl.

  Dai Yingying slightly pouted her red lips and turned her head to look at Han Yi's face.

  He didn't believe it until he didn't want to make a joke.

  However, Dai Yingying also heard the sarcasm in Han Yi's tone just now.

  Obviously... Master Han probably didn't like this Young Madam of the Han family.

  She pressed her body closer to Han Yi and said in a charming voice, "Since Young Madam has appeared, do you want to avoid it, Young Master Han?"

  After saying that, she looked at Su Ran provocatively and provocatively.

  Han Yi was still wearing an expression of a half-smile.

  Su Lei, who had not spoken for a long time, was already too lazy to look at the two of them again. He did not want to be humiliated by Han Yi anymore.

  She pursed her lips and said coldly, "If Young Master Han wants to bring three or four people to have fun at night, please also keep your basic manners and manners. You don't need to worry about other people living here. You don't need to sleep in the late night, and others still need it!"

  His words implied that Han Yi's private life was very bad, and he was ill-bred and rude.

  Han Yi's eyes darkened, revealing a cold displeasure.

  "Should I be polite to you? Or should I be educated?"

  Very good, this damn little girl really knew how to provoke her!

  Dai Yingying saw Han Yi's gloomy expression and became more proud. She said in a charming voice, "Young Master Han, Young Madam is so hot-tempered. She is not a person who can't be trifled with. How can she say that to us?"

  She gloated and didn't mind pouring oil on the flames.

  Han Yi put down the goblet in his hand and stared at Su Yan with his deep eyes. "Now, get out."

  "Get lost?"

  Hearing this, Su Yan's face turned cold and he didn't move at all.

  However, Dai Yingying couldn't help but stand up straight and said to Su Lei with a sneer, "Young Madam, didn't you hear that? Young Master Han asked you to go out and don't disturb us..."

  Before he could finish his words, Han Yi turned to look at Dai Yingying and said, "I mean, get out!"

  Dai Yingying's face turned pale, and the provocative smile froze on her face.

  "Young... Young Master Han." She couldn't believe that he was speaking to her.

  Han Yi had run out of patience. He said, "Don't let me repeat it for the third time."

  Dai Yingying wanted to say something more, but she couldn't say a word when she saw Han Yi's ruthless eyes.

  She felt that if she did not go out now, the consequences would be very serious.

  Before she could take another look at Su Lei, Dai Yingying grabbed her bag and ran away.


  Su Lei watched Dai Yingying leave in a panic and was not in the mood to continue to confront Han Yi.

  He turned around and went straight upstairs.

  "Did I allow you to leave?" The cold and seductive male voice behind her did not intend to let her go.

  Su Lei's footsteps did not stop, as if he had not heard anything.

  She had just taken two steps when her arm was tightly gripped by someone. It was so strong that it looked as if he was about to crush her.

  Su Yue was shocked and glared back at him. "Let me go, Han Yi!"

  His thin lips were tightly closed, and he was already on the verge of anger.

  The little girl had completely pissed him off by just talking back with him and ignoring his order.