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Genuis Baby, Mischievous Daddy

Genuis Baby, Mischievous Daddy


After waking up overnight, there was a strange man beside him who was strong enough to turn the world upside down. The little wild cat tried his best to escape, but the man actually chased her to the interrogation room of the police station and pressed her down on the table to force her to return the valuable stuff! "What the hell! What's his precious stuff? What else does she want?" The most insipid thing was that the first day she went to work, she found that she had provoked her big boss, the president of the empire group! From then on, she had to go to work with all her heart and soul every day! This was not over yet. The overbearing president actually slept with her before sleeping, and also requested to marry him and become his child's mommy! Since then, the president's wife was born, but she was in the limelight and closed the door. She had no choice but to secretly plan to escape with the little baby... One day, she was thrown to the bed by someone tied up. The man put his body against hers. "Little goblin, I've said that you won't be able to get through my palm for the rest of your life!"
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  In the capital, the night was thick.

  On the top floor of the Flourishing International Seven-star hotel, under the quiet and dim light, the decorated palace-like long corridor seemed to be endless, mysterious and noble.

  Gu Qingru ran in a panic in one direction, and the sharp hoarse voice kept ringing in her ears like a curse.

  "Bitch! How dare you kick my life! When I catch you, I will let you kneel and lick me!"

  "It's too horrible!"

  She didn't dare to look back, so she had to run forward with all her strength.

  Suddenly, she found that the door of a suite in front of her seemed to be half-closed. Without any strength, she rushed in as if she had seen a savior.

  As soon as she turned around, she locked the door. Gu Qingru feebly leaned her back against the door, breathed a sigh of relief, and then her flustered heartbeat slightly slowed down.

  The luxurious suite was very quiet, only the sound of running water could be heard from the bathroom.

  She subconsciously turned her head to look at the bathroom door of the suite, but the dirty glass door, which was filled with steam, showed up in front of her.

  A tall man was standing inside with his back to her, and the water was slowly flowing down from his well-defined shoulder.

  "What the f**k! I didn't expect that I would see a man naked!"

  Her face turned red and hot all of a sudden!

  Gu Qingru quickly closed her eyes, but the more she listened to the babbling sound of running water, the more she felt that she was getting more and more thirsty and hot.


  It was so hot that she wanted to tear off all the clothes on her body.

  Her palm-sized face was gradually covered with sweat, slowly flowing down along her red lips. The collar of her dress was pulled open by her hand, revealing the exquisite collarbone inside.

  But it was still too hot to bear.

  Suddenly, the sound of water in the bathroom stopped. The large room was dead silent, and the door of the bathroom was opened.

  As a faint scent of shower gel mixed with water vapor wafted out, the man's tall and strong figure came out gracefully from the inside.

  Gu Qing thought and couldn't help but stop breathing.

  The man's broken hair in front of his forehead was still hung with drops of water, sliding down drop by drop, dripping through his handsome and unreal face. He passed through his Adam's apple and fell into the white bath towel along the curve of his strong and perfect body.

  The man seemed to have also found someone in his room. He suddenly stopped when he walked toward the big size bed and suddenly looked back...


  In an instant, the room was dark!

  Gu Qing was flustered and did not have time to think about anything else. He reached out and pressed the switch on the wall.

  "That's good. No one can see each other anymore!"


  The magnetic and cold male voice suddenly sounded in the dark and quiet room. His cold eyes suddenly looked dangerous, and there was a cold light in the darkness.

  "I'm... so hot..." Gu Qing thought. She couldn't help but let out a cry.

  "Bitch, where did you go? I'll catch you and teach you a lesson..." Almost at the same time, there was a sharp and harsh scream outside the door.

  This sound was like a thunder on the top of Gu Qingshi's head. She jumped out of the door quickly like a frightened kitten.

  But the next moment, her whole person hit into the man's wet chest, and both of them's hearts suddenly fell at the same time.

  For a moment, the world seemed to be filled with the sound of breathing.

  Gu Qingi only felt that the tip of her nose was full of the fragrance of a man's body and the smell of a male hormones. Her brain gradually had a feeling of nervous disorder.