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My Evil President

My Evil President


In the swimming pool, he stared at her soaked clothes and pressed forward step by step; he was arrogant and evil, controlling the entire business empire and holding the world. Ten days and nights of entanglement, she was the little white rabbit next to his pillow, making him flirt with her; Like a wolf or a tiger, he ate her up with just one mouth, leaving nothing behind. It was said that she was pregnant with his child, a dead baby. It was said that he was unrecognizable in that big fire. At the wedding, she asked him, "Which one do you want, the new one and the old one?" She tore up the wedding dress and smiled coldly. "How could I forget? Boyan is just a heartless girl!" They were both poppy of each other. They were poisonous, cassock, bone-eating, and heart-stirring. They fell into each other's heart day and night. When she left, he locked the door step by step. "I've touched, slept, and stolen my heart. Do you still want to leave?" She went back, and he held the whole world in front of her. "If you don't want it, I will destroy it." She had always thought that she loved him the most, but she didn't know that when she left, this man destroyed the world and also ruined herself. Since then, she had no sadness or joy.
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  The only seven-star hotel in C City, with towering buildings straight into the sky, was extremely luxurious. It was the private residence of the world's celebrities and distinguished people.

  Standing in the top-level presidential suite, it was enough to overlook all the prosperity of the city, to dominate the whole world, and to control the entire business empire.

  The bright moonlight, like water, poured through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows into a luxurious room with no light.

  So hot!

  Suddenly, there came the soft voice of a woman. Her voice was as light as a rose in the middle of the night, full of charm.


  The woman couldn't breathe, and her voice became more and more painful.

  "It's so dark!"

  Where was she? Where was she?

  "Why are my legs and legs tied?" Fear was spreading in my heart...

  In the spacious and luxurious bathroom, under the bright yellow light, the smooth water flows slid down the man's well- distinguished chest and flowed into the seductive mermaid lines. The thin red lips, steaming up by hot water, appeared to be full of red.

  His black hair and deep facial features were all beautiful, like poppy on a man's body. There was bone-eating poison hidden in his hair, but it made people deeply intoxicated.

  He was the owner of this room, controlling the lives and deaths of countless people!

  The sound of the water stopped, and Boyan Qing simply wrapped himself in a white bath towel, letting her strong chest exposed in the air, showing his dominance and power that couldn't be ignored.

  There was no light in the room except for the moonlight.

  On the contrary, there was a layer of dreamlike beauty.

  As soon as Boyan Qing walked to the bedside, he saw a large rectangular box with pink color, a butterfly-shaped bind, and a delicate rose on the ribbon.

  "A surprise gift?" Boyan chewed these words with great interest.

  With one hand, he picked up the rose on the ribbon and put it on the tip of his nose to smell the faint fragrance. The other hand had already untied the red ribbon.

  When the lid was opened, even though she had seen countless beautiful women in the world, her breath was choked when she saw the beautiful figure in the box.

  The white gauze gently wrapped around her body. Her smooth little face looked as soft as water under the moonlight. Her smooth skin and beautiful figure.

  "Who...who are you?" When the closed box was opened, Lin Yunyan finally took a breath of fresh air and gasped slightly.

  Her voice was so soft that it made one want to commit a crime.

  Hearing this, the corners of Boyan Qing's mouth curled into a dangerous smile, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.

  "Women, you're all here. You're playing hard-to-get." His voice was cold and evil.

  Looking at the dangerous light in his black eyes, Lin Yunyan tried hard to support herself and wanted to leave, but she was so weak that she had no strength at all.

  His legs were almost paralyzed. He struggled a few times, but he couldn't even get up the box.

  And Boyan Qing always stood by with a glass of wine and took a few sips. His majestic figure was like a king who was high up in the air, staring at her with a smile on his face.

  Finally, Lin Yunyan gave up struggling and looked at the man with her beautiful eyes, whose face could not be seen clearly in the dark light.

  "I don't know why I'm here. Please let me go..."

  "I'm sure I can't be more grateful."

  Silence, endless silence...

  It was like a century's worth of time. Boyan Qing raised her head and took a sip of wine. She bent over and lifted her smooth chin. She leaned over dangerously and approached him.

  The red wine in his mouth rushed into Lin Yunyan's mouth...