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The Rise of Elizabeth

The Rise of Elizabeth



  Before traversing she is a young lady from a rich and powerful family, who knows that after traversing, she becomes a wife of famer in the mountain thatching house. She was lonely and pitiful. She also has two little kids around her, in order to make her kids full of food, there is no way she can just pick up the sleeves and start doing work, but she never thought she would be so lucky to get a treasure chest!
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  Clinked ... Clinked ... Clinked

  During the system restart, don't interrupt ...

  Sorry, the weather was too cold for the system to warm up and restart ...

  Please heat it ...

  Please heat it ...


  Not enough heat, the system temporarily closed.

  Elizabeth was woken up. There was something in her mind that was yelling, but she was buzzing, but she didn't know what the hell was. She just felt very noisy. …,

It was a reminder from the system, she didn't notice.

  Gradually, she opened her eyes, and Elizabeth recalled that she had driven a Maserati at night, but because she had turned on the outside lights, she did not see the big truck coming in front. From the car ...

  After a car crash, shouldn't she be dead? How could she be conscious? Elizabeth lowered her arm and felt chilly.

  She opened her eyes slightly, different from her comely face. These eyes were extremely intelligent, and the eyes rolled around as if they could take away someone's soul.

  The stunned bed board, the adobe walls, and the cloudy wind came from the roof "

  "Where is this place?" She yelled with dissatisfaction in her heart. She had never been here before.

  At this moment, the two little children were standing at the door of the house. They were about four or five years old. They looked at the pair of twins. When they heard the roar inside, the little body trembled.

  "Brother, is your mother wanting to get up beat us? I don't want to go in." Taller was a sister, who was timidly holding onto the door.

  "Don't be afraid, mother will fall asleep and won't hit us." Her elder brother was a little shorter.

  "But, when I heard that Mom was awake just now, she seemed to be angry." The girl's eyes rolled around as she wanted to go in, scared again.

  The little boy hesitated and walked two steps. "I went in and took a look. I explained to mother that we didn't steal anything. Mother will forgive us and let us go back to the house."

  "Brother, I'll go with you. I'm scared outside."


  Elizabeth got down from the bed and was holding a quilt that was cooler than body temperature. There was no difference between covering a quilt and not covering it, as well as the clothes on this body. What was it like?

  She was a fashion designer who specialized in designing Chinese style. She had a thorough understanding of historical dynasty clothes. She seriously said that the clothes on her body were not orthodox. The cloth she felt was extremely hand—made. The cloth was sewn, not even the pulp, showing that this family was very poor.

  She came out of the backroom and was about to go out, but she saw a pair of cute little kids standing by the door and looking at her with pitiful eyes.

  Seeing that Elizabeth came out from the inside, the two of them shouted unanimously, "Mother"

  "What?" Elizabeth stood in shock.

  "My dear, the steamed bun in the kitchen pot is not for us to eat. We just went hungry for some water. We didn't eat the steamed bun. Mom, don't let us be punished standing up, my sister was almost crying. "

  At this moment, Elizabeth was covered in circles. She was also a twenty—something girl in the modern age. She was busy with her career and didn't even have a boyfriend, let alone go to bed to give birth to a baby. Suddenly came to a different world, traversing?

  "I'm your mother? Are you sure?" Elizabeth felt like she was about to cry.

  The two milk—drinking aged kids nodded.

  The skinny boy looked at Elizabeth and said, "Daddy went hunting on the mountain. You said that if Daddy doesn't go out, our family will starve to death."

  The two children's little faces were red and cold as they stood at the door and could not even in.

  Elizabeth suddenly realized, did she traversing? There were also two children, a husband. For now, her husband's career should be professional hunter.

  These two were like her children.

  It was pitiful to see the two little poor babies standing beside the bed.

  Elizabeth wanted to find two pieces of clothes for the children.

  Elizabeth took the leather and cut it with scissors. Fortunately, this woman at home was not lazy, but she was not lacking in sewing. In the last generation, she was also in the design of clothes, and the cutting skills were not bad. And had simply sewn two leather vests.

  "The two of you put on these two vests first and see how cold you are. After you put them on, wait in the house. I'll go to the kitchen to see if I can boil some hot water."

  "Mom, you're saying that these skins are going to the town to change money, and we are not allowed to touch." The little boy reached out and asked Elizabeth to help him put on his vest.

  "People are about to freeze to death. What kind of money should you change? Let's survive first. Yes, how is your fathers called for your names?" Elizabeth found out that she did not know the two of them. The child's name.

  The little girl looked at Elizabeth timidly and said, "Mom my brother's name is Johnson, my name is Julie."

  " Johnson and Julie? Is there anyone else at home calling something?" Elizabeth laughed.

  The little girl wrinkled her eyes at Elizabeth and did not quite understand the meaning of her words.

  "Cough!Cough! the two of you sit on the bed warm for a while. I'll go outside and see what else I can eat."


  The snow was falling outside, and Elizabeth's ears hurt in the cold wind.

  The kitchen was on the side of the thatched hut. When you went out, you had to take an aisle. It was just a dirt road. She looked at the snow—covered yard and saw the peak of the snow—capped mountains in the distance. How they can live in wild mountains?

  Elizabeth walked around the yard and realized that there was only one family.

  If the man in the family never returned, she felt that the three of them would starve to death here.

  The houses were rugged, rough, and covered with snow. How could they survive in the wooden house? Want to starve to death here?

  No, she had to find something to eat.

  The yard was very large and there were some wooden fences around it. Elizabeth shook his head speechlessly and went into the kitchen. After she reached the kitchen, her eyes were dark and she almost cried.

  The rice and flour were not there, and the water in the water tank was at the bottom. The stove was covered with snow.

  There was a small bundle of firewood beside the stove. Elizabeth reached out and touched it. Fortunately, it was very light, which meant that the wood sticks could be burnt.

  She labored to lift the lid of the pot, and the inside of the wok froze. She chuckled dryly, thinking that the child in the room who was still freezing was her own child. First of all, boil water!

  She grabbed the corner and took the hay to set off the fire, but found that there were seven or eight potatoes hidden under the hay. They were as big as an adult's fist. Elizabeth felt that she was saved.

  She picked up three potatoes, sipped the water from the water tank, washed the dirt outside, found a kitchen knife, and cut it into pieces on the cutting board. She cleaned the iron pot and added two spoons of water. She wanted to simply boil water, but she could not find the potatoes. Elizabeth immediately put three spoons of water. At this time, the spoon was still cut with a large gourd to serve as a scoop. There was more inside.

  "This way, you can cook something hot." Ever since she woke up, her stomach has been yelling. Now she's too hungry !

  She was boiling water inside and the temperature in the room was rising. Outside the kitchen, snow continued to fall down. Among the mountains, the smoke suddenly appeared, causing people who were lost in the mountains to find their way.

  "Johnson, Julie, you two wake up. I cooked the potatoes for you to eat. Hurry up." The potatoes were not that delicious, but they were really hungry. Woke up.

  "Mom, are you cooking these for us?" The little girl looked at Elizabeth uncertainly. They hadn't eaten for almost two days. They were really hungry!