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The Rebirth of the God of War

The Rebirth of the God of War



  The lord felt jeopardized by the great achievements of his vassal, so the first God of War in the Heavens died in his beloved's hands on the wedding night.Nie Tian was reborn after a hundred years, swearing never to be a vassal of others!Break through the heavens; Reverse the universe; Soar to the heavens; Stamp all realms! He started a journey against the law of nature, battling with all contemporary geniuses.In this generation, I will create my world!In this generation, I will become the Eternal Emperor of Heaven!In this generation, I will dominate the Heavens and the God Realm!
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“I had never thought that I, Nie Tian, was even reborn!” In the room, Nie Tian’s body was trembling badly and his eyes were filled with repressed rages.

All things happened before were flying in his brain like tempestuous storms.

Nie Tian was the first God of War in the Heavens. More than half territories of Dawn & Dusk God Realm were conquered by him through wars.

His prestige was stunning in the God Realm!

To reward him for his outstanding military exploits, Dawn & Dust Emperor betrothed his beloved daughter Princess Ziyan to him.

Luo Ziyan, the first beauty in Dawn & Dusk God Realm, was extremely elegant. She had a face that could launch a thousand ships.

They were a perfect match as Nie Tian was the first God of War in Heavens.

Yet Nie Tian had never expected that Luo Ziyan would have attacked him on their wedding night.

As the first God of War in the Heavens, he died in his fiancée’s hands on their wedding night. What a big joke!

“Why did she kill me? Was the rumor true? It was a trick that Dawn & Dust Emperor betrothed Luo Ziyan to me. His purpose was to kill me.” Nie Tian’s eyes were cold and his heart was surging waves.

It was always a taboo for vassals to make the lord felt jeopardized because of their great achievements.

In Dawn & Dusk God Realm, Nie Tian’s prestige was much higher than Dawn & Dusk Emperor’s. It was reasonable that he wanted to kill Nie Tian.

“What a Dawn & Dusk Emperor! What a Luo Ziyan! How cruel you are! I fought for vast territories for Dawn & Dusk God Realm and even considered Luo Ziyan as my lifelong true love. Unexpectedly I ended up dying in your hands.” Nie Tian’s eyes became deep red and his body was trembling.

After a long time, Nie Tian calmed himself down. Suddenly he laughed wildly with a sparkle of light in his eyes, “Never mind. Since I was reborn by God, I would never be a vassal of others.”

“In this generation, I will create my world!”

“In this generation, I will become the Eternal Emperor of Heaven!”

“In this generation, I will dominate Heavens and God Realm!”

The heroic utterances could make deaf men hear and blind men see. Nie Tian was hard—edged, which just like a sharp sword drawn from its sheath.

Nie Tian was full of confidence after his rebirth, but he gave a wry smile while seeing his body and mocked himself, “This body is really too weak.”

After being killed by Luo Ziyan, it was a hundred years later that Nie Tian woke up again.

His soul was reborn in this young man who had died of illness. It happened that he was also called Nie Tian.

This Nie Tian was the master of the Nie Clan, one of the three biggest clans in Moyang City.

However, this master was no more than a decent servant.

No one even knew that he was dead in his room.

The reason was that he was a wreck with all Nascent Meridians destroyed.

Three years ago, as the first genius in Moyang City, Nie Tian reached Ninth Grade Nascent Meridian Realm at the age of thirteen. He could be called a prodigy.

However, one day three years ago, Nie Tian, his father and several clansmen went into Broken Sky Mountains to cultivate, and they suffered an ambush from a group of people in black. It turned out his father and clansmen were all killed. Only Nie Tian escaped alone, yet he became disabled with all Nascent Meridians broken.

He succeeded the master of the clan after his father’s death, but in all people’s eyes, he was nothing.

Since all Nascent Meridians had been broken, Nie Tian gave up himself and lost all self—confidence. He drowned his sadness in drinking and lingered in whorehouses all days.

Yesterday, he was severely beaten to coma by Ba Ziyang, the young master of the Ba Clan which was also one of the three biggest clans in Moyang City.

After he was lifted back to Nie Mansion, he died this morning, which gave Nie Tian———the God of War an opportunity to possess.

“All Nascent Meridians were destroyed?” Nie Tian calmed down and started to check his new body.

“Poison!” While checking, Nie Tian was astonished to find that not only his Nascent Meridians were destroyed, but their colors turned black.

“I was poisoned to death!” A face appeared in Nie Tian’s brain. It was Nie Santong, the chief deacon of Nie Clan.

While Nie Tian was injured, only Nie Santong came to see him and dosed him with a Soul Reinforcing Pill to ‘heal the injuries’.

“What a Nie Santong! Surely he coveted the position of the master and tried to murder me.” Nie Tian suddenly realized and a sparkle of cold light appeared in his eyes.

“En?” Nie Tian’s face suddenly changed while he continued checking. He said with shock, “Star Origin Stone! It was even reborn together with me!”

“Master, we are in big trouble!” Right at this time, a human shadow broke in and shouted in panic.

“Ah Niu, what happened?” Looking at this guy, Nie Tian asked slowly.

Ah Niu, the servant of Nie Tian, was also the only one who considered Nie Tian as the master of the clan.

“Master, people from Ba...the Ba Clan came to force a marriage!” Breathing heavily, Ah Niu said hurriedly.

“The Ba Clan!” Nie Tian slightly frowned. His face suddenly turned grim while he remembered it was Ba Ziyang, Ba’s young master that seriously hurt him.

Same as the Nie Clan, the Ba Clan was also one of the three biggest clans in Moyang City.

However, ever since Nie Tian’s father died three years ago, the reputation of the Nie Clan was worse day after day. Up to now, the great mansion was on the verge of collapse.

Because of this, Ba Ziyang, Ba’s young master dared to have beaten Nie Tian to coma even he was the master of the Nie’s.

“Ah Niu, don’t worry. What’s the matter of the forced marriage?” Nie Tian was not in a panic but gave a pondering smile.

Ah Niu was stupefied for a while and looked at Nie Tian with a confusing expression.

Was he the real master? Why was he so calm?

Ah Niu felt Nie Tian had changed. Nie Tian was different now but he couldn’t say where the difference was.

“Say it quickly.” While seeing Ah Niu was in a daze, Nie Tian urged him.

“Ah! Yes!” Ah Niu suddenly reacted and said, “Along with Ba’s eldest young master and third young master, Ba’s butler come to propose a marriage, and they propose to the ninth Miss who is the most talented.”

“Ninth sister!” A delicate and lovely face appeared in Nie Tian’s brain.

As a big family, the Nie Clan had a great population. People of the same generation were sequenced by age.

Ninth sister was the ninth oldest girl in Nie’s young generation.

“Ninth sister should be called Nie Yurongu.” Nie Tian remembered it was three years ago that he last saw Ninth sister. She was a six—year—old girl at that time.

So now she should be nine—year—old.

“Nine—year—old?” Nie Tian shouted surprisingly.

Who would propose marriage to a nine—year—old girl?

“Who does the Ba Clan propose marriage for?” Nie Tian’s face fell and a slight of vicious light could be seen in his eyes.

People of the Ba Clan were crazy to propose marriage to a nine—year—old girl.

They firstly hurt Nie Tian, and then they came to force a marriage. How aggressive they were.

“Ba’s third young master, Ba Zixing.” Ah Niu replied.

“Ba Zixing!” Nie Tian’s face turned grimmer and he said in a low voice, “If I remember correctly, Ba Zixing should be a fool.”

“Yes.” Looking at Nie Tian, Ah Niu swallowed the saliva and nodded heavily.

Surely Nie Tian didn’t remember wrong. Ba Zixing was a fool, and he was beaten fool by Nie Tian.

Nie Tian was in the limelight three years ago. In the tournament of Moyang City, Ba Zixing was not convinced and challenged Nie Tian. Then he ended up being beaten to a fool.

The Nie Clan and the Ba Clan almost fought to death because of this.

Now the Ba Clan even proposed marriage to Nie Yurou for Ba Zixing. Obviously they were bullying the Nie Clan for their weakness to avenge the shame they suffered before.

As a genius of Nie’s new generation, Nie Yurou had reached Fourth Grade Nascent Meridian Realm at the age of nine. Her talent could be compared with that of Nie Tian before.

If Nie Yurou was married to Ba Zixing, the Nie Clan would definitely become a laughingstock in Moyang City. In addition, they would lose a young genius.

“No, this could never happen!” Nie Tian looked ferociously in his face and shouted in a deep voice, “Lead the way. I will go to the Conference Hall.

“You even ask toilet paper from me after shitting on my head. The Ba Clan, I will let you eat your shit back!” Nie Tian shouted furiously in his heart.