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Louis’s  Charming Bride

Louis’s Charming Bride



  Emily replaced her twin sister to marry Louis ,but Louis accidently fall in love with her. Poor Emily lived with her mother since childhood, but she is a tough girl. Now she'll start her turbulent life.
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Hot! Pain!

A gentle moaning came from the fragrant presidential suite of the super luxurious five—star Imperial Hotel.

Under the soft light, pieces of torn gauze were scattered everywhere. The bed was swaying enchantingly in rhythm.

"Diana..." The man called her name affectionately.

The girl under the man’s body was bearing storm—like shocks. Her tears ran down her face and her fingers clenched into fists.

She finally fainted in the pains and pleasure after the man’s final sprint.

At five o'clock in the morning, she woke up, and there was a text message from her cell phone, It was an icon of waiting.

She quickly climbed out of bed, and put clothes on.

She looked back at the man who was sleeping on the big bed.He lay on her side with a thin blanket around her waist, like a delicate and exquisite painting.

The girl took a deep breath and crept to the door.

She opened the door, another girl wearing sunglasses and a gauze mask stood outside.

"OK?" The girl asked nervously.

She nodded sadly.

The girl outside took off her mask, she looked exactly the same as the girl who came out from the room.

The only difference was in their eyes ,the one outside had a superior arrogance, and the other had stubbornness.

“Father had already paid for the hospital expenses. Go to the hospital and see your mother. The operation might have been completed.”

Hearing the words, the girl who at the door hesitated for a moment, and then stepped out and closed the door...

Another girl smiled bitterly. Then she quickly put on her mask and sunglasses, and hurried off.

On the taxi, looking at the drizzle outside, thinking about that his mother finally could have an operation, the corner of his mouth showed a smile of relief.

Although she lost her precious virginity, it was still worthwhile to save her mother.

Her name is Emily, 21 years old.

Another girl is Diana, 21 years old.

The two girls were twins, but they had different family name.

Diana was born three minutes earlier than her. She was her sister.

Because her parents divorced when they were four years old, she followed her mother’s name so her full name is Emily Ann.

Diana lived with her father, his full name was Diana Greg.

In the previous seventeen years, the twins has not any crossings.

If it weren't for her mother's serious illness and she need to pay medical expenses, she wouldn't ask for help from the Greg family.