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The Ugly Lady June

The Ugly Lady June



  Julian, a genius killer in the 21st Century, was good at both poison and medicine. She travelled through time and became the ugly and insolent Lady June in the Spencer family. Lady June was useless and obsessed with beautiful men. Awesome! It just met Julian’s alley’s taste. Julian said,” I was overtired in my past life, and I got to enjoy this life with only one goal…
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The night was dark, the sky was gloomy, and there were no stars in the sky. Only a dark moon gave off a cold and treacherous light.

On the summit of the North Mountain,the cold wind screamed and the trees rang.

The sky was getting darker with a loud thunder.

On the edge of the cliff laid a 14—year—old girl with torn clothes.

Her face was scratched and bloody beyond recognition. Apparently, she was gravely injured.

A woman in red coat and a man in black cloak were standing beside her. The woman looked elegant but grim and domineering. The man wore a bamboo hat which covered his face.

The woman stepped forward and kicked the girl. She said in a sniff voice "What utter rubbish!"

The man behind her said in a low voice, "Check it out, is she dead?"

The woman shrugged and stepped on the girl's chest very hard.

The girl suddenly opened her eyes, and her eyes looked so cold and sharp.

"Ah, not died. How dare you look at me like this! "

Julian did not expect to see such a scene when she opened her eyes. She stretched out her hands abruptly, grabbed the woman's ankle and pulled hard. With a scream, the woman fell over.

"You are courting dearth!"

Julian narrowed her eyes and climbed up from the ground to pat her dirty clothes, but soon she noticed something was wrong. She was aching all over. And she raised her eyebrows when she saw her ripped clothes. It was not her familiar outfit!

Memories came back one after another. She was a killer in a secret agent in 21st century. She was good at both medicine and poison and known as a 'poison doctor'. She suffered a landslide during the latest assassination mission and lost her life. So she was reborn?

" June, you rubbish, bitch, dare to attack me."

The woman got up from the ground and shouted at Julian, then she pulled out a whip from her waist and whipped towards Julian’s face. It looked like she was eager to ruin her.


Damn it, her name was Julian.

It wasn't a good time to think about it. Raising eyebrows, she grabbed the flying whip with her bare hands. The evil grin at the corner of her mouth made her more enchanting. "Bitch, you're so vicious and grumpy, do you grow up from shit?"

"You ...!"

The woman in the red coat did not expect that Julian not only grabbed her whip but also said such crude words. She was choked, glaring at her.

"What are you staring at? You are shocked by my beauty? "

The woman froze, Julian sniggered and a sharp edge flashed in her eyes. She suddenly pulled the whip, and the woman in red rushed towards her. At this moment, Julian lifted her legs and kicked fiercely towards the woman's stomach. She immediately kicked the woman off, then threw the whip and rubbed her own leg. It hurt all over.

Julian noticed that this was not her body. Otherwise, the kick should have been on her breast instead of the stomach.

Am I dead? My soul comes back? It doesn’t make sense.

"June, you ugly bitch, I’ll kill you."

The girl in red was knocked to the ground and kicked again and humiliated. At this moment, she came back to her senses and was extremely angry. She took out a dagger from her boot, then scrambled up from the floor and ran at Julian.

"Stupid, don't scream when you kill. Isn't it informing me to fight back? Also, please call me Beauty Julian!"

The sharp dagger radiated an icy cold under the dark moon, but Julian stood still, looking at the woman who was rushing towards her as if she was looking at a fool. She was not her equal.

“If you want to kill, just kill. What the fucking scream? And I don’t like being addressed like this.”

"I’ll kill you."

Julian’ words irritated the woman, and she pierced Julian’s cheek with the dagger.

At this moment, Julian suddenly felt a sharp pain in her head, and strange messages flooded her mind.

June, 16 years old, a lady in the Spencer family, her parents died when she was young, she was raised up by her grandfather. She was arrogant and illiterate. She was a boy crazy and notorious for harassing countless men.


Julian was shocked by the sudden influx of information in her mind. She had such a bad reputation? But she liked it, and it was right up her alley.

She could not allow herself to think too much. The dagger radiated a cold light under the moon. She dismissed the memories in her head to be concentrated. Julian grabbed the woman’s wrist quickly and said, "Destroy my face, really vicious."

She did not give the girl any reaction time. Instead, her wrists were turned over. The dagger had already been in Julian’s hand, and she scratched the woman’s face very hard.

Blood spattered and half of her face was destroyed.

"Courtesy demands reciprocity."


With earsplitting yelps in the dark night, a grin curled Julian’s mouth. She had never been a kind person.

The domineering girl in front of her was her cousin Rachel, the daughter of her second uncle. She was always oppressed by Julian and had a lot of resentment toward her. Then she tricked Julian into going up the mountain and killed her with the help of an outsider. What a bold and stupid girl!

But, they made it, Julian was dead. The one who revived was June.

The man wearing bamboo hat was Rachel’s accomplice. Who was he?

As soon as her thoughts came to an end, the sound of the wind blew through her ears. A sword came fast toward her back.


Julian had nowhere to dodge. The man who had been standing in the distance attacked her, how despicable! Julian had already known his strong power through his attacking. Now she was weak with wounds all over her body, and without the aid of poison, she could only end up in death.

At the urgent moment, she leaned backward with an evil smile on the corner of her mouth. She risked jumping the cliff behind her for the only chance to survive. Only her sharp voice left.

"Wait! If I don’t die, I’ll make you worse than dead!"