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CEO's Poor Wife

CEO's Poor Wife



Stacy rushed into a luxury suite to elude the persecution of her adopted family. Unexpectedly, she just escaped but fell into a more dangerous state. The next moment she pressed down by an exquisite devil man. The thing just happened. After a passionate night, before the man woke up, Stacy got slipped away. What worse, the other day, when Stacy went to work, she never thought she would met the man again who had a one-night stand with her. The man was actually her new boss, the CEO of the Empire Group! The dashing "demon" man said with a magic and hoarse voice, "My spicy cat, sleep with me and run away, how dare you?"
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In Imperial, the night was dark.

On the top floor of the seven—star hotel in Glory World, the luxuriously decorated palace—like promenade under the quiet and dim light seemed to be mysterious and noble.

Stacy panicked in one direction, but that sharp, hoarse voice rang like a magic spell:

"Bad girl! I dare to kick my life! I'll let you kneel and lick when I grab you!"

It was horrible!!

She did not dare to turn around and had to use all her strength to run forward.

Suddenly, she realized that the door of a room in front of her was hidden. With no strength, she rushed in like a savior.

As soon as he turned around, he locked the door. Stacy leaned back weakly against the door. He let out a sigh of relief.

The extravagant suite was very quiet, only the sound of water flowing from the bathroom.

She subconsciously turned her head to look at the entrance of the bathroom in the suite, but the frosted glass door with steam on it revealed the scene inside her.

A tall man stood inside with her back facing her, and the water was slowly flowing down from his shoulder, which was well—defined.

Damn it! She had actually seen a man without clothes!

The little face flushed and became hot!

Stacy quickly closed her eyes, but the more she listened to the sound of running water, the more she felt that she was getting more and more thirsty.


It was so hot that she wanted to tear all her clothes off.

The slap on his little face was gradually covered with a thick sweat. It was slowly flowing down the corner of her bright red lips.

But it was still too hot to bear.

Suddenly, the sound of the water in the bathroom suddenly stopped, and the dead room in the huge room was silent. The bathroom door opened.

With the faint fragrance of shower gel mixed with water, the man's tall and healthy figure came out gracefully.

Stacy could not help but breathe slowly.

The man in front of him still had drops of water hanging on his forehead hair. He was falling drop by drop, flowing through his handsome and unrealistic handsome face. In a white bath towel.

The man seemed to have noticed that there was someone in his room. He suddenly walked towards the King size bed and suddenly looked back...


Instantly, the room was dark!

Stacy couldn't think of anything else when she was in a heartbeat. She reached out and pressed the switch on the wall.

Now that this is done, no one can see anyone!

"Who is it?"

The magnetic, cold male voice suddenly rang in the dark and silent room. His cold eyes instantly glared dangerously.

"I ... it's so hot ..."

"Bad girl, where did you go? Look at me grabbing you and not giving you some color to see ..." At about the same time, there was a sharp piercing sound outside the door.

This sound was like a thunderbolt that had exploded above Stacy's head. She jumped off the door like a frightened kitten.

But in the next moment, her whole body crashed into the chest of a man's body, and both of them stunned at the same time.

In an instant, it sounded like the world was quiet.

Stacy only felt that the nose of her nose was filled with the fragrance of the shower gel on the man's body and the scent of masculine hormones.