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Come Back to My Arms

Come Back to My Arms



  He could not forget her- a young girl disappeared after one night stand with him. Five years later, in order to survive, she had to contact with him, while he just wanted a bedmate relationship. “Mr., you are 11 years older than me, I also have two kids, it is not appropriate…” “I heard you never get married, what’s the father of the children.” She had a pair of boy-girl twins with their father unknown!
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In March , when the peach blossoms were in full bloom, the high—speed train to Hancheng crossed between Huahai.

It’s been five years since I left Hancheng. It’s a bit of a hometown. She looked at the peach blossom sea outside the window, lamented, the change was really big, and it was getting more and more prosperous.

A sound rang, the door of the high—speed rail box opened, and looked warm, and the shape of the man's stalwart almost blocked the half—open door. He slid down slightly, put his suit on his elbow, and held a leather men's briefcase. , suits and ties, five—dimensional three—dimensional.

The man sat down on the opposite side of her, and found that the other side was taller than her eyes. The slender legs were straight and they were about to touch the soft seat on her side.

The female flight attendants closed the door of the box for them. The passengers on the high—speed rail were few. The warmth was originally sitting in the second—class seat. Later, the flight attendant invited him to sit inside the box. It is estimated that the seats are empty.

The man brazenly looked straight and warm, and the eyebrows were light.

Warmly nodded to him, basically polite.

The man's lips, deep eyes, and splendid.

The warm mobile phone just received the text message at this time. She took it out and saw it, Helen sent it: "Small seven, have you arrived yet? You two girls are yelling at me and thinking of you, I am going to make them ""

I also miss my own pair of dragons and babies, and I think I will see them after a while, and I feel very good.

She glanced at the watch time and smiled and typed: "It’s coming, about 20 minutes."

In the past five years, she has lived in Nancheng. For work reasons, she was transferred to the head office of Hancheng to work.

The dragon and phoenix turned to a kindergarten. It was necessary to come back one week in advance. Helen helped her with her care. She only returned after she handed over the work today.

And Helen finished the text message, I always felt that someone was watching her, could not help but look up, sitting on the man in her seat, good—looking hands around the chest, eyes looking at her white face, and the female figure wrapped in clothes The sound texture is dumb: "Miss, we know."

Warmly tighten the eyebrows, no words.

Going out, there are many bad guys and more rogues. Although the rogue is as beautiful as she is, she feels she has been teased by a man.

The high—speed rail is about to arrive.

Warm up and get ready to take the baggage first.

Her own baggage is not much, there are many dragons and phoenixes, and the suitcase is somewhat heavy. She swayed, didn't stand, and hit a male's chest behind her, her muscles were hard and strong.

The smell of the men's perfume is getting darker and lighter, enveloping her.

I don't know why, I am familiar.

It’s a little warm...

"I will help you." Sexy male voice, a large hand wearing a luxury watch sticking out from behind her, quickly took the suitcase down and handed it to her.

Warming back from the scorpion, the lips took over the luggage, and the man’s body touched with nothing if she had nothing to look at. She looked up and glanced at the dazzling handsome face of the man – the pervert!

As she was quickly leaving the box, warm and waiting at the door to get off, half a slap, someone patted her shoulder.

Looking back, it turned out to be the man just now!

He is very tall, and he must be alert when he is warm: "Is there something?"

The man looked down and handed her a hundred pieces and said, "You lost money."

I looked at my bag in a strange way and didn't know when it was dropped.

Money is very important for warmth. She has a pair of children to raise. She usually saves her life and saves money for no reason. Afterwards, she found that she should die.

After receiving the money, the man quickly left, and the warm and tangled thank you did not say anything, maybe, not the satyr...

Get to the station and get off.

After five years, I will return to the city of Hancheng again.

Five years ago, she had nothing to exile. She cared for her and gave her a lovely pair of children. For them, she had to work harder and make money – a good life and education.

I kissed a hundred pieces of kisses and kisses, people are poor, love money.

When you spread the money, you frown and frown. The money has a bunch of mobile numbers on it, and the words that are fierce.

At first glance, it is the word written by a man.

"This is my personal mobile number. Remember to contact me, Victoria."

It’s warm... After I know it, I understand that money is not hers. This man wants to talk to her!

Really local!

Contact information with money!

Victor... I feel that this man’s name is familiar, but others have already got off the bus. She didn’t see him, and she still couldn't get it. This hundred privately swallowed, she didn't have any leisure and strangeness. Men deal with each other.

What's more, she just saw his clothing temperament, not rich and expensive, rich men playing with women.

I received a phone call from Helen , took the suitcase and hurried out. Outside the parking lot, I saw Helen ’s car at a glance. The dragon and the baby jumped out of the car and shouted at her: “Mom.”

The dragon and phoenix grows differently. The daughter is like her, white and white, and the son is getting more and more handsome. It seems that the young man’s head is a combination of parental genes.

Warm up and squat down, hold the two baby eggs into your arms, and kiss one person.

The little handsome guy is politely returning to his relatives, then he looks at his sister and his mother, and he is very envious. He also wants to kiss, but his sister refuses to let him say that he is a boy and can’t be a hooligan!

My sister is called Xi Xi, the name is her nickname.

The younger brother is called the Jubilee, and the young name is seven years.

When I was warm, I insisted on giving birth to them. My life was very tight. The only entertainment on weekdays was to talk to them. Later, the dragons and phoenixes grew up and learned from her.

Now, the two brothers talk very smoothly, and they are endless.

Helen did not dare to let go of his words: "There were three little ancestors, and quickly got on the bus, and the buffet time was set."

"Follow the godmother." The two children and the warmth of the same voice, all called Helen old.

Get on the bus and leave.

When Helen drove, she chatted with her and talked about the man she had met on the high—speed rail. She didn’t know whether it was an affair, but a hundred, enough for her buffet.

Helen Zhou said: "Can you send money? How to send?"

The warmth took out the one hundred pieces, and Helen blinked a few times, slamming the brakes — red light!

"You are careful to drive." Warmly said, turning around and looking at Tanabata seven years, but fortunately, fasten the seat belt.

"I am going, Helen! You are not an ordinary affair!" Helen took the one hundred pieces, and the big surprise: "The big customer that our head office will win next — Han. This Victoria is the big president of Han. He even talked with you, and left his mobile phone number, the pie that fell from the sky!"

It’s no wonder that I’m so warm, I think Victor’s name is familiar.

She transferred the head office from the branch office in order to win this big customer, and all the top management attach great importance.

Han is the top leader of Hancheng, and Victoria is a veritable figure.

Unexpectedly, this big man actually took the initiative to kill the door!

"...Have a few Hans in Hancheng?" I remembered the handsome and sultry eyes of a man, and sure enough, non—rich is expensive.

"What do you say?" Helen laughed: "The name of his name seems to be hand—picked by the famous Feng Shui master. He said that this word can give him a wealth, a word of ten million, how can you not get rich? This mobile number, if you give it to our boss, he will immediately give you a promotion, do you believe?"

Victoria’s private mobile phone number is never given to outsiders!

It is easy to get warm.