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Rebirthed Sweet Wife

Rebirthed Sweet Wife



  In her previous life, she ignored the courtship of the most noble man in the city but lost everything for a bastard and committed suicide. Reincarnated, she wanted to avenge herself while she did not expect him to change his strategy."Let’s get married!", he said.
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“Cindy, I saw your husband going to Crown Bar again. There was a lady beside him. It’s too much! Go and see now!”

"Alright!" Receiving the call, Cindy Lively's entire body shivered, she immediately left recording studio and took a taxi to Crown Bar.

She married Roger Crawford three years ago, and was deeply moved by his pure heart. However, in the past three years of marriage, Roger Crawford had never shared a bed with her, and his affairs never stopped!

Because of him, she went from the noble Miss Lively to a rich and powerful wife that everyone mocked. However, he never pitied her …

In Crown Bar, Cindy Lively asked for the room number and went in.

However, the moment she opened the door, she saw a shocking scene!

"Bro Roger, it's so painful. There's still someone at the side …"

"What are you afraid of? It wasn't like they hadn't. Good girl, do it yourself!"

Whispers resounded in Cindy Lively's ears, like sharp thorns. She looked at the two of them in disbelief, and her heart felt a sharp pain as though it was being cut by a blade.

"Roger Crawford... Mary Lively, that's your brother—in—law, how can you guys do this! "

Mary Lively hid in Roger Crawford's embrace. "Elder sister, please listen to my explanation, Bro Roger and I are truly in love, we …"

"Shut up!" Cindy Lively roared, she raised her hand wanting to hit her.

She had never thought that her husband's lover would actually be her blood sister …

If she saw this, she wouldn't have the face to explain!

"Enough!" Roger Crawford grabbed her hand and threw her to the side, "What right do you have to blame Mary Lively? Why don't you take a look at yourself? I intentionally sent you here today. I heard that you're making a new song? "

Cindy Lively's face turned pale white, she glared at him and said: "What are you trying to do now?"

In the past few years, in order to be a good Mrs. Crawford, she had given up her music dream. Every time she wanted to compose a song, he would tear it apart!

Roger Crawford glanced at her bag, sneered, and immediately snatched it away, "I heard that Orlando Hawke is going to organize a round of preliminaries for you? You made a pretty good tune, so you must give it to Mary Lively. You can either stay at home and be a good wife, or get a divorce! "

After he finished speaking, he took out the documents from her bag and threw it at Mary Lively.

Seeing that, a tinge of worry surfaced on Cindy Lively's face, and tried to snatch it: "Roger Crawford, what is the meaning of this? This is my song, why should I give it to her! "

"On what basis? You don't deserve to be a great singer! "

Mary Lively stood behind him, flipping through Cindy Lively's song, her face revealing a pleased smile, "Big sister's song is really good, from today onwards, it is mine."

"Impossible … Mary Lively, give it back to me! " Cindy Lively reached out, wanting to snatch it back, but her heart felt as if it was being twisted by a knife.

Colluding together to steal her blood and sweat?

Mary Lively sneered, "Return it to you? From now on, your tune is mine, your husband will also be mine! "


Roger Crawford hugged Mary Lively tightly, "Boss Cooper, this is a deal, the Hawke Group Entertainment is trustworthy. I'll leave her to you. "

After he finished, he looked at the few men in front of him and pushed Cindy Lively over, then turned and left.

"Roger Crawford... Stop right there! " Cindy Lively ran out the door and watched the two of them leave in despair.

Her husband, her sister, her music...

"Come back here!" The man behind her grabbed her back and laughed sinisterly, "I heard that Roger Crawford and his wife have married for three years and didn't consummate their marriage. I really picked up a big bargain today."

"If you ask me, I also heard that our Boss Hawke has always liked this woman. Now that we have a taste of the woman that our boss has always wanted, I can't wait any longer."

Cindy Lively's face was pale, she used her strength to struggle free from both of their hands, "Let me go, don't touch me!"

She never thought that Roger Crawford would actually be so heartless as to give her to another man.

The few of them did not plan on letting her go, and directly threw her onto the sofa. With a sharp sound, Cindy Lively only felt a chill in her chest.

She looked at the men in despair. No matter how hard she tried to struggle, she would only get held tighter by them.

At this time, a woman's voice suddenly came from the door, it was full of schadenfreude and laughter, "Hey, isn't this Boss Cooper and Cindy Lively?"

The voice was especially familiar. Cindy Lively raised her head and saw her good friend, Mira Wright, standing at the side. It was precisely her.

"Mira, save me. Quickly, I don't want them to touch me!" As if she saw hope, Cindy Lively grabbed her wrist.

She was the only one she could trust right now!

However, Mira Wright's face darkened, and she immediately flung her off. "Hahaha, save you? You are so despicable, you deserve to be attacked! Let me tell you, not only will you be humiliated by others, these photos and videos will also be uploaded to the internet. And Orlando Hawke, will definitely give up on you. You are so dirty, you make people feel disgusted just by looking at you! "

"You …"

Each word was like a cold blade stabbing into her chest, she could not help but shake her head, is this still Mira Wright? How could it be?

Why did her best friend have to do this to her?

If, if she were to really be humiliated by these people, her life would be over!

Just then, Cindy Lively's phone suddenly rang, and her eyes lit up. She had no idea where she got the strength to break away from Boss Cooper's hand, but she immediately took out her phone and saw the name on the screen, making her extremely happy.

Orlando Hawke!

She reached out her hand to catch it, but the phone was snatched away by Mira Wright.

Mira Wright glanced at the screen, and then looked at her sinisterly: "You still want Young Master Hawke to save you? Impossible!"

She forcefully threw her phone onto the ground, shattering it into pieces in the blink of an eye. The jealousy in her eyes was undisguised.

"Boss Cooper, this is a rare opportunity, I'll leave her to you, it’s going to be fun! Do not let her go! " She left without any mercy.

Cindy Lively looked at the phone on the ground in a daze, as if she had cut off her last sliver of hope …

The men in front of her were overjoyed and pounced on her like a pack of wolves. Cindy Lively looked at the ceiling with empty eyes, as though all her hopes were gone.

The pain from her heart made her feel suffocated.

She clasped her hands together and bit her tongue. Even if she had to die, she did not want to be humiliated by these people, and she did not want those people to succeed in their endeavors!

If she died, there would be nothing left.

However, if there was an afterlife, she would definitely not let them off. She would let go of those who betrayed her and make them …

They would die horribly!


Her forehead felt as if it had exploded, and the pain made it difficult for her to breathe.

"Miss Lively, have you hugged enough?"

An ice—cold voice came from above her head, shocking Cindy Lively to the point that she instantly opened her eyes. The rays of light hurt her, and when she saw the person in front of her, her eyes were filled with even more shock.

Or, Orlando Hawke?