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My Ghost King Husband

My Ghost King Husband



  The third-rate Yin matchmaker, Wu Xiaoxiao, had dug the wrong grave for the first time and had been pestered by the Spirit King to eat it. From then on, he embarked on the path of catching ghost instructors. He originally thought that this love would last forever, but he didn't expect it to be a plot that would last for a thousand years.
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Thick dark clouds blocked the moonlight in the sky. Waves of chilly wind mixed with raindrops howled across the graves one after another.

In the storm, Wu Xiao Wei swung her shovel and tried her best to dig a grave.

A muffled thunder began to sound in the sky. The rain was getting heavier and heavier, making the whole cemetery seem even stranger, but this didn't stop her from making money.

Finally, a red coffin was dug out from the ground, she stuck the shovel into the ground, wiped the rain off her face, and said to herself: "Fuck, money is willfulness, if someone else's daughter dies, the most they can do is bury her whole casket, this family would actually make an entire one." "I never would have thought that matching someone with a wedding is still physical work."

While complaining, she took out a red cloth bag from her backpack and carefully opened it, revealing a short hair tied with a red marriage knot. She then used a shovel as a lever to pry open the lid of the coffin.

Now, as long as he put this lock of hair in the coffin and burned it with the sweet scent, this nether marriage would be considered as successfully made.

The red coffin lid slowly opened, revealing the corpse inside. It turned out to be a perfectly preserved male corpse. It seemed like it had been buried for a long time.

Wu Xiao Wei stared at the male corpse blankly for a long time before her expression changed. Didn't they say it was a young lady? How did he become an old zongzi?

Damn, did I dig the wrong grave?

But how could this be? It was obviously this one, and the main house even brought her here in the day.

As she thought about it, her heart sank and she quickly kneeled down to plead her guilt, "Yin Lu, the young hero of the Wu Clan, is here to plead his guilt. "I hope that my master will forgive me for digging the Yin Residence by mistake. In the future, I will definitely offer you tribute as an apology."

After saying this, she took out four incense sticks and placed it in front of the coffin, then she took out a stack of paper and began to burn it.

Although there was a bit of panic on her face, she did these things in a very orderly manner.

It was a pity that just as the underworld money was ignited, the fragrance suddenly collapsed and the underworld money in her hands was extinguished by the rain.

This situation caused her face to turn pale.

Fragrance, fire, this meant that the main family was unwilling to forgive her.

It had to be known, without the tomb master's or her family's permission, digging up other people's tombs was the same as barging into a house. When that time came, even if the tomb owner came to settle the score with her, the Yin Division would not care.

She was just a Yin Matchmaker who relied on being a protector of the Yin People. Although she frequently came into contact with ghosts, since ghosts could use her, she was naturally respectful to them. She did not have the ability to exorcise ghosts or exorcise devils.

The rain became heavier, the sound of thunder striking against each other made Wu Xiao Wei shudder uncontrollably.

will definitely spend a large amount of money tomorrow to rebuild the Yin Residence, I hope that you can forgive me. "

Her hands trembled as she kept chanting good words. Once again, she lit up the lighter and moved it closer to the dark paper.

However, after lighting up for a long time, either the dark paper did not burn, or it was immediately extinguished. In the end, the engine made a crisp sound of an explosion, and flint flew out.

Seeing this, Wu Xiao Wei's face instantly turned as white as paper. In the sky, there was another flash of lightning, causing her to look like a ghost in a cemetery.

Seeing that the coffin in front of her was on the verge of bursting into tears, she steeled her heart, took out three bright red incense sticks and a pack of matches from her backpack, and lit them again.

Three sticks of incense to worship the gods, four sticks of incense to honor the spirits. What she did now was simply to show that the other party was worshipping them and giving them a high hat.

This time, the incense did not immediately shatter, but slowly burned. It was strange, but now it was windy and raining, the incense was not affected at all. A green smoke rose, drifting strangely in front of her eyes.

She nervously looked at the incense stick. As the incense was lit halfway up, her heart also began to beat faster. He kept praying to himself to hurry up. As long as the incense burned halfway, he would be fine.

It was a pity that things did not go as he wished. Just as the incense was about to burn halfway, the middle piece suddenly collapsed, leaving only the two pieces that were neatly burnt off.

Wu Xiao Wei looked at the incense in a daze. The two incense sticks were like promised, burning as long as it lasted, and also at the same speed.

This kind of fragrance would only appear when the matching with nether marriage was successful.

At this moment, another bolt of lightning flashed in the sky. The corpse sitting on the coffin in front of her slowly stretched out its hands to touch her. At the same time, a cold male voice sounded out.

"Since my wife is so sincere, then your husband won't be so disrespectful."