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Seize His Little Tough Wife

Seize His Little Tough Wife



  Zhao Duokun, a gentle but dark skinned lieutenant colonel in the special forces, a military skill capable of dominating the three land, sea and air armies. He was a twenty-six year old young officer who annihilated the entire Blue Army during his training, causing the enemies to turn pale with fright. The zither was full of flowers and flowers, the sun was blazing like a delicate high school student. He had been obsessed with military affairs since he was young, and he was determined to make a name for himself in the army. As he was riding his bicycle in front of the college entrance examination, he accidentally bumped into Zhao Duokun who was driving a military car. The heavenly thunder triggered the earth's fire, and the commanding officer started his journey to train the fiery soldiers and the tyrannical little beautiful wife. "A heaven-shattering door called 'Overlord' and 'Counterattack' was opened. I won't wear it! " "She threw the evening dress at him and turned around to save him." Stop! "This is an order!" He pulled her back. " Fuck you! I'm going to wear it for you! "I won't do it!" She struggled violently and kicked him. He was so angry that he almost kicked her to her grave. Then, he forcefully pushed her down on the sofa and forcefully kissed her soft, soft, and soft mouth.
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On a sunny afternoon, Hua Lin Zheng, who was riding her bicycle as fast as a sports car, made a beautiful drift around the corner of the street.

With his waist—length black ponytail flying behind him, Hua Lin Zheng turned around the corner confidently and unrestrainedly.

"Ah——get out of the way! "We've bumped into each other!" Hua Lin Zheng's bright eyes instantly widened, looking at the green off—road vehicle one meter away, she exclaimed.

"Bam!" Even though the front wheel of the bicycle was abnormally fast when the car was turning around while braking, it still suddenly kissed onto the head of the off—road vehicle.

The two cars clashed instantly, because the speed was too fast, causing Hua Lin Zheng's body to sway backwards and forwards, her center of gravity unsteadily falling to the right.

"Bang …"

After falling down along with the carriage, Hua Lin Zheng's right leg and her arm fiercely rubbed against the rough concrete ground.

"Oh... Fuck me! What bastard parked his car here! " Hua Lin Zheng, who was wearing short—sleeved jeans, fell to the ground and cried out in pain, then immediately jumped up with an extremely strong fighting strength.

Hua Lin Zheng habitually looked at the license plate before she looked at the car. Standing angrily in front of the car, she suddenly saw the red "Army" word on the license plate. She no longer had the interest to look at the number on the license plate behind her.

"Military … military vehicle!" With a loud explosion, Hua Lin Zheng's angry little face instantly stiffened, and her bright eyes slowly turned towards the windscreen.

When she saw someone sitting in the driver's seat, she immediately felt her legs go weak, and thought of running away.


Going out today was not a good thing!

She was actually hit by a military vehicle!

That's not right, she had actually knocked into a military vehicle without even looking at it!

It was a hot afternoon, and there were not many pedestrians or vehicles. Zhao Jin Kun got off the car, bought a pack of cigarettes and got on the car.

In the blink of an eye, he saw a car crash in front of his car. He was slightly startled, but his handsome face immediately turned black.

The window was not closed. Zhao Jin Kun opened the car door and was about to get off when he heard Hua Lin Zheng calling him a bastard.

A girl with a ponytail stared at his license plate with her eyes wide open, then looked up at him with a look that said she wanted to die.

Their four eyes met, and Zhao Jin Kun quickly got off the car. Hua Lin Zheng immediately looked at his shoulder and her legs went soft.

Two whole stars!

Lieutenant Colonel of the Army!

This was a high ranking military officer who was not to be trifled with!

Looking at the handsome young face of the other party, he must be a ruthless and merciless military officer at such a young age!

Hua Lin Zheng, whose heart was filled with ten thousand horses galloping and roaring seeking death, had the corner of her stiff little face twitched a few times.

After his brain froze for a few seconds, Hua Lin Zheng, who was working extremely hard, suddenly became energetic and smiled brightly.

"Heh heh... Sir, your car didn't crash! "Not even a scratch!" Hua Lin Zheng immediately pointed to the front of the off—road vehicle with the military tag and confirmed.

From being carefree, drifting, to colliding with a car, to getting angry, to seeing his military tag and wanting to die, Hua Lin Zheng's mood had become like a roller coaster ride. Only now did he have time to size up the young car owner who was wearing an olive green military uniform.

He was at least 1.85m tall, had sharp eyebrows and thin lips, and from his looks, he was definitely a gentle and elegant young master.

That awe—inspiring military uniform gave him a lot of a tough guy's temperament.

Especially his warm but sharp black eyes, which made Hua Lin Zheng understand that although this person had a harmless face, he was definitely not as easy to talk with as he looked.

"Why are you riding so fast on the road?" Zhao Jin Kun did not even bother to look at his car, instead, he observed Hua Lin Zheng's right knee and right arm that were covered in blood from wiping off the skin. He frowned slightly as he looked at her.

Looking at Zhao Jin Kun's especially friendly gaze, Hua Lin Zheng's heart was thumping. If he had known that she was riding at such a high speed while racing, he might have just grabbed her and sent his to the police station.

"The brakes are broken!" In a flash of light, Hua Lin Zheng suddenly pointed at the bicycle that looked extremely tiny in front of the gigantic off—road vehicle and said with certainty.

Hua Lin Zheng spoke firmly without even blinking his eyes. Zhao Jin Kun retracted her gaze when she saw this, and started to size up the bicycle that had been knocked out of its way. His black eyes swept across the place quickly, and the brakes didn't seem to be a problem.

As Zhao Jin Kun was sizing up the bike, Hua Lin Zheng immediately bent down to help the car pull the bike all the way to her maternal grandma's house. She did not know if she could still ride the bike.

"Heh heh... Well, sir must be very busy. If there's nothing else, I'll go first! " Hua Lin Zheng straightened his back with the help of the bicycle, trying to please them with a smile on his face as he pushed the bicycle away.

"Halt!" Hua Lin Zheng turned his bicycle in a different direction, the bike's butt aimed straight at Zhao Jin Kun, just as she took a step forward, Zhao Jin Kun spoke out.

"Sir!" I don't have the money to pay you back! I just finished my last dollar of ice cream! " Hua Lin Zheng's back figure stiffened. She thought that Zhao Jin Kun wanted her to pay him back, but it was the first time she revealed a bitter face.

"Who said you have to pay?" Zhao Jin Kun rubbed his eyes and smiled. To be able to give him so many expressions in a few seconds, he felt that the little girl in front of him was quite adorable.

Why did he stop her if he didn't want to lose money?

Hua Lin Zheng wanted to ask this question very much, but she was an officer after all, so she did not dare act rashly. She could only put on a bitter face as she looked at Zhao Jin Kun, and silently asked him with her eyes.

"What are you doing? I am not here to sell! " Hua Lin Zheng was waiting for Zhao Jin Kun's reply. Unexpectedly, when Zhao Jin Kun took out his black leather wallet, he casually took out a few of Grandfather Hairy's money, shocking her so much that she immediately stopped his actions.

A dignified military officer, no matter how impressive he was, would actually do such a despicable thing in broad daylight!

"... Who wants to buy you! " Zhao Jin Kun's warm jade—like face instantly darkened, the corners of his eyes twitched as he looked at the frightened Hua Lin Zheng.

What were they thinking at such a young age? Did he look so dissatisfied?

"Take it to repair the car." Zhao Jin Kun said as he took a step forward and placed the few bills in his hands in front of Hua Lin Zheng.

"A gentleman is not to be eaten in vain!" Hua Lin Zheng looked at Grandfather Mao who was in front of him, and replied with a stiff neck and slightly tilted chin.

Since the bike was crooked like this, she didn't want it anymore. What was the point of repairing it?

Zhao Jin Kun held onto the bill with his long, distinct fingers. His big hand, which was held out in front of Hua Lin Zheng, still did not move an inch.

"Those who eat people will have their mouths go soft, while those who take people will have their hands cut short!" I will fix this car myself! " Hua Lin Zheng had never seen someone getting hit by a car and giving money to someone who was in trouble.

When, who was almost 1.7m tall and was fighting against Zhao Jin Kun with his eyes, had no choice but to raise her head slightly. This made her feel like his powerful aura had been greatly weakened.

"Don't even think about leaving if you don't take it!" Zhao Jin Kun was very insistent and could not help but use an commanding tone.

Although it was Hua Lin Zheng who hit him, his car and the rest were fine. On the other hand, Hua Lin Zheng's car was broken, and she had broken her own skin.

Hua Lin Zheng's little heart trembled slightly. The officer in front of her had a warm expression on his face, making her feel as if she was bathed in spring breeze.

However, in that instant, a sharp glint flashed across his moist eyes. It was as if if if she didn't take the money, he would have to resort to inhuman means.

Hua Lin Zheng was not a stubborn person. Maintaining the principle of being able to yield and extend her abilities, she looked at Grandfather Mao who was in front of her.

Then, he raised his eyes to look at Zhao Jin Kun's mysterious moist eyes, and suddenly extended his hand out to grab the bill in his hand.

"No, no, no!" I'll take it to eat ice cream! " Hua Lin Zheng took the money and pushed the carriage away, muttering to herself while gritting her teeth.

Although she wasn't short of money, she would go and have a good meal since people would force money into her hands.

"What did you say?" Eat ice cream! " Hua Lin Zheng spoke softly, so ordinary people would not be able to hear him, but Zhao Jin Kun, who had excellent hearing, could hear him clearly.

Under the scorching sun, Hua Lin Zheng suddenly felt chills down her spine.

"No!" I didn't say anything! " As if there was a wild dog madly chasing after her, Hua Lin Zheng grabbed the bike with her left hand and forcefully lifted the bike up with her right hand holding the bill. She picked up the bicycle and started running.

"..." Looking at Hua Lin Zheng who ran away quickly while carrying his bicycle, Zhao Jin Kun was a little dumbstruck as he stared at her skinny back.

Although the bicycle was not heavy, it looked like Hua Lin Zheng was rather skinny and not strong at all. However, she actually carried the bike and ran away!

"A small wild leopard with no control, its fighting strength is probably much stronger than an average boy." After Hua Lin Zheng ran fifty meters away, she seemed to be worried that Zhao Jin Kun would chase after her. She even turned her head to look at him.