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The Revenge of the Queen

The Revenge of the Queen



  In her previous life, in order to help Honglin ascend to the throne, Xie Rongrong did not hesitate to harm her family and friends, doing all sorts of evil things. However, it was only two months after becoming a queen that she had been forced into a deep cold palace. A cup of poisonous wine had ended her glorious life. "When I woke up again, I found that I had become a peasant woman. My husband is actually a mountain villager?" Bastard! I am the empress of the dynasty, and if you dare to be disrespectful to me, I will exterminate your entire clan! " However, in reality, the empress finally recognized the truth and began planning her revenge while growing her land to encourage her life …
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Sixteen years of Dazhou's apocalypse.

The torrential downpour was accompanied by a biting cold wind.

The bean—sized raindrops fell heavily on the roof, and the sound of the rain drowned out the silence of the cold palace. A bright bolt of lightning streaked across the silent night sky. In that moment, the entire sky became as bright as day before disappearing into the darkness once more.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The sound of thunder started to sound out in a low voice, like a huge dragon that had been sleeping for a long time letting out an unwilling roar.

In the depths of the cold palace under the sky …

A grey candle flame flickered unsteadily within the room, as if the room would sink into darkness if there was even a slight gust of wind.

Under the flickering candle flame, Xie Rong Rong was curled up in a corner of the house. Her pitch black hair was tied around her shoulders and she gave off an unpleasant stench.

There was still unwillingness in her eyes, but she found out too late.

Everyone around her had died because of her, so who could pull her out of this eternal cold palace?

She still remembered the day she wore a jade crown of dragon and phoenix pearls, a red sleeveless robe and a red dress. She was just like the tail of a fire phoenix, not only was she beautiful, everyone who saw her would even respectfully bow and call out to her.

And now, it was all like a dream.

It was just that this dream was breaking down too quickly.

In the thirteenth year of the Heaven's Enlightenment, Xie Rong Rong faked false evidence, slandering the left military governor of the Five Armies Capital, Chu Zi Ran colluded with others and tried to rebel. Xiao Hong Jing was furious and killed the entire Chu Clan.

In the fourteenth year of Heaven's Enlightenment, Xie Rong Rong framed her own sister, Xie Lan Er, in order to harm the empress dowager. The empress dowager was infuriated, and her appearance was ruined.

In the fifteenth year of Heaven's Enlightenment, Xie Rong Rong righteously exterminated the family, forged false testimony, and personally reported to the emperor that seven ministers of the Cabinet, led by Xie Hua, were ambitious, with the intention of dominating Xiao Hong Jing in the air and controlling the entire Dazhou. Xiao Hong Jing was furious, he ordered Shuntian to capture Xie Hua's group of seven, and all seven inner court ministers to execute them. Only one person survived, Xie Hua's eldest daughter, Xie Rong Rong.

Noguchi called it the "Year of Blood."

Sixteen years after the Heaven's Enlightenment, Xiao Hong Jing personally conferred the title of Dazhou Queen to Xie Rong Rong in the great hall. Looking at the people kneeling in front of him, Xie Rong Rong was moved to tears. All that he had done in the past was worth it.

Unfortunately, the good news did not last long. Xie Rong Rong had only been Empress for two months, and then had taken away his phoenix coronet and sent it into the cold palace, never to come out again.

The reason was that he had slandered the Left Military Commander Chu Zi Ran, framed his own sister in plain sight, and even faked his evidence to slander the loyal and devoted Minister of the House. Thinking of his old relationship, Xiao Hong Jing did not execute Xie Rong Rong, and sent her to the cold palace.

All of this was because Xiao Hong Jing wanted to push all the dirty things that he had done all these years onto Xie Rong Rong.

Back then, Chu Zi Ran, who had plotted against the childhood sweethearts, slandered his own sister and even did not acknowledge any of his relatives. He ended up becoming the mother of a nation because he harmed his own father.

The scarlet door slowly opened, and Xiao Hong Jing, dressed in a golden dragon robe, silently stood at the door. Beside him stood a young father—in—law, holding a cup of cold wine on a wooden tray.

A bolt of lightning flashed past, and Xiao Hong Jing's handsome face flashed in the darkness, then immediately sunk back into darkness.

He took tiny steps, step by step, until he arrived in front of Xie Rong Rong.

Xie Rong Rong's eyes stared unwaveringly at the man in front of him, and the corner of her mouth rose into a self—inflicted, bitter smile.

"Drink this glass of wine." Xiao Hong Jing said coldly, "You should feel honored. For our Jiang Shan, your death is worth it."