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Golden Opportunity for the Miss

Golden Opportunity for the Miss



  The man he loved deeply broke his tendons, ruined his face, and threw him into a dark room covered in moss. "Big sister, who had always been gentle, considerate, and noble, and kind, held the hand of a man and looked at her, who was covered in blood, with an evil grin on her face," The person he loves is actually me. " The young body of her beloved daughter was lying in the corner of the cold and gloomy palace garden. He wouldn't let it go even if he became a ghost! When he opened his eyes again, it was a rebirth, a different life. This was an opportunity given by the heavens. It would definitely not end in such a miserable way this time. This time, she did not want to be his beloved, nor did she want to be a kind and deceitful sister! Those that owe me, I will use your blood and tears to repay them!
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"I want all of you to accompany my daughter in death, the heavens are my witness. After I, Lin Ruo Yin, die, I am willing to turn into a fierce ghost, so that those who have hurt me will die a horrible death!" A wail that sounded like the tearing of an evil ghost echoed in the dark cold palace.

The dark room was filled with moss that reeked of mildew. A woman lay on her back, her hair filled with mud. It was tangled and scattered on her face and on the ground. Her red clothes had long since lost their original color.

Lin Ruo Yin's face was pale white, his eyes were wide opened, and there was not a trace of light in them, it was so empty that it caused people to be afraid. Her chest was heaving violently as if she was about to lose her breath. Her limbs were stiff and weak. The tendons in her arms and legs had been torn off!

Suddenly, a burst of sweetness in her throat, a bit of blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth, gradually increasing in number. Every intense breath would make her vomit a mouthful of blood, Lin Ruo Yin's wide eyes were filled with unwillingness, hatred, and relief. A bit of red line fell out of the corner of her eye, and in the midst of the blood—red light, she seemed to see her cute daughter's brilliant smile.

The corners of her lips curled up, and a gentle smile appeared on her somewhat sinister face. She immediately became crazy.

I, Lin Ruo Yin, am truly not a man's mother in this life. If there comes a life, I will cut off my enemy and swear to die not to be a Sovereign King's concubine.

… ….

"I will kill you all... I will kill you all... " The tender voice seemed to pop up in the empty room, a pair of black eyes suddenly opened on her pretty face, a pair of eyes filled with unwillingness and resentment.

Wasn't she already dead?

Lin Ruo Yin looked at the room suspiciously. Although it was small and narrow, every part of the room was especially warm.

She subconsciously looked at the table in the main seat, and her mother's spiritual altar came into view. Her tears immediately gushed out. She had actually returned to the time when her mother had just died when she was thirteen!

The feeling of having his chair overturned while in a trance caused Lin Ruo Yin to be shocked. The strong feeling of suffocation suddenly awakened her memories.

She had wanted to hang herself when she was thirteen, and although she had been saved in the end, she would never forget the feeling of being close to death.

Realizing that he might be reborn, Lin Ruo Yin suddenly struggled. Thirteen years old. She hadn't believed in someone she shouldn't have, fallen in love with someone she shouldn't have, or changed everything in time. She still had time to resolve all the grudges from her previous life.

She couldn't just die like that. Although she didn't die in her previous life, she didn't want any accidents to happen. This life that was bestowed by the heavens was too important to her.

Lin Ruo Yin struggled as much as she could, constantly tearing at the silk, wanting to take back her life from the hands of the Grim Reaper.

However, how could the silk be torn so easily? Lin Ruo Yin's fingertip felt pain as though it was being split open, and her heart grew more and more manic. She kept telling herself, she definitely could not die like this, definitely not!

began to feel that the air was extremely thin, and her entire face was flushed. She could vaguely see the faces of many people, and her past experiences appeared in front of her eyes, as if she could see Lin Ruo Xi proudly revealing her shoulder to her and showing off her honor to her. She saw Nan Gong Jin mercilessly making people cripple her arms and legs, and even that dark and cold palace …

No! Lin Ruo Yin screamed shrilly from the bottom of her heart. She was not willing to die like this, she absolutely could not. Those people who had let her down had not paid the price, she had not taken her revenge yet!

"Pah …" The silk cloth suddenly broke, Lin Ruo Yin fiercely smashed onto the ground, she was lying on her stomach, gasping for breath, her throat was hurting greatly, but she was feeling a sense of ecstasy from the bottom of her heart, she was not dead!

In her previous life, because she was hanged, although she was saved in the end, her vocal cords were damaged to the point that her words were as unpleasant as a duck's. In this life, she would not allow her own weakness to leave her with even the slightest bit of imperfection.

Lin Ruo Yin looked at her own hands. Those were hands that had yet to grow open, but in the struggle just now, her nails had shattered inch by inch as fresh blood flowed out.

But it was exactly like her current age, young and tender. Lin Ruo Yin's delicate and pretty face suddenly revealed a charming smile, and Lin Ruo Yin silently opened her lips.

I'm back.