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My Endearing Wife

My Endearing Wife



  For the family business, He Yuanyuan was forced to marry, but at the wedding, she was ruthlessly annulled and humiliated. The bar borrowed the alcohol to pour out their worries. She said that she wanted to become the trashy guy's stepmother to torture the trashy guy to death. After spending a fortune to catch a handsome duck to drink with, he was taken to a hotel. After waking up, he instead received a huge cheque from "Duck", "My first time was in a brothel?" Later on, she found out that Gu Luofeng thought of the scumbag's uncle as a 'duck', "I told you, how could there be such a high-quality duck." My uncle decided he wanted her to be his woman. He signed a "body sale" agreement. "Be my woman. I'll save your family business." Therefore, He Yuanyuan still married into the Wealthy Gu family and became the dregs' aunt. At the same time, she also exposed a period of conflict between Wealthy Gu family members.
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"Yue Yuan, stop drinking." You Yin pulled the makeup on He Yue Yuan's face.

She hadn't even taken off her makeup when she got off from the wedding. When the bar's lights lit up, her originally delicate and pretty face became even more enchanting.

He Yue Yuan rolled her eyes at her best friend who was by her side. Separated by the clamor of the bar, she shouted at the top of her lungs, "My heart broke into pieces at the wedding ceremony when it was annulled. Can't I just use the wine to dispel my worries?"

For the company that her father was in danger from, she agreed to marry the Gu family's Sun Gu Si Ming, hoping that she could borrow the Gu family's financial resources to revive the company.

He never thought that Gu Si Ming, that punk, would break the engagement with him in public. The reason was that when he had just started his business, his father had secretly sent a woman to the project manager and robbed him of his deal.

He said, "Your father taught me the meaning of unspoken rules back then. Now, help me tell your father that I don't want him. You, I don't want him either."

"Bastard!" He Yue Yuan fiercely knocked the wine cup on the table, as if this was the only way to quell the anger in her heart.

You Yin looked at her friend in pity, "You sound like you really like Gu Si Ming!"

They had only met a few times, where did she get to like him?

If the Gu family doesn't buy it, what about Dad's company?

Thinking about his father's sigh and mother's tears, He Yue Yuan could not help but clench his teeth and say, "Scum! I'm going to pick up his dad and be his stepmother! Ask him to pay respects to me everyday! "

Dai You Yin rolled her eyes helplessly, "Alright! His father can be your grandfather! We can't afford to offend the Gu family! Let's go and have some fun! "

He Yue Yuan drank until she was dizzy and stared at Dai You Yin: "What fun?"

You Yin mysteriously wink her eyes, "Find two ducks and put them together at a table to fight Landlord? In any case, today is a day of great happiness for you, so just treat it as having a man to accompany you! "

He Yue Yuan was startled, then resolutely nodded his head: "You're right!"

… ….

In the private room, Gu Luo Feng leaned on the sofa and watched Dai Yi Kai play with the dice, the car keys in his hand clanging loudly. After a while, he stood up, "I'm going to the washroom."

Dai Yi Kai threw the dice and stood up, "Wait, I'll go with you."

Gu Luo Feng had already left, with Dai Yi Kai following behind and ridiculing him, "Fourth brother, how do we deal with your nephew's matter?"

Gu Luo Feng was the youngest of the heads of the Four Major Clans in S City, so everyone in the circle had to address him as Fourth Brother. Who didn't know how much Gu Luo Feng loved her eldest nephew? She didn't decline thousands of miles to attend the wedding.

Who knew that before they even reached the wedding site, Gu Si Ming had already run away. He might as well ask Dai Yi Kai's group of people to come out and play, but at the same time, he was playing with them unsteadily.

Before he could say anything, he bumped into a soft body. Gu Luo Feng subconsciously took a step back. With a sound, it fell at his feet.

It was a woman.

Dai Yi Kai was exasperated, "Fourth Brother, at least show some mercy."

"Dirty!" Gu Luo Feng was in her pockets, looking at the girl below him, her expression cold.

He had seen too many of these tricks.

He Yue Yuan fainted from the fall. She finally managed to crawl back up and met a pair of cold eyes. She rubbed his eyes and saw clearly that it was a man wearing a black shirt.

Under the blurry light of the bar, the man looked like a perfect statue. No, the statue didn't have such a deep look in its eyes, nor such sexy lips …

The man glanced at He Yue Yuan, and wordlessly circled around her, preparing to continue walking.

"Holy shit, is the quality of the ducks so high now?" He Yue Yuan muttered, and stopped Gu Luo Feng in her tracks.

Dai Yi Kai made the Amitabha sign and silently escaped.

This woman was courting death.

Just as expected, Gu Luo Feng turned around slowly and looked at the woman with the heavy makeup in front of him, whose dress was wrinkled, and her face was so dark that water could have been seen, "What did you say just now?"

He Yue Yuan smiled sweetly, but under the cover of her makeup, she had transformed into a charming and seductive spirit. She unconsciously pulled on the man's sleeves, "Handsome, you took out five thousand yuan for a night to play Landlord?"

Gu Luo Feng's expression could no longer be described as black.

Duck? Landlord?

Hehe, a new move?

"You … Do you not like women? " He Yue Yuan thought for a bit, and stared at Gu Luo Feng's black and white eyes with a bit of a pity: "Such a good—looking man, if it's G, how unfortunate."

Gu Luo Feng raised her eyebrows, her pitch black eyes rolling and surging. She casually swiped the whiskey on the bar counter in front of He Yue Yuan, and her lips curled up slightly.


Everyone present knew that Gu Luo Feng's smile was no different from a Yama King jumping onto the stage.

He Yue Yuan laughed and blinked his eyes, "You're going to follow me after drinking?"

The atmosphere was pretty high! Is it elegant?

Gu Luo Feng laughed without saying a word.

He Yue Yuan was already so enchanted by this kind of laughter that she couldn't find the right place to go. She drained all the wine in the cup in one gulp, and started to giggle at Gu Luo Feng with a "hehe" sound.

However, Drunken Eyes saw that the man beside him seemed to have become even more handsome, becoming even more handsome than before.

"Let's go!" He Yue Yuan hugged Gu Luo Feng's arm, and snuggled into the man's ear with a coquettish smile, "I will pay for it!"

Gu Luo Feng's expression changed as she felt the woman's beautiful figure sticking onto his body.

Her figure was very good, and she was extremely soft.

One of the false eyelashes had fallen off, revealing her long, soft eyelashes. When he spoke, his cheeks bulged out like a bun, making him look very cute.

Gu Luo Feng frowned, and then let go, as if trying to see what she looked like, she extended her hand to support the woman's waist, her gaze profound: "Good! However, I'm afraid I won't be able to fight against the landlord. "

Dai Yi Kai and the rest who came over to watch the show had their jaws drop, "Fourth brother …"

"Ol 'Five, Fourth Bro is feeling depressed." Someone stopped Dai Yikai.

… ….


Gu Luo Feng put He Yue Yuan on the bed, then turned and went to the bathroom to drain the water. He Yue Yuan felt that it was a little hot, so she took off her clothes while walking towards the bathroom. There was the sound of water, which meant that You Yin was probably taking a bath.

When they arrived at the bathroom door, she had already taken off all her undergarments. She ran into Gu Luo Feng who was just about to exit and hugged him, saying, "You Yin, let's take a bath together."

As he spoke, he reached out and helped Gu Luo Feng take off her clothes.

Gu Luo Feng's pupils tightened. Seeing He Yue Yuan flusteredly helping her undo her belt, her red lips slightly pursed as she muttered, "You're a bit … "Hard."

You Yin had a 36D curve, why was it that everything she touched felt like metal?

She and You Yin grew up together, so much so that they could wear a pair of pants. But these words had a deeper meaning in Gu Luo Feng's ears.

"There are harder ones."

Gu Luo Feng hugged He Yue Yuan, and the boiling hot aura spread behind her ears. In the end, she was no longer polite, and as she hugged He Yue Yuan, she threw him into the water.