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Teach Daddy to Chase My Mommy

Teach Daddy to Chase My Mommy



  "You think he's more handsome than me?" He took a deep drag on his cigarette. "Women prefer his type!" Damn it! Why did he raise such a foolish son!? "Even if Mommy was chased away by someone else, it would still be my Mommy!" This CEO's face is even darker! Little Meng poked him again. "How pitiful. If that happened, Daddy would have no wife!" A certain CEO's face was as cold as ice. She grabbed the little kid, "Go, go chase your mommy!" When they met again, she was a second-rate celebrity in the film industry! He was still the same Gu Shaoyang! He pinched her chin. "Woman, I don't care if you've designed me before!" She rolled her eyes and said, "Alright, can I leave now?" Go? Shouldn't she just throw herself into his arms? Little Meng poked her finger. "Daddy, do you really know how to chase after women?" Everyone knew that Second Young Master Gu was extremely fond of a small star. Not only did she not know about it, she also wanted to escape! And how could he so easily let go?
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The night was getting darker. In a certain television station building in X City, countless people were busy preparing for the live broadcast that was about to begin.

"Zhi Nian, are you ready?" The manager handed the microphone to Su Zhi Nian.

Su Zhi Nian nodded and accepted the call. The light was on and countless of gazes were focused on her.

The director gestured from below the stage, "One, two, three! "Begin!"

The moment the live broadcast camera was turned on, Su Zhi Nian gave a perfect smile, the demeanor of a goddess.

The host: "My friends viewers in front of the television sets, good evening. Welcome to our goddess for this episode. This episode's goddess, we invite her to come and greet everyone!"

"Hello, I am Su Zhi Nian." Su Zhi Nian smiled as he looked at the camera.

The host nodded his head in satisfaction and continued, "Goddess Su is still as noble and elegant as ever. Coming here today to meet the goddess, do you have any thoughts you would like to share with your audience members?"

Su Zhi Nian's answer was as straightforward as before: "It's my honor."

Su Zhi Nian had always displayed her strong and elegant image in front of the camera, which was also an image that the company had deliberately created for her.

The effects of the program was very good, the host's questions were completely flawless, Su Zhi Nian answered it flawlessly, and occasionally, a few unintentional outbursts would also come to the end, causing the audience to also enjoy it.

"Soon, it will be our important segment today. Don't think about fate. I'm sure all of you who have been watching our show often already understand this segment. That would be interesting!"

The host successfully became interested in, and turned to ask Su Zhi Nian: "Zhi Nian, you can begin!"

"Alright." Su Zhi Nian took her phone and pressed the number that was already memorized.

This segment requires the guest to make a call to his ex—boyfriend. It has always been an important part of the program to attract viewership.

When the call connected, a childish voice came from the other end, "Hello, hello!"

Because it was used to amplify sound, everyone, including Su Zhi Nian, were caught off guard by this childish voice.

"Um, hello, I'm Su Zhi Nian."

While everyone was still in shock, the little boy's excited voice transmitted to their ears through the loudspeaker.

"Is it mother? papa is bathing, do you want to talk to him!"

Something was wrong!

The eyes of the audience lit up. Goddess Su was already married?

"The Goddess Su is married?"

"That child's voice is too cute!"

"Even after marriage, you still want to hug Ou Xin's thighs!"

… ….

The audience in the studio was already in an uproar.

Su Zhi Nian finally reacted and quickly hung up the phone.

She looked at the phone number and felt her hands go cold!

The number was wrong!

Or had it been given to her ex—husband?

She thought he didn't need that number anymore.

Seeing Su Zhi Nian's expression, the manager thought that she had been scared silly. Sighing and quickly checking the phone records, he realized that he had dialed the wrong number, and immediately got the director to cut in the advertisement.

The director also noticed the abnormality and gestured to the host, who quickly said, "Please don't go away. It's even more exciting after the advertisement!"

"Oh my god, why did they advertise again!"

"Just when I saw a spot that was going to explode, I put in an advertisement. Is this show even human!?"

"Strongly protesting against the way the program is inserted into the commercial!"

The audience in front of the television set protested. The backstage area of the program was suddenly flooded with all sorts of comments.

Su Zhi Nian became restless.

So it turned out that he was already married. He even had a child.

Gu Jiang Yi...

She was about to throw the name into the depths of her memory and burn it to ashes when she was suddenly caught off guard.

"Su Zhi Nian, what's wrong with you, did you make the wrong call?!" the agent asked angrily.

Su Zhi Nian shook her head, retracting her emotions, her face filled with innocence: "I'm sorry, I'm not too sure either, it's probably because I pressed the wrong number with a shake of my hand."

The broker felt exasperated and waved his hand helplessly, "Forget it, don't ever make this kind of mistake again. This is a live broadcast and every single move of yours is watched by tens of thousands of spectators. Whether you can become an A—list celebrity or not will depend on you!"

With an innocent face, Su Zhi Nian pursed her lips slightly: "I got it, next time I will definitely not do it again, I promise!"

It was completely different from the cold air in front of the camera.

But she knew very well what she wanted, so she could not lose!

At this point, the commercial ended and the program continued. The host had experienced a lot of trials and hardships, so he was completely unaffected by the little episode just now.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the live broadcast. Next will be the second segment of our episode!" I believe that everyone is definitely looking forward to the mysterious guests for this episode, right!? "

The host's entire body was filled with scenes. Even though no one gave him a reply, he was still in high spirits. "Next up, let's have a mysterious guest inviting us for this episode …"