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Anyway I am Yours

Anyway I am Yours



  As a rich girl, Zhuang Dian was actually selling a small set on the internet! The delivery had actually been delivered to the hands of the school's grass man god. Only now did they know that the male god was using … Big account! "What you're selling is not of good quality and I need after-sales service," he said. Zhuang Dian was infuriated, "How did you fail? Laozi's products are sold abroad! Little brother, I think your model doesn't match! " The male god sneered, picked her up and headed towards the bedroom, "Then let's do the on-site inspection!"
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"Since the establishment of the school, such a shocking thing has never happened! This is simply the shame of our school! It was a disgrace to all mankind! "There's actually a classmate who openly buys them online …"

On stage, the Principal lectured with all his heart. Zhuang Dian Dian lowered her head and hugged her phone, but she did not hear what the Principal said at all.

The bright picture of her cell phone was jumping, indicating that a business had arrived. She looked as if she had been injected with chicken blood as she shook with excitement.

"Dear customer, what can I do for you?"

"Do you have XX cards?"

"Yes!" Your SIZE? "

"Big one."

Zhuang Dian Dian stared blankly for a moment, then burst out laughing, not forgetting to flatter, "Customer, you're really good!"

, her best friend and roommate who was at the side, rubbed her nails and quickly glared at her, "You're courting death! Aren't you afraid that this old man will drag you out to use you as a role model? "

Zhuang Dian Dian pointed at her phone, "This man actually said that she's a big shot? Stop joking around! Asian men are no bigger than medium! "

Mo Xiao Ju ruffled her enchanting long hair and said disapprovingly, "Perhaps, you're overthinking it? I might even buy a balloon! "

"Makes sense."

Zhuang Dian Dian only cared about selling them, she didn't care what exactly he bought them for.

His finger quickly moved across the phone's keypad, "May I ask what style you want? This shop has thread, smooth, extremely thin, ice and fire... "Oh, and fruit flavors as well. It tastes really good …"

As an unmarried girl who had no actual combat experience, Zhuang Dian Dian started to introduce the performance of the products.

The other party was very pleased, "Very thin." Can we deliver the goods? "

"One box for ten."

"OK, then I want one box. I'll send one box in half an hour."

Zhuang Dian Dian looked at her watch, then looked at Principal who was still passionate about her speech, and immediately replied: "No problem!"

She gave Mo Xiao Ju a look, and the latter said helplessly: "Really? You're still going to deliver the goods? If I catch you, you're dead! "

Even though she said that, she still cooperated and stopped her.

Zhuang Dian Dian changed into clothes as fast as she could, then put on her hat and glasses separately. Fortunately, Zhuang Dian Dian was standing at the back of the line.

He first went back to retrieve his goods before heading to the male dormitory. With great familiarity, he slipped in.

Ever since her school's small set store had opened, business had been booming, especially the delivery project. She had gained the support of her little buddies, and had no idea how many times a day she had to visit the male dorm.

He quickly found the address number.


That's right, this was the place!

She quickly knocked on the door. "Hello, I'm here to deliver the goods."

After knocking on the door thrice, only then did someone come and open it. Zhuang Dian Dian, wearing her cap, bowed 90 degrees to the person without even raising his head, and then handed the goods over with both hands, "I am here to deliver the goods."

The sound of water splashing could be heard from the bathroom in the dorm. Zhuang Dian had already gotten used to this kind of thing.

When she raised her head and focused her gaze on the person inside, she was suddenly stunned.

Xi Shang Yun!

Zhuang Dian Dian pinched her thigh fiercely, she never thought that the owner of the "big name" would actually be Xi Shang Yun!

Seeing that the pretty—boy had slightly raised an eyebrow, Zhuang Dian Dian's reaction was quick. She hurriedly lowered her head, afraid that she would be recognized, and lowered her hat. Your goods. "

Xi Shang Yun pursed his rosy lips, the corners of his lips raised slightly, his arm casually intertwined.

He had no intention of taking it.

Just like that, Zhuang Dian Dian awkwardly held onto the bright colored box with the bright outline. The words "35 mm" on it represented a large number, looking extremely striking.

Zhuang Dian Dian clenched her teeth and continued, "A box of XX tags is extremely thin … One hundred and forty—eight yuan, free of charge. "

She couldn't stop thinking about the Amitabha in her heart. Bless this fellow that didn't recognize her!

Xi Shang Yun's thick eyelashes lightly closed, his gaze swept past the small set who was holding his fair hands, and landed on her again. His lips slightly parted, and he asked: "Can I pay for it with WeChat?"

Upon hearing that he wanted to pay, Zhuang Dian Dian's heart immediately jumped with joy.

He didn't leave her!

She immediately nodded, "Alright!"

The person took out his phone at a leisurely pace, "Weibo."

"Oh," Zhuang Dian Dian said without even thinking about it, "Qsyswjhdtp."

Xi Shang Yun frowned, "Why is it so complicated?"

Zhuang Dian Dian did not say anything. Of course she would not tell him that this was the acronym "Xi Shang Yun is an unevolved placenta"!

Following two "woof woof" sounds from the WeChat notification, Zhuang Dian Dian received the payment.

It was not a good idea to stay here any longer. She bowed to him and said professionally, "I wish you a pleasant use of the set." After saying that, he didn't dare to raise his head and ran off like a wisp of smoke.

Even in his wildest dreams, Zhuang Dian Dian would never have thought that the well—behaved, who was praised by the elders in the family and made a fortune with scholarships every year, would actually buy a small set. What shocked all of humanity even more was that despite his frail physique, he was actually still … Big name?

This was something that the heavens could not tolerate!

At the next family gathering, she must uncover this fella's hypocritical and perverted mask on the spot!

Standing at the door of Room 4015, Xi Shang Yun seemed to be deep in thought while holding the box of small set.

At this moment, the bathroom door behind them opened.

Xi Shang Yun threw the thing over snappily. "Yours."

The other party took it and threw it onto the bed. Then, he continued to wipe his head with a towel, "It was delivered already?" That little girl is really efficient! "

Xi Shang Yun squinted his eyes and asked slowly: "You know her?"

"Of course, how many boys in the dorm haven't bought raincoats from her?" Saying that, he looked sideways at Xi Shang Yun, and gave him a dubious look: "However, with the exception of Young Noble Assassin who defends the body like jade, I think."

Xi Shang Yun ignored him and started to pack his luggage.

Di Yi went over, and asked while grinning: "Oh yeah, I heard aunty say that you have a fiancee, she's in our courtyard."

Xi Shang Yun's movements became sluggish, and his voice became somewhat tense, "You heard wrong."

"No way!" Di Yi tilted his head as he recalled, "Last year, when I went to the hospital to visit aunty, she personally told me! She said you were a baby and your fiancée was a year older than you. If that's the case, then isn't she our senior? "

Xi Shang Yun took a deep breath to calm his surging chest. He turned around and said word by word with his flawless and handsome face facing him, "No fiancee, no senior sister."

In the cafeteria, the crowd was clamoring.

Zhuang Dian Dian found it hard to suppress her excitement, and pulled away the obstacles in front of him and went straight to Mo Xiao Ju who was sitting at the window, "Xiao Ju, guess who I saw just now? "I guarantee that you won't even think of getting it out of your head..."

Mo Xiao Ju tried her best to maintain her image as she held a small spoon in her hand and drank the egg flower soup.

"Xi Shang Yun is the big shot!"